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2008-03-16T00:40:20Z (15 years ago)
Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>

No idea what's holding back 1.2 anymore so at least I'll make sure bitlbee.h
is correct. Also updated the changelog. Just remembered 1 or 2 things left
to do before 1.2, maybe do them tomorrow?

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    11Version 1.2:
    2 - First BitlBee development/testing RELEASE. This should be quite stable
    3   though (and for most people more stable than 1.0.x). It just has a couple
    4   of rough edges and needs a bit more testing.
    52- Added ForkDaemon mode next to the existing Daemon- and inetd modes. With
    63  ForkDaemon you can run BitlBee as a stand-alone daemon and every connection
    2118  1.x is so old that supporting it really isn't necessary anymore.
    2219- Many, many, MANY little changes, improvements, fixes. Using non-blocking
    23   I/O as much as possible, fixed lots of little bugs (including bugs that
    24   affected daemon mode stability). See the bzr logs for more information.
    25 - Added units tests, will have to add some more before the real release.
     20  I/O as much as possible, replaced the Gaim (0.59, IOW heavily outdated)
     21  API, fixed lots of little bugs (including bugs that affected daemon mode
     22  stability). See the bzr logs for more information.
     23- One of the user-visible changes from the API change: You can finally see
     24  all away states/messages properly.
     25- Added units tests. Test coverage is very minimal for now.
     26- Better charset handling: Everything is just converted from/to UTF-8 right
     27  in the IRC core, and charset mismatches are detected (if possible) and the
     28  user is asked to resolve this before continuing. Also, UTF-8 is the default
     29  setting now, since that's how the world seems to work these days.
    2630- Most important change: New file format for user data (accounts, nicks and
    2731  settings). Migration to the new format should happen transparently,
    6973  * An XML console (add xmlconsole to your contact list or see "help set
    7074    xmlconsole" if you want it permanently).
     75- The Yahoo! module now says it supports YMSG protocol version 12, which will
     76  hopefully keep the Yahoo module working after 2008-04-02 (when Yahoo! is
     77  dropping support for version 6.x of their client).
     78- MSN switchboard handling changes. Hopefully less messages will get lost now,
     79  although things are still not perfect.
    7281Finished ???
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