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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#265 Jabber module only accepts ports 5220-5229 new enhancement normal
#458 Google Talk Invisibility new wilmer enhancement normal
#554 Jabber/XMPP server-side password changes new wilmer defect normal
#762 Away status is inaccurate when contact is signed into Jabber multiple times new wilmer defect normal
#773 Not able to send priv msg to users in anon groupchats. new wilmer defect normal
#889 A list for Jabber channels to show all existing channels on the network new wilmer enhancement normal
#989 jabber does not try lower priority when higher priority server cannot be reached new wilmer defect normal
#1128 Please implement XEP-198 (stream control) new wilmer enhancement normal
#1239 OMEMO / Axolotl Support new enhancement normal
#1244 Jabber: only fetch room history since last received message new enhancement normal
#1278 XMPP CAPS data is missing required attribute value. new defect normal
#1298 Use the correct nickname even when a room is non-anonymous new defect normal
#1303 jabber: improve certificate error messages new enhancement normal
#1304 jabber: set server domain manually new enhancement normal
#1314 jabber/gtalk not seeing full_name for G+ contacts anymore new defect normal
#1339 Support SCRAM-SHA-1 and SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS as SASL mechanisms for XMPP new enhancement normal
#1139 Jabber: account gets disconnected upon reception of invalid unicode character new wilmer defect minor
#1333 Command /nick does not changes jabber nickname in current MUC new enhancement minor
#236 Add support for Jabber transports new enhancement wishlist
#300 Support for xep-0012 ( Last Activity ) new defect wishlist
#545 Set my own alias/display_name in Jabber new wilmer defect wishlist
#553 Jabber / XMPP mobile contacts not differentiated new wilmer enhancement wishlist
#1313 Add AVATAR to XMPP new enhancement pony
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