03:38 Changeset [fca4683] by dequis <dx@…>
word_wrap: truncate utf8 safely
03:05 Changeset [727a68b] by dequis <dx@…>
tests: don't require pam and ldap to test
02:30 Changeset [30093fa] by dequis <dx@…>
otr: word_wrap long system messages ("unencrypted message received")


23:48 Changeset [fecdd71] by dequis <dx@…>
purple: hack to pass server parameter to jabber's input request …


05:42 Ticket #1269 (Can't log into ICQ using bitlbee-libpurple) closed by dx
fixed: Fixed in …
00:38 Changeset [50988d1] by dequis <dx@…>
purple: fix icq login when the protocol name is "oscar" Which happens …


08:47 Ticket #1271 (Extended tweets with two or more photos attached show pic.twitter.com ...) created by dx
`< passcod> [49] Another "everything is awful" about the new @twitter …


22:18 Ticket #1270 (bitlbee-purple resets contact groups on reconnect) created by me@…
How to reproduce * join never existed channel, {{{/join …


18:16 Ticket #1269 (Can't log into ICQ using bitlbee-libpurple) reopened by dx
Maaaaybe shouldn't have closed this so soon. Either way thanks for …
08:25 Ticket #1269 (Can't log into ICQ using bitlbee-libpurple) closed by dx
invalid: This is a libpurple bug fixed in 2.11.0 Quoting the …
08:20 Ticket #1269 (Can't log into ICQ using bitlbee-libpurple) created by km@…
Trying to log into ICQ using bitlbee-libpurple fails with an incorrect …


08:21 Ticket #918 (move messages written in other clients into the chat) closed by dx
wontfix: The bitlbee feature this ticket mentions now exists and is called …
08:16 Ticket #264 (BitlBee not responding well to changing user groups) closed by dx
obsolete: No complaints about this in years, assuming it's not an issue anymore. …
08:12 Ticket #266 (MSN users info?) closed by dx
08:10 Ticket #120 (stripping some chars in message to chatroom) closed by dx
obsolete: Just going to close this instead. If anyone cares, comment/reopen.
08:08 Ticket #732 (Commands do not fail gracefully) closed by dx
worksforme: Not sure why this one was left open
08:06 Ticket #562 (feature requst: oscar: ignore authentication request from unknown sources) closed by dx
07:56 Ticket #221 (corrupted offline messages containing both ascii and non-ascii chars) closed by dx
obsolete: Probably safe to assume no one is using mirabilis icq 2003b pro …
07:50 Ticket #21 (ICQ Contact appears offline but isn't) closed by dx
obsolete: No reports of anything like this in a few years, considering it fixed.
07:50 Ticket #206 (Bitlbee appears offline to others when it isn't.) closed by dx
obsolete: No reports of anything like this in a few years, considering it fixed. …
07:48 Ticket #235 (Report idle status or add 'Forward to Mobile' away state capability for AIM) closed by dx
other: This looks like something that can be configured from the website …
07:04 Ticket #1258 (Is there a MOTD line limit? Cut off after line 43 in IRC client.) closed by dx
fixed: https://github.com/bitlbee/bitlbee/commit/b7fec480e00b1b9ba68a403d0b083
07:00 Changeset [c94e208] by dequis <dx@…>
oscar: remove some dead code
06:57 Changeset [b7fec48] by dequis <dx@…>
Support motd.txt files bigger than 2048 chars By using …


04:37 Changeset [f95e606] by dequis <dx@…>
chat list: Fix alignment/truncation when utf8 characters are present …
04:34 Changeset [4466e3e] by dequis <dx@…>
misc: Add str_pad_and_truncate() helper function Useful for tables. …
02:46 Changeset [399d65a] by dequis <dx@…>
jabber: Implement chat list command Also applies to hipchat.


06:58 Changeset [2906268] by dequis <dx@…>
lib/sha1: Refactor sha1_hmac into a generic b_hmac function
06:51 Changeset [6e991a9] by dequis <dx@…>
Turn purple_chatlist_free() into a imcb_chat_list_free() I found …
06:51 Changeset [a08b2db] by dequis <dx@…>
Rename bee_chat_list_finish() to imcb_chat_list_finish() …
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