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#1217 No "help" command for twitter defect normal BitlBee
#1225 skyped dropping messages defect normal BitlBee
#1245 Twitter: Blocked people appear in mentions defect wishlist Twitter
#1249 Process abort from detected double-free or corruption defect normal BitlBee
#1262 Please allow period (.) in nicks defect wishlist IRC
#1271 Extended tweets with two or more photos attached show several times defect normal Twitter
#1297 GTalk: Certificate verification problem 0x14 defect major Jabber
#27 Show who invited you into group conversations enhancement wishlist MSN
#42 Support for "stale" typing notifications enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#44 Encryption support enhancement wishlist Jabber
#92 Staying online without being connected to bitlbee enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#175 Proposition of changes to user levels enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#201 Export/import configuration // settings // accounts enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#239 Logging support enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#255 Display picture kludge enhancement normal BitlBee
#258 Jabber conference support enhancement normal Jabber
#279 New mails to topic? enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#280 Provide Support for Microsoft Communications Server enhancement normal BitlBee
#285 Fancy blist (patch supplied) enhancement minor BitlBee
#318 grep domain name, alias, and real name searches enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#442 Support Skype Chat enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#461 AIM Cell Phone Contacts Not Functional Jelmer Vernooij enhancement normal OSCAR
#477 Talking to Invisible Users wilmer enhancement normal MSN
#502 Personal Message wilmer enhancement wishlist MSN
#508 no way to connect to sametime servers enhancement normal BitlBee
#516 Twitter support enhancement normal BitlBee
#537 There is no away_priority setting yet enhancement normal BitlBee
#558 Add O_SYNC to open() when writing XML configuration enhancement normal BitlBee
#567 Feature Request: ability to send message for specified jabber resource wilmer enhancement normal Jabber
#605 3 twitter improvements geert enhancement wishlist Twitter
#625 Custom prefix for buddies from various networks? enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#635 UI-Fix branch auto_connect channels enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#664 Retrieve tweets from Twitter saved searches geert enhancement wishlist Twitter
#672 blist show x account enhancement normal BitlBee
#736 require some (perhaps user-definable) prefix to post on twitter geert enhancement normal Twitter
#748 MetaUsers enhancement wishlist BitlBee
#765 OTR: add "reconnect" subcommand pesco enhancement normal OTR
#766 OTR: auto reconnect? pesco enhancement normal OTR
#767 OTR: follow $handle_unknown pesco enhancement major OTR
#814 Can't use /oper to change passwords of existing accounts. enhancement normal BitlBee
#817 Enhancement: Twitter: treat hashtags (hash tags) as channels - convenient way to follow hashtags geert enhancement wishlist Twitter
#847 Please make proxy server configurable per account wilmer enhancement normal Jabber
#856 [Twitter] display friendships/incoming enhancement normal Twitter
#905 Close OTR connections on disconnect pesco enhancement wishlist OTR
#916 Channel name of Twitter’s timeline translation enhancement normal BitlBee
#939 Add an option to ignore the backlog of tweets. enhancement normal Twitter
#1023 specify tag in blist root command enhancement normal BitlBee
#1097 Support IRC like channels with twitter enhancement normal Twitter
#1132 Add support for SASL based login to IRC wilmer enhancement normal IRC
#1137 Jabber MUC should use real topic of room wilmer enhancement normal Jabber
#366 Login error: Couldn't connect to host Jelmer Vernooij task normal OSCAR
#531 facebook chat task normal BitlBee
#572 deb pkgs task normal BitlBee
#968 When updating packages get error: KEYEXPIRED 1338072862 task normal BitlBee
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