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#1206 otr trust fingerprint representation new enhancement BitlBee
#1209 Link embedded images from protected accounts to direct media file new enhancement Twitter
#1216 Option to completely disable away status autoreply notifications new enhancement 3.4.1 BitlBee
#1239 OMEMO / Axolotl Support new enhancement Jabber
#1244 Jabber: only fetch room history since last received message new enhancement Jabber
#1277 Support filter channels for twitter lists and follows new enhancement Twitter
#1279 Please make it possible to change UNIX socket path at runtime with run option new enhancement Unspecified / other
#1285 Support unicode channel names. new enhancement BitlBee
#1286 Make MAX_NICK_LENGTH a setting. new enhancement BitlBee
#1303 jabber: improve certificate error messages new enhancement Jabber
#1304 jabber: set server domain manually new enhancement Jabber
#1305 option to force TLS version new enhancement BitlBee
#1310 Using security flags when compiling bitlbee new enhancement BitlBee
#1315 Show if a Twitter post includes a poll new enhancement Twitter
#1316 Please, add support for group chats in twitter new enhancement Twitter
#427 Some rough edges in ForkDaemon mode new task BitlBee
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