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(edit) @3e7a722   2014-06-26T08:07:11Z dx Fix double slashes in systemd unit templates
(edit) @f287f04   2014-06-26T08:07:11Z dx Fix version in pkg-config file, also change bzr version format …
(edit) @4e4fa93   2014-06-26T08:07:11Z dx doc/bitlbee.xinetd: Move -I to server_args
(edit) @04e2a05   2014-06-26T08:07:11Z dx configure: Let the user enable both built-in protocols and purple …
(edit) @b95b0c8   2014-06-26T08:07:11Z dx configure: Add spaces after <<EOF heredoc markers for clarity I mean, …
(edit) @7b05842   2014-04-25T08:03:59Z wilmer Merging test suite fixes from Jelmer.
(edit) @6a6d7d8   2014-04-20T17:00:48Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix building of testsuite.
(edit) @3e16fb8   2014-04-20T16:59:23Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix compiler warnings in testsuite/.
(edit) @b4008a5   2014-03-07T00:02:32Z wilmer Merging compiler warning fix. Patch by Mark H Weaver <mhw@…>.
(edit) @b4b8f1e   2014-03-02T00:37:43Z wilmer Unicode parsing fix in JSON parser: JSON can contain UTF-16 surrogate …
(edit) @35987a1   2014-02-28T23:17:28Z wilmer Allow use of "ac x set -del password" to use /oper to change the …
(edit) @2e815e5   2014-02-28T23:14:11Z wilmer Merging a bunch of patches from Trac, collected by dx.
(edit) @cb90dc9   2014-02-28T10:10:02Z dx Makefile: use $(MAKE) for skype install (Ticket #1099) Fixes freebsd …
(edit) @172aa37f   2014-02-28T00:53:43Z dx Word wrapping for group chat mesages (Ticket #1131)
(edit) @489847f   2014-02-28T00:18:58Z dx pkgconfig: Plugindir fix for bitlbee.pc (Ticket #1085)
(edit) @b42269a   2014-02-28T00:07:22Z dx init/bitlbee.socket: Listen on ipv6 too (Ticket #1008) Note that this …
(edit) @ba3506e   2014-02-28T00:03:07Z dx Makefile: Use $INSTALL instead of the hardcoded command (Ticket #725)
(edit) @1bed2e1   2014-02-28T00:00:03Z dx Fix check_nick tests (Ticket #1102)
(edit) @6a0cb16   2014-02-27T23:53:33Z dx Fix for rejecting buddy requests on jabber (Ticket #887) Patch from …
(edit) @cce1b63   2014-02-27T23:46:35Z dx Fix for null pointer in nick_gen (Ticket #1101)
(edit) @6ae1056   2014-02-13T22:41:02Z wilmer Merging two OTR-related bugfixes from pesco.
(edit) @820a2a7   2014-02-13T19:44:53Z pesco fix 'otr connect' command
(edit) @7a80925   2014-02-13T08:48:37Z wilmer Update json-parser code to git rev …
(edit) @74c9e7f   2014-02-11T17:31:07Z pesco fix a segfault when otr-coloring /me messages
(edit) @e76cf26   2014-02-08T13:46:30Z wilmer Fix "Unusuable" typo.
(edit) @c239fff   2014-02-07T16:00:40Z pesco close otr connections on quit, add 'otr disconnect *' command
(edit) @71004a3   2014-02-06T22:51:19Z wilmer Merging OTR fixes from pesco.
(edit) @329f9fe   2014-02-02T00:31:49Z pesco use OTRL_INSTAG_BEST instead of _RECENT to work around a segfault in libotr
(edit) @367ea3c   2014-02-01T23:59:00Z pesco work around libotr 4 not sending outgoing plaintext messages
(edit) @cc17b76   2014-01-20T22:00:53Z wilmer Merging fix from Flexo for #1109.
(edit) @4dda9e4   2013-12-20T18:58:41Z wilmer Fix building of debug binaries (partially broken by changeset:devel,253).
(edit) @cb16fe9   2013-12-19T00:16:26Z wilmer 3.2.1-1 Debian package. 3.2.1+otr4-13.2.1-1
(edit) @48b75f1   2013-12-07T17:48:52Z wilmer Update debian/changelog for 3.2.1.
(edit) @a8aa823   2013-12-07T12:49:28Z wilmer Ugly: Bogus dependency on libotr2-dev, but adding a warning to the …
(edit) @434a2d0   2013-12-05T09:20:22Z wilmer Exchange libotr 2.x compatibility for libotr 3.x compatibility, …
(edit) @943bda7   2013-12-05T09:19:04Z wilmer Fix BITLBEE_VERSION_CODE which I stupidly forgot to update for the …
(edit) @08224f5   2013-11-27T22:54:03Z wilmer 3.2.1. About time, since Twitter have already deprecated HTTP/1.0 … 3.2.1
(edit) @e73e165   2013-11-11T22:46:36Z pesco merge upstream
(edit) @d4a4f1a   2013-10-14T16:02:04Z wilmer Don't save the "type" channel setting, it's an XML attribute already. …
(edit) @51f937e   2013-08-03T13:36:53Z pesco log OTR heartbeats if set verbose
(edit) @e4752a6   2013-08-03T13:06:30Z pesco cleanup and docs
(edit) @e65039a   2013-08-03T12:49:03Z pesco persist instags (also works around "malformed message" bug)
(edit) @fbcb481   2013-08-02T21:59:43Z pesco do 'otr connect' with the proper query message (generated by libotr)
(edit) @c347a12   2013-08-02T20:55:16Z pesco timer cleanup and "other instance" error message
(edit) @f93e01c   2013-08-02T18:31:44Z pesco some more instag updates
(edit) @37ed402   2013-08-02T18:08:34Z pesco use INSTAG_RECENT for outgoing messages
(edit) @fa9478e   2013-08-02T15:30:11Z pesco better workaround for libotr's NULL opdata bug
(edit) @22ec21d   2013-08-02T11:52:22Z pesco regularly call otrl_message_poll
(edit) @6d9f0ba   2013-08-02T11:15:21Z pesco implement otr_error_message callback
(edit) @b939cff   2013-08-02T10:48:03Z pesco work around libotr bugs
(edit) @090c9b7   2013-08-01T20:39:49Z pesco implement handle_msg_event
(edit) @352a6b0   2013-08-01T19:32:24Z pesco update smp event handling
(edit) @5d2bc9d   2013-08-01T18:17:02Z pesco move html coding and coloring into convert callback
(edit) @81265e0   2013-08-01T15:47:48Z pesco make otr compile with libotr 4.0.0, minimal functionality
(edit) @a685409   2013-07-13T18:49:13Z wilmer Update to deal with a not-so-recent regression in the Twitter URL …
(edit) @c92ee728   2013-07-01T22:43:02Z wilmer Use account tag instead of protocol/network name for generating hostmasks.
(edit) @ea166fe   2013-05-25T10:54:09Z wilmer Reformat MOTD a little bit. #1056
(edit) @7e84168   2013-06-22T21:50:15Z wilmer #1067: Restore nickname truncation.
(edit) @2f9027c   2013-06-16T17:33:58Z wilmer Fix cleanup failure on Twitter timeouts.
(edit) @1a2c1c0   2013-06-16T12:42:39Z wilmer Merging utf8-nicks branch. This adds a utf8_nicks setting which …
(edit) @ab19567   2013-06-16T12:15:15Z wilmer Merging HTTP/1.1 branch. This implements HTTP/1.1 support in …
(edit) @dd7b931   2013-06-16T00:14:11Z wilmer Use HTTP/1.1 by default in the Twitter module, and stick to the …
(edit) @777461b   2013-06-15T23:33:53Z wilmer Turn off fetch_mentions by default for connections since …
(edit) @ca8037e   2013-06-09T21:17:45Z wilmer Add better handling of HTTP/1.1 and/or keepalive connections. This …
(edit) @41a94dd   2013-06-01T23:58:55Z wilmer Define _GNU_SOURCE via the command line instead of bitlbee.h (which …
(edit) @aed00f8   2013-06-01T00:18:18Z wilmer NULL initialisation, fixes crash on trying to load configs from …
(edit) @f2d8aa2   2013-06-01T00:09:52Z wilmer Emit a warning when the user wants to do OAuth with a …
(edit) @420ddc00   2013-05-25T12:39:42Z wilmer Fix double free() in ssl_nss.c. #1038
(edit) @c153808   2013-05-25T10:36:34Z wilmer Fix OAuth2 error reporting.
(edit) @be9f3f1   2013-05-23T21:46:54Z wilmer Apparently Twitter API 1.1 is SSL-only. *sigh*
(edit) @a7e6ba9   2013-05-19T07:33:54Z wilmer Install JSON header files.
(edit) @af496d8   2013-05-06T15:13:49Z wilmer Use UCS-2BE instead of UNICODEBIG as the UTF16 charset used by the …
(edit) @f539d6e   2013-05-01T18:55:50Z wilmer Merge from vmiklos.
(edit) @5cb9461   2013-04-23T16:28:10Z wilmer Documentation for utf8_nicks setting.
(edit) @c608891   2013-04-23T16:20:06Z wilmer Simple (and possibly still fragile) support for UTF-8 nicknames.
(edit) @c2a863d   2013-04-23T08:06:10Z Miklos Vajna skype: fix build
(edit) @0a7a7e9   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna skype: clean up installing section of README These were the …
(edit) @57b534b   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna skype: ignore empty username (#1045)
(edit) @505fdaa   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna test skype_group_by_name()
(edit) @3d1b06f   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna test skype_chat_topic()
(edit) @e2ac666   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna test skype_chat_msg()
(edit) @500419b   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna skype: avoid fake MBERS buddy in groupchats
(edit) @b201c68   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna test skype_set_away()
(edit) @a016221   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna skyped: missing newline in log
(edit) @e277e80   2013-04-20T22:50:31Z wilmer Add irc_t* argument to all relevant nick_*() functions.
(edit) @dd95ce4   2013-04-20T13:17:22Z wilmer Const is hard, let's go hacking.
(edit) @e31e5b8   2013-04-20T13:05:55Z wilmer Merging "storage" branch which I wrote long ago. It separates …
(edit) @9b2a8c1   2013-03-17T13:03:25Z wilmer Merge from vmiklos.
(edit) @215e171   2013-03-16T20:31:32Z Miklos Vajna skype: improve support for reading bookmarked chats (#1037)
(edit) @6f360a0   2013-03-16T20:25:35Z Miklos Vajna skype: in groupchats, handle ACTIVEMEMBERS as MEMBERS (#1037)
(edit) @2363cca   2013-03-07T15:45:31Z Miklos Vajna skyped: fix non-gobject mode (#1035)
(edit) @f4eb3fc   2013-03-06T20:50:15Z Miklos Vajna test skype_chat_leave()
(edit) @83c246e   2013-03-06T20:21:13Z Miklos Vajna skype: enough questions about if skype 4.x works or not
(edit) @52ceb4b   2013-03-06T19:56:19Z Miklos Vajna skyped: prefix debug messages with source location
(edit) @8407e25   2013-03-06T19:41:18Z Miklos Vajna skyped: fix typo when not finding config file
(edit) @ed3ff43   2013-03-03T14:48:59Z wilmer Merging Skype changes.
(edit) @b2b7f52   2013-03-01T10:28:44Z Miklos Vajna #978 fix Mac build of the Skype plugin
(edit) @36f6ab3   2013-02-28T07:15:49Z Miklos Vajna skype: add support for fetching full names of buddies
(edit) @c440320   2013-02-25T20:38:05Z Miklos Vajna also sanitize log file output
(edit) @0e788f5   2013-02-21T19:15:59Z wilmer I'm still bored on a long flight. Wrote a script to automatically …
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