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(edit) @b27557b   2008-03-02T22:12:06Z wilmer More documentation fixes: Cleaned up dead links, removed more outdated …
(edit) @064e47c   2008-03-02T17:58:21Z wilmer Some very late quickstart updates: ICQ supports server-side contact …
(edit) @7bb3afb   2008-03-02T17:13:32Z wilmer Oops, even GMail got out of beta quicker than this. ;-)
(edit) @d5bd9c0   2008-02-28T22:39:37Z wilmer My fix for semi-PEBKAC bug #353: Add a warning if someone seems to be …
(edit) @07ff8a2   2008-01-13T14:45:51Z wilmer Fixed quickstart2. (Bug #349.)
(edit) @1febf5c   2008-01-05T21:15:32Z wilmer Added "mail_notifications" setting. Who needs those notifications …
(edit) @30ce1ce   2007-12-12T23:30:51Z wilmer Killed the <server> parameter to "account add" and changed the default …
(edit) @256899f   2007-11-19T23:16:18Z wilmer Merging Jabber groupchat support.
(edit) @cd428e4   2007-11-17T12:20:51Z wilmer Added (account) set -del.
(edit) @ebb95b6   2007-11-14T23:42:07Z wilmer Merging from devel/Jelmer.
(edit) @a6df0b5   2007-11-14T23:29:43Z wilmer Added "xmlconsole" setting so it can be enabled at login time already.
(edit) @3933853   2007-10-14T22:57:42Z wilmer Fixed a typo in "help join_chat".
(edit) @eda54e4   2007-10-12T00:08:58Z wilmer Merge from devel.
(edit) @1186382   2007-10-10T22:15:59Z wilmer Made the netsplit-like quit messages optional.
(edit) @1ffb46f   2007-07-14T23:45:30Z wilmer Added join_chat command to the "help groupchat" information.
(edit) @f7b44f2   2007-06-30T21:52:44Z wilmer Added help information for the join_chat command and its five …
(edit) @0fd8559   2007-02-18T17:48:04Z wilmer Merging new Jabber module. See the massive changelog for all the cool …
(edit) @7740c4c   2006-12-05T22:57:02Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix xslt with newer (more pedantic) XSLT processors.
(edit) @e617b35   2006-10-15T15:34:57Z wilmer Merging from main development tree.
(edit) @ee5c355   2006-10-15T15:01:13Z wilmer Documentation updates.
(edit) @2529faf   2006-10-15T14:02:27Z wilmer Small documentation fix (closes #208).
(edit) @846cec61   2006-08-13T19:08:38Z wilmer Added help information for the web_aware setting.
(edit) @0aaca60   2006-07-19T16:52:38Z wilmer Added some (more) comments to .h files in lib/ and some minor …
(edit) @89a1809   2006-07-14T18:27:02Z wilmer More documentation updates: Added a Scope: line for every setting (for …
(edit) @75a4b85   2006-07-14T09:25:48Z wilmer Fixed a memory leak, added a check for valid Jabber handles, and …
(edit) @64d1f45   2006-05-07T11:22:46Z wilmer Slightly different wording for add -tmp.
(edit) @ea3a26d   2006-05-05T16:31:57Z wilmer Added add -tmp to the docs.
(edit) @1be54a9   2006-05-05T16:12:50Z wilmer Closing #132.
(edit) @9b8efab   2006-03-21T08:38:15Z wilmer Updated documentation for the new block/allow syntax. Yes, it's …
(edit) @ed59700   2005-12-04T02:32:13Z wilmer This is not quite the initial release! :-)
(edit) @8f515c8   2005-12-03T23:49:17Z wilmer Removed FDL text from User Guide.
(edit) @1aa7ec7d   2005-11-26T01:40:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix missing space after actions.
(edit) @689a6e0   2005-11-21T11:53:48Z wilmer Changed all documentation references to the control channel from …
(edit) @c572dd6   2005-11-18T12:41:58Z wilmer HTML stripping is optional again (but still safer than before 0.93), …
(edit) @834ff44   2005-11-17T14:37:59Z wilmer Closing #14: Milisecond precision is now possible for the buddy_sendbuffer.
(edit) @c1ede6e8   2005-11-14T13:29:14Z wilmer Added references to the BTS to the documentation.
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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