16:08 Ticket #835 (an attacker can spoof color codes) created by pesco
even though the encryption/trust state of OTR connections is announced …
15:48 Changeset [aea22cd] by unknown <pesco@…>
otr: only skip coloring of leading /me if the message will go to a …
15:18 Changeset [409c2de] by unknown <pesco@…>
send user-specific otr messages generated by us as notices from that user
14:56 Changeset [e67e513] by unknown <pesco@…>
rename irc_usermsg to irc_rootmsg. add new irc_usermsg, …


14:57 Changeset [3231485] by unknown <pesco@…>
make libotr messages associated with a user appear from that nick
14:55 Changeset [fb11647a] by unknown <pesco@…>
factor making a message appear from a specific nick out of bee_irc_user_msg


04:55 Ticket #707 (Can not disable OTR once set up) closed by pesco
fixed: seems resolved, with any followup in #818. closing.
04:32 Changeset [da44b08] by unknown <pesco@…>
don't put color code before leading /me when coloring otr messages


20:09 Changeset [f03a498] by unknown <pesco@…>
nix html-escaping in otr plugin


19:08 Ticket #834 (Make IPC socket path configurable at runtime) created by aidalgol@…
I am using the Debian (wheezy) package of Bitlbee (3.0.3-1) and I …


13:44 Ticket #833 (im.uk.bitlbee.org unreachable) closed by wilmer
invalid: As it says on the page, most public servers are *not* run by BitlBee …
11:23 Ticket #833 (im.uk.bitlbee.org unreachable) created by bandie9100@…
I sensed im.uk.bitlbee.org unreachable yesterday. I preferred to use …


20:33 Ticket #832 (Segfault on Jabber groupchat invite) created by palehose@…
On my workplace's internal jabber server, when invited to a groupchat, …
14:09 Ticket #831 (cant reply myself in twitter) created by anonymous
[15:56] <@ root> | You: [47] ... [15:57] <@ .....> …


17:39 Ticket #830 (colored /me (OTR) from IM not converted to CTCP ACTION) created by architekt[at]coding4coffee.org
If a plugin (for example OTR) colors a message with mIRC color codes, …
08:33 Ticket #829 (WLM profile picture doesnt show to buddies) created by anonymous
Hello, When I login to my WLM to bitlbee it doesnt retrieve the …


11:23 Ticket #828 (Oscar - friendly message for "buddy already in list") created by Flexo
[…] Patch attached to make this message friendlier :)


20:01 Ticket #827 (Bitlbee 3.0.3 MSN Connection Failure.) closed by wilmer
invalid: Wow, that's ... annoying. :-/ Glad to hear it's not BitlBee though! …
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