18:36 Changeset [25d87e4] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
README: link gitweb
18:31 Changeset [3d9a92b] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
Merge branch 'master' of …
18:31 Changeset [4c3a4c8] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
README: spelling fixes


14:16 Changeset [368861e] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
skype_data struct: some more comments also renmae r_inpa to bfd


09:53 Ticket #322 (Get nick from server when adding new (ICQ) buddies) created by mortenjo+bitlbee@…
If I add a person to my ICQ buddies with bitlbee, they typically get …


02:38 Ticket #321 (Stipulating a Nick Name with the add Command Creates Duplicity) created by Chascon
Problem: "add usename@… NickName" creates the contact on the …


22:26 Changeset [8de38e9] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
updates for 0.1.4


22:11 Changeset [af8675f] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
skyped: handle a possible IOError
08:04 Ticket #320 (nick change = endless loop of error messages) created by DatLicht
Hi, if change the nick, I'll get an endless loop of "nick change too …


16:29 Changeset [dffa24f] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
flame about skype memleaks


20:57 Ticket #319 (msn notifications) created by tg
Feature request: support for msn notifications more info: …
19:18 Changeset [65e4020] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
add a 'thanks' list
18:11 Changeset [8b3beef] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
don't use internal exceptions either
18:04 Changeset [5268bd7] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
do not use internal functions for receiving messages thanks awahlig
18:01 Changeset [bfe5a8a] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
do not use internal functions for sending messages thanks awahlig …
14:40 Changeset [80d9004] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
users should try git before reporting bugs
14:34 Changeset [54c269d] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
README: a note about why a skype instance is still required


20:20 Changeset [d86dfb1] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
hide the ping/pong from the log, it's just spam also set the ping …
19:51 Changeset [22d97b4] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
add a new 'requirements' section
19:34 Changeset [19b805c] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
remove hardwired paths
19:30 Changeset [f080961] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
install skyped to bindir, not to sbindir
19:29 Changeset [52d779e] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
skyped: fix receiving / sending accents again
19:07 Changeset [67496f7] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
handle timeouts
18:48 Changeset [e5c0175] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
mention the tested skype version
17:05 Changeset [40d2dc4] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
updates for 0.1.3
16:59 Changeset [c15f71a] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
skyped: use Skype4Py's X11 api this solves all those weird freezes


22:30 Changeset [5d1b0774] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
support for edited messages
22:25 Changeset [dab0f8a] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
update TODO
22:22 Changeset [7613670] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
handle the case when the input is a multiline message
21:09 Changeset [02a531b] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
HACKING: update
20:46 Ticket #318 (grep domain name, alias, and real name searches) created by Chascon
"blist all | grep @hotmail.com" or the more native feeling "blist all …
20:05 Ticket #317 (Auto-deletion of Off-line Meebo Contacts, preferably) created by Chascon
Okay, I'm, throwing this in as a Meebo bug (enhancement?), even though …
12:57 Changeset [7879736] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
Merge branch 'master' of …
12:57 Changeset [4eaff41] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
skype_read_callback(): ignore empty messages skype itself does the same


12:06 Ticket #240 (Notification Mails) closed by admin
fixed: Finally fixed, even without any mod_python/FastCGI stuff. :-)


22:24 Changeset [7de5a60] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
use permalinks
21:57 Changeset [8d32b9e] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Made UTF-8 the new default charset. This is the default on pretty much …


22:56 Changeset [478c051] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
updates for 0.1.2
22:48 Changeset [9c90281] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
README: no more patches are required, wilmer merged them :)
22:36 Ticket #313 (make install-dev broken) closed by wilmer
22:36 Ticket #314 (be a bit more verbose when there is an unresolved symbol in a plugin) closed by wilmer
22:36 Ticket #312 (global.conf my be null when loading plugins, causing a segfault) closed by wilmer
fixed: Fixed in some other way.
22:35 Ticket #311 (plugins support can't be enabled in configure) closed by wilmer
fixed: Applied.
22:30 Changeset [60c1a4e] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Changed the order in which things are loaded a little bit so …
22:23 Changeset [8ad90fb] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
From vmiklos: More verbose error message on plugin load failures.
22:22 Changeset [f2b171d] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
From vmiklos: Fixed list of header files in Makefile.
22:17 Changeset [2abfbc5] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
From vmiklos: Added --plugins= option to configure script.
21:36 Ticket #316 (jabber disconnection with ^c) closed by wilmer
duplicate: This is a dupe. :-) See #140. This is the Jabber server being very strict.
13:09 Ticket #316 (jabber disconnection with ^c) created by fosco@…
With the latest bzr snapshot of the new-jabber branch, when you send a …


14:30 Changeset [846ceffb] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
one more idea
14:23 Changeset [292be68] by VMiklos <vmiklos@…>
two new ideas


22:26 Ticket #315 (request for supporting the QQ im network) created by dalias@…
QQ is an im network extremely popular in China; basically nothing else …
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