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(edit) @c6ca3ee   2010-03-14T17:49:24Z wilmer Some const/etc cleanups submitted by domen@… back in bug #431.
(edit) @6a78c0e   2008-06-30T15:37:12Z wilmer Silenced a compiler warning - I don't think there's any way the …
(edit) @dfd442b   2008-06-29T23:45:11Z wilmer Just use g_access() everywhere instead of a mix of that and …
(edit) @f5d1b31   2008-06-29T23:41:39Z wilmer Merging changes from Jelmer: It's now possible to cross-compile a …
(edit) @cd63d58   2008-06-29T12:47:39Z wilmer Now using an environment variable instead of a flag to pass state info …
(edit) @1145964   2008-06-29T11:11:50Z wilmer Fixed two memory leaks in the MSN module.
(edit) @565a1ea   2008-06-29T09:35:41Z wilmer Added the DEAF command, which makes the daemon stop listening for new …
(edit) @913545e   2008-06-28T18:38:52Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix indentation.
(edit) @47b571d   2008-06-28T17:35:34Z Jelmer Vernooij Avoid g_access on GLib < 2.8.0.
(edit) @178e2f8   2008-06-28T17:32:41Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge trunk.
(edit) @e0f9170   2008-06-26T23:18:31Z wilmer xml_remove() didn't convert nicknames to lowercase so it caused some …
(edit) @d048ffc   2008-06-24T22:06:32Z wilmer Finalizing BitlBee 1.2.1. 1.2.1
(edit) @05b44da   2008-06-24T09:15:47Z wilmer Fixed a bug with nickname handling. I really should kill all …
(edit) @dfbb056   2008-06-24T09:01:29Z wilmer Never use yahoo_close() directly, always use yahoo_logoff().
(edit) @89d736a   2008-06-22T19:21:06Z wilmer From the department of over-engineering, now cached packet IDs are …
(edit) @fab3d2d   2008-06-22T13:02:15Z wilmer Shut up a "mostly harmless" warning (this NULL would never actually be …
(edit) @de82335   2008-06-22T12:26:19Z wilmer Another fixup after [devel,394]. Clearly I'm not a morning person.
(edit) @c801d25   2008-06-22T10:05:33Z wilmer Fixed bug in [devel,394].
(edit) @fb4e9a3f   2008-06-22T09:53:56Z wilmer Updated change log, also added a pointer to bugs.b.o's timeline page …
(edit) @424e663   2008-06-22T09:32:46Z wilmer Partial fix for #419: Moved normalize() and some other stuff to OSCAR …
(edit) @98de2cc   2008-06-21T23:51:18Z wilmer Now preserving case in JID resources, and handling them with case …
(edit) @3e6764a   2008-06-21T23:34:11Z wilmer Added jabber_util unittests (buddy_add/_by_jid only ATM).
(edit) @edc767b   2008-06-21T17:19:27Z wilmer Fixed two more embarassing memory leaks.
(edit) @da7b484   2008-06-21T17:09:20Z wilmer Fixed memory leaking ipc_readline().
(edit) @d419073   2008-06-17T21:58:15Z wilmer Merging 1.2-5 Debian package.
(edit) @f00e3ad   2008-06-16T00:26:47Z Jelmer Vernooij Avoid changing UID from init script (already done by BitlBee itself). 1.2-5
(edit) @e565ce2   2008-06-15T22:30:08Z Jelmer Vernooij Stop ignoring distclean exit code.
(edit) @7601353   2008-06-15T21:49:15Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix FSF address.
(edit) @945eb1e   2008-06-15T21:20:20Z Jelmer Vernooij Add myself to uploaders, bump standards version to 3.8.0.
(edit) @7f69740   2008-06-15T18:11:47Z wilmer Using a port list instead of a single range for the allowed Jabber …
(edit) @5ec4129   2008-06-15T00:04:27Z wilmer Added parsing of Jabber chatroom invitations.
(edit) @52df5df   2008-06-14T01:19:12Z wilmer This seems to fix the Yahoo! logoff code. I have no idea why this was …
(edit) @2e0f24d   2008-06-10T21:09:08Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge support for cross-compiling for Windows using the mingw32 compiler.
(edit) @6a72a57   2008-06-10T03:43:46Z Jelmer Vernooij Move OUTFILE determination to Makefile rather than configure.
(edit) @73c2dce   2008-06-10T03:21:13Z Jelmer Vernooij Update docs, remove obsolete win32-related utilities.
(edit) @21e5d49   2008-06-10T03:16:15Z Jelmer Vernooij Move SSPI SSL implementation to same directory as other SSL backends.
(edit) @8a4ae0d   2008-06-10T03:13:21Z Jelmer Vernooij Ignore windows executable.
(edit) @fde7b91   2008-06-10T03:10:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Implement ssl_pending() in bogus ssl backend.
(edit) @7f49a86   2008-06-10T03:09:49Z Jelmer Vernooij Move random_bytes() back to lib/
(edit) @55eda08   2008-06-10T03:09:33Z Jelmer Vernooij Provide thread-unsafe replacement for gmtime_r on Windows.
(edit) @7d3ef7b   2008-06-10T03:04:44Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix undefined references.
(edit) @ddd4779   2008-06-10T02:49:20Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge trunk.
(edit) @b6cd9e9   2008-06-09T23:29:36Z wilmer The merge from the future. 2025 is going to be awesome. :-)
(edit) @1bf9492   2008-06-09T02:18:34Z Jelmer Vernooij Use system lib directories and pkg-config directory from target when …
(edit) @12ebe74   2008-06-09T02:18:15Z Jelmer Vernooij Deal with changes in configuration struct.
(edit) @c4a1036   2008-06-09T01:52:28Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge integration branch.
(edit) @de8e584   2008-05-24T19:57:47Z wilmer Daemon mode is not an experiment anymore, it's running on …
(edit) @783e9b7   2008-05-21T10:28:34Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge trunk.
(edit) @51bbec0   2008-05-21T10:27:28Z Jelmer Vernooij Revert move of random_bytes() to unix.c
(edit) @9299891   2008-05-21T04:41:55Z wilmer Merging Debian 1.2-4 package changes.
(edit) @23c4e64   2008-05-11T19:37:34Z wilmer Fixed NULL point dereference in "account set -del" code.
(edit) @a8d28d9   2008-05-11T12:19:09Z Jelmer Vernooij Add homepage and vcs-bzr fields in Debian package.
(edit) @46d4230   2008-05-08T05:43:53Z wilmer Added bitlbee-dev package, finalized 1.2-4 package. 1.2-4
(edit) @99f929c   2008-04-21T21:53:15Z wilmer Now checking if msn_sb_create() returns NULL. This is very unlikely, …
(edit) @aefaac3a   2008-04-06T15:34:25Z wilmer Added ClientInterface configuration option to make BitlBee bind() to a …
(edit) @aa31117   2008-04-08T20:44:34Z wilmer Don't automatically enable MSN debugging messages for debugging builds.
(edit) @1195cec   2008-04-05T13:03:31Z wilmer Changed root nicknames are now saved. (Bug #378)
(edit) @f35aee7   2008-04-05T12:36:13Z wilmer Fixed #386.
(edit) @9143aeb   2008-04-05T12:26:04Z wilmer query.h now defines a callback function type, not using void* for it …
(edit) @f3351f0   2008-04-05T11:54:31Z wilmer Fixed GLib <2.6 compatibility issue in arc.h. (G_GNUC_MALLOC)
(edit) @8dbe021f   2008-04-04T23:13:07Z wilmer Don't pass an account_t pointer directly to query_add() since …
(edit) @6ff51ff   2008-04-03T15:05:52Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge lcov improvements.
(edit) @883a398   2008-04-02T21:36:02Z wilmer Rearranged some event handling code.
(edit) @69aaf14   2008-04-02T15:40:33Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge several portability improvements.
(edit) @e46e077   2008-04-02T15:39:40Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge cross compilation patch.
(edit) @f1e7407   2008-04-02T15:38:34Z Jelmer Vernooij Add --target argument to configure to allow cross-compilation.
(edit) @1a57b893   2008-04-02T15:12:26Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge move of random_bytes().
(edit) @0a14b8c   2008-04-02T15:03:37Z Jelmer Vernooij Remove no longer needed functions.
(edit) @5be87b2   2008-04-02T15:03:02Z Jelmer Vernooij Move unix-specific random_bytes() implementation to unix.c.
(edit) @d179921d   2008-04-02T14:37:57Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge removal of access().
(edit) @f9dbc99   2008-04-02T14:37:13Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge gnutls detection fix.
(edit) @4af7b4f   2008-04-02T14:34:57Z Jelmer Vernooij Use pkg-config file for gnutls if possible. This allows building …
(edit) @85d7b85   2008-04-02T14:22:57Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge trunk.
(edit) @5f5d433   2008-04-02T14:17:37Z Jelmer Vernooij Use GLib functions to check whether files exist, for extra portability.
(edit) @dd34575   2008-04-02T13:28:23Z Jelmer Vernooij merge trunk.
(edit) @0db75ad   2025-12-27T02:25:31Z Jelmer Vernooij Ignore lcov output data.
(edit) @e942df1   2025-12-27T02:22:45Z Jelmer Vernooij Ignore coverage output dir.
(edit) @31fc3970   2025-12-27T02:21:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Use simpler flags for gcov.
(edit) @fa75134   2008-04-01T23:07:21Z wilmer Reordered irc_free() a little bit, hoping that this will fix a …
(edit) @ddba0ae   2008-03-30T21:28:39Z wilmer Removing speech, in case I forget before 1.2.1.
(edit) @f9756bd   2008-03-30T21:26:16Z wilmer Changed charset handling: irc_t keeps two iconv structures, which are …
(edit) @5ecf96b   2008-03-30T16:15:15Z wilmer Updated doc/CHANGES again.
(edit) @18ff38f   2008-03-29T23:15:04Z wilmer Be more liberal with accepted line endings. ERC on Windows likes to …
(edit) @a199d33   2008-03-29T22:19:17Z wilmer Closing bug #209: The PASS command can now be used to identify …
(edit) @8968133   2008-03-29T21:11:41Z wilmer Merge from Debian package tree.
(edit) @e74c7fe   2008-03-29T21:11:23Z wilmer Added dependency information to the init script, and updated changelog.
(edit) @0281c45   2008-03-29T21:01:09Z wilmer s/DAEMON_OPT/BITLBEE_OPTS/ so the init script will actually pick up …
(edit) @5e81e60   2008-03-25T09:34:06Z wilmer Merging 1.2-3.
(edit) @483f8dd   2008-03-24T21:13:23Z wilmer Removed DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS because it turns out this isn't just some … 1.2-3
(edit) @990d5fd   2008-03-24T19:57:40Z wilmer Merge from Debian package tree.
(edit) @628e601   2008-03-24T19:48:36Z wilmer Some more changes for 1.2-2: Adding a bitlbee group for extra security … 1.2-2
(edit) @66c51bbf   2008-03-24T19:11:29Z wilmer Updated debian/changelog, I hope this will be a good 1.2-2 package.
(edit) @bfe7caa   2008-03-24T13:55:25Z wilmer Updated doc/CHANGES.
(edit) @58a1449   2008-03-24T11:01:02Z wilmer Fixed a broken check in lib/proxy.c, this restores proxy support. …
(edit) @fcd5003   2008-03-23T21:53:53Z wilmer Some Debian package fixes. If nothing else comes up, this will be …
(edit) @dd14ecc   2008-03-23T15:02:42Z wilmer s/g_strsplit/g_strsplit_set/, thanks to misc@… (Bug #380).
(edit) @8a2221a7   2008-03-23T14:29:19Z wilmer Fixed stalling issue with OpenSSL and Jabber (#368).
(edit) @851a8c2   2008-03-22T12:02:50Z wilmer Taught GLib-mode subprocesses how to die. (Closes: #374)
(edit) @a83442a   2008-03-21T00:39:16Z wilmer Fixed handling of "set charset none". Fixes bug #373.
(edit) @379c08a   2008-03-21T00:27:24Z wilmer Updated/Fixed Debian package. 1.2-1
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