22:43 Changeset [9b767e9] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Update .bzrignore.
17:23 Ticket #933 (Torchat functionality) created by elvis@…
I believe it would be a very useful addition to have Torchat …


23:39 Ticket #11 (Permission problems win32 port) closed by wilmer
obsolete: win32 port is unsupported anyway.
23:38 Ticket #801 (/join with password) closed by wilmer
fixed: It's a channel setting now.
23:37 Ticket #517 (unknown handle even though user is on list) closed by wilmer
obsolete: Sorry for never really following up to this.. The OSCAR module is the …
23:36 Ticket #445 (Bitlbee will show alert of Offline Message, but not show the actual message) closed by wilmer
invalid: Useful bug report that was, really.
23:35 Ticket #417 (Yahoo buddies don't appear on buddy/channel list.) closed by wilmer
obsolete: I suppose this was fixed by updating libyahoo2.
23:28 Ticket #184 (Bitlbee as irc2irc gateway.) closed by wilmer
23:27 Ticket #145 (Encoding in outgoing messages?) closed by wilmer
23:26 Ticket #140 (jabber connection lost when sending colored text) closed by wilmer
fixed: Fixed by, hmm, 3.0.4?
23:25 Ticket #104 (... more modes .. more info ..) closed by wilmer
obsolete: Somewhat supported by 3.0. More specific bugs should be filed for …
23:24 Ticket #88 (Mobile AIM client messages don't show up on IRC.) closed by wilmer
fixed: Mobile messages seem to work and texting doesn't.
23:23 Ticket #87 (Session take-over) closed by wilmer
fixed: Oh, hah, 3.0 did this.
23:23 Ticket #65 (mysql support) closed by wilmer
23:23 Ticket #63 (Contact Search) closed by wilmer
23:22 Ticket #47 (MSN buddylist extra details) closed by wilmer
23:22 Ticket #32 (Manually reading users' away messages) closed by wilmer
obsolete: Well this is mostly possible. Only problem is that OSCAR away messages …
22:49 Changeset [4c73ba62] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Update outdated help text for the handle_unknown setting.
15:28 Ticket #832 (Segfault on Jabber groupchat invite) closed by wilmer
fixed: Sorry for the lack of followup for a while.. This was actually fixed …


12:01 Ticket #932 (Skype plugin should support typing notices) created by alex@…
Typing notices are an essential ingredient for a successful online …


21:01 Changeset [fda194f] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Allow identify -noload/-force without typing a password. (/OPER) Patch …


00:46 Ticket #931 (Offline messaging support for AIM (OSCAR)?) created by anonymous
It seems like I can message people on my buddy list that are offline …


23:52 Ticket #768 (identi.ca now supports oauth, but oauth token has twitter token url?) closed by wilmer
fixed: 3.0.5 fixes this. Just make sure you use "Account add identica", not a …
23:51 Ticket #815 (identify -noload doesn't work with /oper) closed by wilmer
duplicate: #814 is similar.
22:40 Ticket #920 (Makefile's BINDIR should read SBINDIR for systemd service files) closed by wilmer
fixed: I think I merged this one from vmiklos already.
22:39 Ticket #923 (Patch to add report-spam functionality to twitter) closed by wilmer
fixed: I wonder what the g_free() on an uninitialised url pointer will do! …
22:36 Changeset [d18dee42] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Merging report-spam patch for Twitter from Flexo. #923


00:08 Ticket #924 (Trouble denying friend request) closed by wilmer
duplicate: #887
00:07 Ticket #929 (`channel #muc set -del nick` does not work) closed by wilmer
fixed: Yup, I had the same suspicion. Applied that patch now, thanks! …
00:06 Changeset [57a65600] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Bug #929: Indeed SET_NULL_OK was missing.
00:00 Changeset [0872bb2] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Fix bug that broke MSN-XMPP with confusing error messages.


23:38 Changeset [e371011] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Use -MMD instead of -MD for dependency calculation. This should drop …


10:47 Ticket #886 (Rev 870: Jabber login error, SSL certificate verification not ...) closed by wilmer
wontfix: SSL cert verification only works with GnuTLS, and unless someone else …
10:03 Ticket #930 (Jabber chat: irc-nick should reflect channel-nick) closed by wilmer


21:23 Ticket #930 (Jabber chat: irc-nick should reflect channel-nick) created by duckd
As the documentation says, I don't see my nick like it is set for a …
12:14 Ticket #929 (`channel #muc set -del nick` does not work) created by maxim.vuets@…
You can set a nick for a specific channel, but cannot unset it …
10:46 Ticket #928 (The translate_to_nicks setting seems not working) created by maxim.vuets@…
Assume you joined an XMPP MUC (Jabber room). There is a guy whose …


20:39 Ticket #927 (facebook messages get lost) closed by wilmer
invalid: fb's xmpp is known to be very sloppy. Losing XMPP messages takes …
20:23 Ticket #927 (facebook messages get lost) created by daniel@…
Since yesterday several messages that my friends send to me, get lost. …


16:04 Ticket #926 (Add option to only show tweets from select users/lists) created by lorddeath@…
Having tweets from all 100+ people that I follow show up in my …


11:12 Ticket #925 (A way to change "private" setting per contact without sending message ...) created by web_bitlbee@…
Currently we have default "set private", and then I can switch it, per …


15:12 Ticket #924 (Trouble denying friend request) created by gejr
Currently using: BitlBee bzr-bitlbee-build-888 API version 030004 A …


09:20 Changeset [b958cb5] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Changing ping behaviour. Pinging seems to be misbehaving for some …
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