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#65 mysql support reopened enhancement pony
#103 Setting to format hostmask new enhancement wishlist
#119 Add basic HTML translation to AIM new enhancement wishlist
#121 Multiple language support new enhancement wishlist
#154 Bitlbee doesn't save Nicknames on Serverside Buddy-Lists new enhancement wishlist
#222 More "script friendly" responses from root new enhancement wishlist
#236 Add support for Jabber transports new enhancement wishlist
#248 buddy icon support new enhancement wishlist
#251 Buddy unification new enhancement wishlist
#265 Jabber module only accepts ports 5220-5229 new enhancement normal
#289 Wish: multi-character to_chars new enhancement wishlist
#341 Challenge/response for messages from unknown senders new enhancement wishlist
#346 Put users into qualified namespace. new enhancement normal
#408 yes/no question for messages from unknown handle new enhancement normal
#411 Harden bitlbee servers against spammers new enhancement normal
#458 Google Talk Invisibility new wilmer enhancement normal
#490 Bitlbee does not show the real nicknames when connecting to new enhancement wishlist
#521 Bitlbee ignores XMPP <thread> metadata new enhancement pony
#553 Jabber / XMPP mobile contacts not differentiated new wilmer enhancement wishlist
#561 feature requst: default oscar charset new enhancement normal
#576 logging / chat history feature new enhancement wishlist
#601 Twitter: identify followers new geert enhancement normal
#606 Allow renaming #twitter_... channel new geert enhancement normal
#615 allow nicks starting with numbers new enhancement normal
#627 libcaca could be used to show contact's avatar new enhancement pony
#629 Truncate the status message of users to a configurable length new enhancement normal
#674 Sending multiline messages new enhancement wishlist
#691 OTR color setting new pesco enhancement normal
#693 resurrect support for showing OTR status via mode flags new pesco enhancement wishlist
#697 Add a timestamp to queries in the qlist new enhancement normal
#698 'unrename all' command new enhancement normal
#699 nick_format compatible with renamed nicks (rename cmd) new enhancement normal
#703 Make default_target have scope of a control channel new enhancement normal
#705 Implement twitter in context replies with mode "one" new geert enhancement normal
#706 The root user shows nick statuses in the "active" channel instead of the channel where the person is new enhancement normal
#717 Photo support for bitlbee-libpurple new wilmer enhancement wishlist
#737 support block/allow in jabber protocol new enhancement normal
#764 Answer "no" to all questions reopened enhancement wishlist
#776 You should know BEFORE sending a text if you have gone off-the-record or not new pesco enhancement wishlist
#783 Default account and room suffix for easy joining jabber channels new enhancement normal
#811 no way to block people not on your contact list new enhancement wishlist
#818 add per-user OTR policy setting accepted pesco enhancement normal
#844 Basic Activity Logging new enhancement normal
#845 Proxy: change from global to account setting new enhancement pony
#867 Option to not store account passwords new enhancement wishlist
#889 A list for Jabber channels to show all existing channels on the network new wilmer enhancement normal
#925 A way to change "private" setting per contact without sending message to the contact new enhancement wishlist
#952 block and allow groups and/or handle regexp patterns new enhancement normal
#961 otr autoconnect new pesco enhancement normal
#971 Systemd support lacks unprivileged user and tmpfiles.d support new enhancement normal
#980 SSL: certificate pinning new enhancement normal
#1008 Listen on IPv4 *and* IPv6 when using "-i localhost" new enhancement normal
#1025 Multiple accounts on one control channel new enhancement normal
#1058 Custom control channels (fill_by custom) new enhancement wishlist
#1074 Time limit for old mentions on connect new enhancement wishlist
#1128 Please implement XEP-198 (stream control) new wilmer enhancement normal
#1144 Support XEP-0249 direct MUC invitations new enhancement normal
#1147 provide a way to view an entire conversation in twitter new enhancement wishlist
#1165 Set nick format for XMPP MUC users new enhancement wishlist
#1171 Display twitter activity notifications new enhancement normal
#1173 [patch] Twitter protocol: account_tag for nick and channel new enhancement normal
#1182 "help" support in twitter mode new enhancement wishlist
#1188 Twitter-action: add retweet in addition to rt new enhancement normal
#1192 Add a way to show a PurpleStoredImage in libpurple new enhancement normal
#1203 RPC interface to write protocol plugins in a different language new wilmer enhancement wishlist
#1206 otr trust fingerprint representation new enhancement normal
#1209 Link embedded images from protected accounts to direct media file new enhancement normal
#1216 Option to completely disable away status autoreply notifications new enhancement normal 3.4.1
#1231 Steam on new enhancement wishlist
#1239 OMEMO / Axolotl Support new enhancement normal
#1240 The ability to mention your IRC nick on @mentions new enhancement wishlist
#1244 Jabber: only fetch room history since last received message new enhancement normal
#1260 Twitter: add option to pause timeline new enhancement minor
#1277 Support filter channels for twitter lists and follows new enhancement normal
#1279 Please make it possible to change UNIX socket path at runtime with run option new enhancement normal
#1285 Support unicode channel names. new enhancement normal
#1286 Make MAX_NICK_LENGTH a setting. new enhancement normal
#1301 Allow post length longer than 140 characters when supported by account new enhancement wishlist
#1303 jabber: improve certificate error messages new enhancement normal
#1304 jabber: set server domain manually new enhancement normal
#1305 option to force TLS version new enhancement normal
#1308 De-shorten links new enhancement pony
#1310 Using security flags when compiling bitlbee new enhancement normal
#1311 Compiling Bitlbee with LTO on request new enhancement minor
#1313 Add AVATAR to XMPP new enhancement pony
#1315 Show if a Twitter post includes a poll new enhancement normal
#1316 Please, add support for group chats in twitter new enhancement normal
#1317 Nightly builds not enabled for current Ubuntu release new enhancement minor
#1318 no_proxy option new enhancement minor
#1319 Bitlbee SVG logo new enhancement pony
#1326 Display alt-text for images on Twitter. new enhancement normal
#1329 remove is temporary, but should be permanent new enhancement wishlist
#1332 Enabling utf8_nicks still not allow to set own nickname to something with UTF-8 new enhancement wishlist
#1333 Command /nick does not changes jabber nickname in current MUC new enhancement minor
#269 New BitlBee shirt new wilmer task wishlist
#427 Some rough edges in ForkDaemon mode new task normal
#1321 Passwords with spaces new task normal
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