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(edit) @df1ae622   2010-05-15T11:53:09Z wilmer 1.2.7 changelog. Have to release soon, now that 1.2.6a is mostly … 1.2.7
(edit) @db57e7c   2010-04-19T13:08:34Z wilmer 1.2.6a. I fail. :-( The 1.2.6 I just released has a groupchat mode in … 1.2.6a
(edit) @f4bcc22   2010-04-19T09:40:32Z wilmer Finalized 1.2.6 changelog. 1.2.6
(edit) @b6190ca   2010-04-15T23:34:41Z wilmer Changelog update: Credit where credit is due!
(edit) @c0417e8   2010-04-13T22:57:44Z wilmer 1.2.6 changelist.
(edit) @f9928cb   2010-03-17T01:13:23Z wilmer Set resource_select to activity by default since priority has always … 1.2.5
(edit) @a1ac227   2010-03-17T01:07:41Z wilmer Here we go, stable for >24h on testing and im. Time to release.
(edit) @7e2b593   2010-03-14T23:14:41Z wilmer Preparing for 1.2.5.
(edit) @3650088   2009-10-17T15:25:41Z wilmer I call you BitlBee 1.2.4. I hope. :-)
(edit) @ba3a8a5   2008-09-07T14:24:16Z wilmer Finished BitlBee 1.2.3 1.2.3
(edit) @b9e2539   2008-08-26T22:36:24Z wilmer Finalized BitlBee 1.2.2. Should release this now because of the … 1.2.2
(edit) @d048ffc   2008-06-24T22:06:32Z wilmer Finalizing BitlBee 1.2.1. 1.2.1
(edit) @fb4e9a3f   2008-06-22T09:53:56Z wilmer Updated change log, also added a pointer to bugs.b.o's timeline page …
(edit) @5ecf96b   2008-03-30T16:15:15Z wilmer Updated doc/CHANGES again.
(edit) @bfe7caa   2008-03-24T13:55:25Z wilmer Updated doc/CHANGES.
(edit) @6612cc9   2008-03-17T22:35:24Z wilmer Release 1.2 should now be ready. 1.2
(edit) @ec0355f   2008-03-16T16:31:27Z wilmer Passwords in bitlbee.conf can now be (properly salted) MD5 hashes, for …
(edit) @d07c3a8   2008-03-16T00:40:20Z wilmer No idea what's holding back 1.2 anymore so at least I'll make sure …
(edit) @221a273   2007-11-24T19:07:22Z wilmer 1.1.1dev (Although the CHANGES change isn't in there). 1.1.1
(edit) @7df5a08   2007-11-19T23:36:57Z wilmer Changelog update.
(edit) @8c2008e   2007-10-10T21:56:32Z wilmer Added 1.0.4 changes to doc/CHANGES.
(edit) @b6423a09   2007-02-18T23:57:12Z wilmer Little fix copied from Jelmer's integration branch, want to import the …
(edit) @6cfcfdf   2007-02-18T23:48:02Z wilmer Added the right version tag.
(edit) @d4589cb   2007-02-18T23:47:17Z wilmer Little doc/help update.
(edit) @dcf0f3e   2007-02-18T22:46:50Z wilmer Fixed Makefiles (make distclean was completely broken).
(edit) @c7d0f41   2006-12-03T17:57:31Z wilmer Added Jabber info to CHANGES.
(edit) @670204f   2006-10-22T12:43:40Z wilmer Copied 1.0.x changelogs, disabled LDAP support in configure (because …
(edit) @a5ac9f9   2006-10-15T22:25:59Z wilmer Filled in the user changelog a bit more.
(edit) @9829ae0   2006-08-14T20:17:54Z wilmer Added information about the new file format to CHANGES.
(edit) @40657a3   2005-12-04T02:49:07Z wilmer ChangeLog update, this should cover all important changes in 1.0. Also …
(edit) @027d2eb   2005-12-02T11:43:47Z wilmer Modified CHANGES, and extended the allowed port range a bit.
(edit) @a40a2c2   2005-11-29T09:03:00Z wilmer Forgot some CHANGES entries..
(edit) @ef53ba8   2005-11-29T01:38:19Z wilmer Updated the user-changelog (should we forget about that one and …
(edit) @43e3368   2005-11-23T17:35:18Z wilmer Little code cleanup in Jabber module, added support for Jabber …
(edit) @0b2e843   2005-11-19T00:51:08Z wilmer ChangeLog update
(edit) @e3a0e7e   2005-11-18T00:17:57Z wilmer Renamed #bitlbee to &bitlbee to avoid confusion with the channel on OFTC
(edit) @834ff44   2005-11-17T14:37:59Z wilmer Closing #14: Milisecond precision is now possible for the buddy_sendbuffer.
(edit) @ef6c6a7   2005-11-15T23:22:48Z wilmer And an updated CHANGES file. :-) And never mind about superscript in …
(edit) @21d09ac   2005-11-09T01:02:05Z wilmer Forgot to modify CHANGES again, and removed some more debugging code …
(edit) @2095c57   2005-11-08T23:05:34Z wilmer Forgot to commit :-P
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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