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#1250 libpurple sipe messages from latest MS Office/Lync/Skype for Business include font information new defect Purple
#1251 Twitter replies to multiple parties not working correctly new defect Twitter
#1256 Bitlbee thinks gtalk does not support XEP85 new defect BitlBee
#1259 Tweets with the same link twice show the original url twice in the first new defect Twitter
#1264 No self-messages in telegram new defect Purple
#1270 bitlbee-purple resets contact groups on reconnect new defect Purple
#1276 TLS: set CAfile per IM Account new defect Unspecified / other
#1277 Support filter channels for twitter lists and follows new enhancement Twitter
#1278 XMPP CAPS data is missing required attribute value. new defect Jabber
#1279 Please make it possible to change UNIX socket path at runtime with run option new enhancement Unspecified / other
#1284 Twitter. handle follower requests new defect Unspecified / other
#1285 Support unicode channel names. new enhancement BitlBee
#1286 Make MAX_NICK_LENGTH a setting. new enhancement BitlBee
#1288 twitter: rate limiting errors are not shown new defect Twitter
#1289 [PATCH] twitter: maintain mentions when replying new defect Unspecified / other
#1290 New OAuth token requred for GTalk whenever BitlBee server updates; this is not documented new defect Documentation
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