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OMEMO / Axolotl Support

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Support for OMEMO/Axolotl XMPP Encryption

"OMEMO is an XMPP Extension Protocol (XEP) for secure multi-client end-to-end encryption. It is an open standard based on Axolotl and PEP which can be freely used and implemented by anyone."


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comment:1 Changed at 2016-01-13T20:30:18Z by divan@…

This would be great. So far, just conversations (Android) and gajim ( support it.

Hopefully bitlbee can be one of the first desktop apps to support it.

comment:2 Changed at 2016-04-26T10:52:53Z by anonymous


comment:3 Changed at 2016-06-17T01:57:19Z by Hund

I +1 this as well. I'm using Conversations and OMEMO is really simple and straightforward. I really like it.

comment:4 Changed at 2016-06-21T22:39:46Z by anonymous


comment:5 Changed at 2016-07-07T17:47:38Z by anonymous


comment:6 Changed at 2016-07-10T16:35:42Z by ilf

+1. We also have bitlbee-plugin-otr. This could be "the future"(TM).

comment:7 Changed at 2016-07-10T17:52:20Z by dx

While I agree this is important, personally, I'm not touching this for the following reasons (quoting myself, adapted from things I repeated a few times on irc)

  1. I don't have a lot of time to spend on bitlbee stuff lately and OMEMO means a lot of time to spend.
  2. I don't want to implement huge crypto features without knowing a group of people capable of assisting with implementation issues (libotr is painful enough already)
  3. It's not even a proper XEP yet.

One of the reasons I (over)heard for #3 is that there's no complete specification of the protocol to reference - the reference implementation doesn't count. This is not a showstopper for me, but it's a good reason to wait for it to be established.

More on #2 (also quoting myself):

When I had problems with OTR, it was clear that I had no idea what was going on, and there was no one to help me. #otr exists, but they also lack people who have the knowledge to handle this *and* happen to be available to answer questions. Ian Goldberg exists in the mailing list, but can't rely on his free time either.

With signal-based protocols it's going to be worse than that, and asking moxie isn't an option

I'd be delighted to be proven wrong with this.

Having said this, I'm always available on #bitlbee to provide assistance implementing this (or any other feature).

But for this to be merged, the person who implements this needs to stay around for the foreseeable future to provide support and handle any issues that appear, because otherwise that person is going to be me and I can't take that weight.

comment:8 Changed at 2017-02-03T14:47:07Z by samba@…

Hi, I agree about the pain of libotr and I see this as an opportunity to get rid of libotr, and push the XMPP protocol to a better solution.

About people involved, there's already some people progressing with the topic here:

and seems we have a XEP specification defined now:

I'd like to help with the implementation in bitlbee, anyone else?

comment:10 Changed at 2017-10-18T09:24:10Z by anonymous

Any progress here ?

comment:12 Changed at 2018-07-22T09:03:41Z by…

I've tried which is a libpurple plugin adding OMEMO support to its XMPP plugin.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work - "lurch help" (with a double slash to prevent it being interpreted by my IRC client) just gets sent to the contact.

I opened in the hope that someone has an idea how to track this down.

comment:13 Changed at 2019-10-17T09:27:48Z by bernard

Is there any update on this? I'm happy to contribute testing time, and input to command/text design, and tothe omemo bounty.


comment:14 Changed at 2020-05-15T05:16:44Z by Hund

It's 2020 and Bitlbee still don't support end-to-end encryption via OMEMO.

Is this project dead?

comment:15 Changed at 2020-05-15T06:49:13Z by wilmer


Look at the timeline and think for yourself mate. Yes. It doesn't really have an active maintainer now. Thanks for noticing.

comment:16 Changed at 2020-05-15T10:52:03Z by dx

I mean, I'm here, but I have a life and a job.

I do basic maintenance, review pull requests, and do other small stuff if i'm in the mood for it. Unless we have a contract for an appropriate hourly rate, don't act like you're entitled to my time.

comment:17 Changed at 2023-09-29T05:30:01Z by Scary Guy

OTR hasn't been updated in a very long time now, and some other platforms seem to be dropping support for it.

I'd say this should be a higher priority than it used to be.

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