22:05 Ticket #1126 (Messages are not getting sent via XMPP if OTR is disconnected) created by anonymous
After having an OTR conversation with a contact, if he uses a client …
09:43 Ticket #1125 (Leading quote character gets eaten when replying) closed by wilmer
duplicate: Ticket #1044
08:13 Ticket #1125 (Leading quote character gets eaten when replying) created by twwinwood@…
[…] Not sure I need to say anything here, the log says it all.


20:07 Ticket #1124 (OTRv4 segfaults on "/me foo" messages) created by Jochen Sprickerhof <bitlbee@…>
When receiving "/me" messages, otr.c advances the msg pointer, making …
13:46 Changeset [e76cf26] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Fix "Unusuable" typo.
13:11 Ticket #1019 (please allow "otr disconnect *" or do it on quit) closed by wilmer
fixed: Pulled.


16:28 Ticket #766 (OTR: auto reconnect?) closed by pesco
duplicate: There are multiple issues here. One is bitlbee not disconnecting its …
16:13 Ticket #875 (Disconnected when trying to initialize a conversation (OTR)) closed by pesco
duplicate: goto #1111
16:00 Changeset [c239fff] by unknown <pesco@…>
close otr connections on quit, add 'otr disconnect *' command
15:07 Ticket #1104 (OTR doesn't disconnect if other user is offline.) closed by pesco
duplicate: goto #1019
15:06 Ticket #905 (Close OTR connections on disconnect) closed by pesco
duplicate: goto #1019


23:08 Ticket #1110 (bitlbee with plugin-otr crashes when messaging offline contacts more ...) closed by dx
fixed: Wilmer just merged r1007 in the main branch (includes r1007 and r1008
23:08 Ticket #1109 (OTRv4 builds silently drop all jabber messages) closed by dx
fixed: Wilmer just merged r1007 in the main branch. Thanks pesco!
22:51 Changeset [71004a3] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Merging OTR fixes from pesco.


10:03 Ticket #568 ([patch] enhancement to blist format) closed by dx
obsolete: Oh hi, didn't notice you were the same author as the other patch. Oh …
09:09 Ticket #701 (Nick generation screws up with invalid characters in nick_format) closed by wilmer
obsolete: The error message has been removed yes, since the bug that made me add …
09:07 Ticket #666 (bit.ly support) closed by wilmer
wontfix: Honestly I don't think this belongs in BitlBee. Too much complexity, …
08:57 Ticket #1103 (Fix parallel make issue) closed by dx
duplicate: #1099 turned out to be exactly the same patch as this one. Marking …
07:58 Ticket #325 (MSN groupchats don't show who invited you) closed by dx
invalid: Closing this since it's not possible. I remember trying a variation …
07:20 Ticket #459 (Hardcoded authentication URL) closed by dx
invalid: AFAIK the only other auth servers are in corporate networks that use …
05:40 Ticket #906 (Contacts added via Google Plus show up as odd strings instead of ...) closed by dx
05:34 Ticket #941 (Bitlbee doesn't reconnect after resume from suspend state) closed by dx
04:47 Ticket #1082 (Twitter can't get contact list) closed by dx
notmyfault: The original issue, "empty http reply" was a temporary server issue. …
04:01 Ticket #1062 (MSN passport authentication failure (null)) closed by dx
notmyfault: I can close this now! Yay! See link in the previous comment for the fix.
04:00 Ticket #1100 (Can no longer connect to msn via xmpp) closed by dx
notmyfault: I can close this now! Yay! Just to be clear, >They closed the …
03:40 Ticket #1116 (wat IS bitlbee?) closed by dx


22:58 Ticket #1123 (Messages are not received correctly) created by Artanis186@…
I can not say if this happens with anything other than Skype, but for …
00:31 Changeset [329f9fe] by unknown <pesco@…>
use OTRL_INSTAG_BEST instead of _RECENT to work around a segfault in libotr


23:59 Changeset [367ea3c] by unknown <pesco@…>
work around libotr 4 not sending outgoing plaintext messages
21:18 Ticket #1122 (Bitlbee segfaults on incoming jabber file transfer) created by felix@…
Tried to accept a file transfer. This is what the control channel …


17:47 Ticket #1121 (Unicode astral characters displayed incorrectly) created by twwinwood@…
I follow the FakeUnicode Twitter account, which often uses …


09:22 Ticket #1120 (In bitlbee -x, please add an option to create a hash for a null byte) closed by wilmer
alreadydoingthat: No problem!
09:20 Ticket #1115 (Twitter stopped working on Jan 14, 2014 (presumably something SSL-related)) closed by wilmer


06:30 Ticket #1120 (In bitlbee -x, please add an option to create a hash for a null byte) created by Nils Landt
Hey guys, could you please add some sort of option to generate a …


04:14 Ticket #1119 (Make jabber name attribute configurable.) created by jsph.winder@…
Currently, extracting the name from the xml is done by finding the …


10:42 Ticket #1118 (Messages not getting sent to/not getting received by Facebook contacts) created by jesushlincoln@…
Starting a few days ago, I noticed people were randomly trailing off …


10:55 Ticket #1117 (/oper to set account passwords) created by Flexo <bitlbee@…>
At the moment the only time you can use /oper to set an IM account's …


22:00 Changeset [cc17b76] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Merging fix from Flexo for #1109.
16:30 Ticket #1116 (wat IS bitlbee?) created by anonymous
does magic exist? or does the physical brain just have to make things …


10:16 Ticket #1115 (Twitter stopped working on Jan 14, 2014 (presumably something SSL-related)) created by anonymous
I'm using bitlbee version 3.2-1 (linux mint / ubuntu). It used to work …


13:59 Ticket #1114 (XMPP: bitlbee receives but does not display stanzas of type "error") created by mhellwig@…
I am using XEP-0198 with a prosody server and yaxim as client (yaxim …


07:31 Ticket #1113 (otr disconnect <nick> doesn't work) created by anonymous
Automatically disconnect of otr doesn't work (#1104,#905). But manual …


05:49 Ticket #1112 (Control interface thinks that I want to accept GTalk contact request ...) created by Burrito
012 [05:34:31] <@root> gmail - New request: The user [spammer name …


11:38 Ticket #1111 (Opportunistic OTR tries to establish an OTR session with _xmlconsole) created by dx
It notices the magic whitespace pattern in the TX messages, and …
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