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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#131 Crash bug after removing unknown handle defect critical BitlBee
#151 Root talks defect critical BitlBee
#330 Segfault when sending 'ç' (c-cedilla) over jabber defect critical Jabber
#373 Charset mismatch detected. The charset setting is currently set to none. defect critical 1.2.1 BitlBee
#374 Processes don't die in ForkDaemon + GLib mode defect critical 1.2.1 BitlBee
#424 Added AIM to, now unable to use service defect critical BitlBee
#444 NULL pointer dereference defect critical 1.2.2 BitlBee
#501 /join on an unavailable chat causes NULL pointer dereference defect critical 1.2.4 IRC
#881 OpenSSL compile but in rev 867 defect critical BitlBee
#953 segfaults in twitter_lib.c on non-XML responses defect critical Twitter
#1043 facebook authentication fails (missing access token) defect critical BitlBee
#13 HTML stripping defect major 1.0 BitlBee
#15 Jabber contacts do not always show up as online defect major 1.2 Jabber
#23 Cleaner file format for user data jelmer,wilmer,maurits enhancement major 1.2 BitlBee
#29 Line splitting limit is too high wilmer defect major 1.0 BitlBee
#48 MSN issue - after chat partner's reconnect MSN does not see bitlbee's messages wilmer defect major MSN
#81 Unable to access AIM group chats Jelmer Vernooij enhancement major OSCAR
#84 /OPER without parameters crashes bitlbee defect major BitlBee
#96 MSN status change affects all connected users wilmer defect major BitlBee
#113 Biltbee 1.0.1 crashes a while after disconnect (msn at least) defect major 1.0.2 IRC
#134 Bitlbee's latest BZR release crashed while in "daemon" mode defect major BitlBee
#218 MSN switchboard management code not very robust wilmer defect major MSN
#224 jabber does not allow spaces in passwords defect major Jabber
#230 Compiling and bind():ing on AIX 5.1 defect major BitlBee
#232 Bitlbee does not honor --pidfile defect major BitlBee
#245 100% CPU bug in irc_free() defect major BitlBee
#276 errors in IRC-client with numeric nicks defect major 1.2 IRC
#333 Jabber module uses 100% CPU defect major 1.2 BitlBee
#351 msn Error: Challenge response invalid wilmer defect major 1.2 MSN
#404 Connection cleanup not working properly wilmer defect major 1.2.1 Yahoo
#419 bitlbee sends invalid IRC messages by failing to remove whitespace from screen names defect major 1.2.1 BitlBee
#439 SOAP-based authentication broken wilmer defect major 1.2.2 MSN
#482 Joining a Google Talk group chat causes Segmentation Fault wilmer defect major Jabber
#505 Yahoo version will expire wilmer defect major 1.2.4 Yahoo
#520 msn connection failure with pending buddy invite(s) wilmer defect major MSN
#573 'blist' doesn't show Available status messages defect major BitlBee
#584 RSS feed for home page broken Jelmer Vernooij defect major Documentation
#613 Better input validation on default_target setting defect major BitlBee
#651 HTTP Error 401 Unauthorized generated when I post a message with french characters geert defect major Twitter
#653 Update from bitlbee_bzr-devel-578 to bitlbee-dev_bzr-wilmer-ui-fix_711 breaks dircproxy "compatibility" defect major BitlBee
#654 Facebook Chat - jabber - Warning: Received incomplete IQ-set packet wilmer defect major Jabber
#656 100% cpu when trying to stop/restart non-forked bitlbee defect major BitlBee
#673 Better handling of IPv6 failure defect major BitlBee
#678 MSN users blocked after adding. wilmer defect major MSN
#723 Spaces are left inside nicknames defect major BitlBee
#759 send "the following was not encrypted" messages during OTR from the respective user wilmer enhancement major OTR
#780 bitlbee disconnect after /part from groupchat defect major BitlBee
#785 BitlBee can't establish SSL connections with NSS, works when starting via "bitlbee -D -n" dx defect major BitlBee
#801 /join with password defect major IRC
#824 OTR plugin html-escapes all (even unencrypted) messages wilmer defect major OTR
#835 an attacker can spoof color codes pesco defect major OTR
#839 Revision 803 crashes if otr_color_encrypted is false wilmer defect major OTR
#850 bitlbee 3.0.3 will not connect to msn defect major BitlBee
#887 Rejecting a buddy request on jabber actually accepts it wilmer defect major Jabber
#888 Crash in twitter_groupchat defect major Twitter
#901 Segfaults with skype-plugin Miklos Vajna defect major Skype
#938 bitlbee segfaults with gnutls 3.0.18, infinite loop in http_incoming_data() defect major BitlBee
#979 skyped stopped working with Skype Miklos Vajna defect major Skype
#1098 patch: srv_lookup on cygwin defect major BitlBee
#1122 Bitlbee segfaults on incoming jabber file transfer wilmer defect major Jabber
#1124 OTRv4 segfaults on "/me foo" messages wilmer defect major OTR
#1221 Autojoining jabber groupchat is broken in bitlbee-3.4 defect major 3.4.1 BitlBee
#68 [patch] status command for changing status and status message enhancement normal BitlBee
#86 better reporting of failed messages enhancement normal 1.0.2 BitlBee
#88 Mobile AIM client messages don't show up on IRC. Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#94 Version information does not appear with /version defect normal BitlBee
#99 a bug with identifying defect normal BitlBee
#106 Give "auto_connect" some granularity wilmer enhancement normal 1.2 BitlBee
#110 Openssl does not compile anymore defect normal BitlBee
#111 Jabber always connects ONLINE instead of last away state defect normal Jabber
#123 /whois, don't convert the unicode characters to iso-8859-2 defect normal BitlBee
#128 Disable WebAware, to hopefully reduce spam Jelmer Vernooij enhancement normal OSCAR
#132 set password hard to find defect normal BitlBee
#135 Yahoo reconnection trouble with socks proxy. wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#139 Wrong Gender description Jelmer Vernooij defect normal OSCAR
#140 jabber connection lost when sending colored text defect normal Jabber
#142 cannot get user list defect normal BitlBee
#155 BitlBee crashes other BitlBees when creating an AIM groupchat Jelmer Vernooij defect normal 1.0.3 OSCAR
#157 parse way whitespaces enhancement normal BitlBee
#158 RPL_NAMREPLY shows channels as secret defect normal IRC
#159 umode is not handled properly defect normal IRC
#160 error message for unknown commands enhancement normal IRC
#171 [PATCH] Environment variable CFLAGS isn't honored defect normal BitlBee
#174 cannot identify defect normal BitlBee
#181 Bitlbee displays the wrong error message defect normal BitlBee
#182 Problem with duplicate buddies and renaming accounts defect normal BitlBee
#183 Random "bind: Can't assign requested address" messages on OS X defect normal 1.2 BitlBee
#198 Weird Nickname causing disconnect/read error defect normal BitlBee
#208 No help text for "set display_namechanges" enhancement normal BitlBee
#213 bitlbee account settings defect normal BitlBee
#223 iconv error when compiling defect normal BitlBee
#227 Extra characters at the end of every message. (Improve Y! specific stripping) wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#231 Clean up _connected() event handler when closing a socket defect normal BitlBee
#234 Yahoo status not being updated when set /away wilmer defect normal Yahoo
#249 pid file setting is hardcoded and -c <conffile> produces warning. defect normal BitlBee
#250 Replace MD5 and/or SHA1 checksum code defect normal BitlBee
#256 Google Talk Code 500 Error defect normal Jabber
#257 Crash when disconnecting from partially-connected SSL jabber account defect normal 1.2 BitlBee
#259 after connecting to bitlbee msn always fails to connect the first time wilmer defect normal MSN
#263 /invite not sent on yahoo conferences wilmer defect normal Yahoo
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