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#1327 Bitlbee does not save purple account information to /var/lib/bitlbee/purple/<username>/accounts.xml file new defect critical
#411 Harden bitlbee servers against spammers new enhancement normal
#691 OTR color setting new pesco enhancement normal
#699 nick_format compatible with renamed nicks (rename cmd) new enhancement normal
#818 add per-user OTR policy setting accepted pesco enhancement normal
#914 OTR cannot write its config file assigned wilmer defect normal
#980 SSL: certificate pinning new enhancement normal
#1027 Bitlbee can't handle other clients with the same JID in jabber group chats new defect normal
#1071 Setting yourself away and then logging off makes you appear online and away after new defect normal
#1184 Twitter module doesn't handle 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable very well new defect normal
#1192 Add a way to show a PurpleStoredImage in libpurple new enhancement normal
#1250 libpurple sipe messages from latest MS Office/Lync/Skype for Business include font information new defect normal
#1270 bitlbee-purple resets contact groups on reconnect new defect normal
#1285 Support unicode channel names. new enhancement normal
#1286 Make MAX_NICK_LENGTH a setting. new enhancement normal
#1290 New OAuth token requred for GTalk whenever BitlBee server updates; this is not documented new defect normal
#1334 XMPP carbons broken when running under libpurple new defect normal
#1339 Support SCRAM-SHA-1 and SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS as SASL mechanisms for XMPP new enhancement normal
#46 Long AIM profiles get chopped new defect minor
#138 Setting for "Buddy is not yet in your list, do you want to add him/her" new defect minor
#1260 Twitter: add option to pause timeline new enhancement minor
#1317 Nightly builds not enabled for current Ubuntu release new enhancement minor
#1333 Command /nick does not changes jabber nickname in current MUC new enhancement minor
#1336 Bitlbee Twitter: ordering for replies new defect minor
#7 Non-local account/settings storage reopened Jelmer Vernooij enhancement wishlist
#222 More "script friendly" responses from root new enhancement wishlist
#300 Support for xep-0012 ( Last Activity ) new defect wishlist
#553 Jabber / XMPP mobile contacts not differentiated new wilmer enhancement wishlist
#1203 RPC interface to write protocol plugins in a different language new wilmer enhancement wishlist
#1332 Enabling utf8_nicks still not allow to set own nickname to something with UTF-8 new enhancement wishlist
#627 libcaca could be used to show contact's avatar new enhancement pony
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