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1Version 1.2:
2- Added ForkDaemon mode next to the existing Daemon- and inetd modes. With
3  ForkDaemon you can run BitlBee as a stand-alone daemon and every connection
4  will run in its own process. No more need to configure inetd, and still you
5  don't get the stability problems BitlBee unfortunately still has in ordinary
6  (one-process) daemon mode.
7- Added inter-process/connection communication. This made it possible to
8  implement some IRC operator features like WALLOPs, KILL, DIE, REHASH and
9  more.
10- Added hooks for using libevent instead of GLib for event handling. This
11  should improve scalability, although this won't really be useful yet because
12  the one-process daemon mode is not reliable enough.
13- BitlBee now makes the buddy quits when doing "account off" look like a
14  netsplit. Modern IRC clients show this in a different, more compact way.
15  (This can be disabled if your client doesn't support this.)
16- GLib 1.x compatibility was dropped. BitlBee now requires GLib 2.4 or newer.
17  This allows us to use more GLib features (like the XML parser). By now GLib
18  1.x is so old that supporting it really isn't necessary anymore.
19- Many, many, MANY little changes, improvements, fixes. Using non-blocking
20  I/O as much as possible, replaced the Gaim (0.59, IOW heavily outdated)
21  API, fixed lots of little bugs (including bugs that affected daemon mode
22  stability). See the bzr logs for more information.
23- One of the user-visible changes from the API change: You can finally see
24  all away states/messages properly.
25- Added units tests. Test coverage is very minimal for now.
26- Better charset handling: Everything is just converted from/to UTF-8 right
27  in the IRC core, and charset mismatches are detected (if possible) and the
28  user is asked to resolve this before continuing. Also, UTF-8 is the default
29  setting now, since that's how the world seems to work these days.
30- Most important change: New file format for user data (accounts, nicks and
31  settings). Migration to the new format should happen transparently,
32  BitlBee will read the old files and once you quit/save it will save in the
33  new format. It is recommended to delete the old files (BitlBee doesn't do
34  this automatically, it will just ignore them) since they won't be used
35  anymore (and since the old file format is a security risk). Some advantages
36  of this file format switch:
37  * Safer format, since the identify-password is now salted before generating
38    a checksum. This way one can't use MD5 reverse lookup databases to crack
39    passwords. Also, the IM-account passwords are encrypted using RC4 instead
40    of the simple obfuscation scheme which BitlBee used so far.
41  * Easier to extend than the previous format (at least the .nicks format was
42    horribly limited).
43  * Nicknames for buddies are now saved per-account instead of per-protocol.
44    So far having one buddy on multiple accounts of the same protocol was a
45    problem because the nicks generated for the two "instances" of this buddy
46    were very unpredictable.
47    NOTE: This also means that "account del" removes not just the account,
48    BUT ALSO ALL NICKNAMES! If you're changing IM accounts and don't want to
49    lose the nicknames, you can now use "account set" to change the username
50    and password for the existing connection.
51  * Per-account settings (see the new "account set" command).
52- A brand new Jabber module. Besides the major code cleanup, it also has
53  has these new features:
54  * Pretty complete XMPP support: RFC3920, RFC3921 plus a number of XEPs
55    including XEP45, XEP73 and XEP85. (See for what all
56    these things mean exactly.) Privacy lists are not supported for obvious
57    reasons.
58  * This complete support also includes TLS and SASL support and SRV record
59    lookup. This means that specifying a server tag for connections should
60    (almost) never be necessary anymore, BitlBee can find the server and can
61    automatically convert plaintext connections to TLS-encrypted ones.
62  * XEP45: Jabber chatroom support!
63  * XEP85 means typing notifications. The older XEP22 (still used by some
64    clients including Gaim <2.0) is not supported.
65  * Better handling of buddies who have more than one resource on-line. As
66    long as one resource is on-line (and visible), BitlBee will show this.
67    (The previous module didn't keep track of resources and sent an offline
68    event as soon as any resource disappears.)
69  * You can now set your resource priority.
70  * The info command now gives away state/message information for all
71    resources available for that buddy. (Of course this only works if the
72    buddy is in your contact list.)
73  * An XML console (add xmlconsole to your contact list or see "help set
74    xmlconsole" if you want it permanently).
75- The Yahoo! module now says it supports YMSG protocol version 12, which will
76  hopefully keep the Yahoo module working after 2008-04-02 (when Yahoo! is
77  dropping support for version 6.x of their client).
78- MSN switchboard handling changes. Hopefully less messages will get lost now,
79  although things are still not perfect.
81Finished ???
83Version 1.0.4:
84- Removed sethostent(), which causes problems for many people, especially on
85  *BSD. This is basically the reason for this release.
86- "allow" command actually displays the allow list, not the block list.
87- Yahoo away state/msg fix.
88- Don't display "Gender: Male" by default if nothing's filled in (OSCAR
89  "info" command)
90- Fixed account cleanup (possible infinite loop) in irc_free().
91- Fixed configdir error message to not always display the compile-time
92  setting.
94Finished 20 Aug 2007
96Version 1.0.3:
97- Fixed ugliness in block/allow list commands (still not perfect though, the
98  list is empty or not up-to-date for most protocols).
99- OSCAR module doesn't send the ICQ web-aware flag anymore, which seems to
100  get rid of a lot of ICQ spam.
101- added show_got_added(), BitlBee asks you, after authorizing someone, if you
102  want to add him/her to your list too.
103- add -tmp, mainly convenient if you want to talk to people who are not in
104  your list.
105- Fixed ISON command, should work better with irssi now.
106- Fixed compilation with tcc.
107- Fixed xinetd-file.
108- Misc. (crash)bug fixes, including one in the root command parsing that
109  caused mysterious error messages sometimes.
111Finished 24 Jun 2006 (Happy 4th birthday, BitlBee!)
113Version 1.0.2:
114- Pieces of code cleanup, fixes for possible problems in error checking.
115- Fixed an auto-reconnect cleanup problem that caused crashes in daemon mode.
116- /AWAY in daemon mode now doesn't set the away state for every connection
117  anymore.
118- Fixed a crash-bug on empty help subjects.
119- Jabber now correctly sets the current away state when connecting.
120- Added Invisible and Hidden to the away state alias list, invisible mode
121  should be pretty usable now.
122- Fixed handling of iconv(): It's now done for everything that goes between
123  BitlBee and the IRC client, instead of doing it (almost) every time
124  something goes to or come from the IM-modules. Should've thought about
125  that before. :-)
126- When cleaning up MSN switchboards with unsent msgs, it now also says which
127  contact those messages were meant for.
128- You can now use the block and allow commands to see your current block/
129  allow list.
131Finished 1 Apr 2006
133Version 1.0.1:
134- Support for AIM groupchats.
135- Improved typing notification support for at least AIM.
136- BitlBee sends a 005 reply when logging in, this informs modern IRC clients
137  of some of BitlBee's capabilities. This might also solve problems some
138  people were having with the new control channel name.
139- MSN switchboards are now properly reset when talking to a person who is
140  offline. This fixes problems with messages to MSN people that sometimes
141  didn't arrive.
142- Fixed one of the problems that made BitlBee show online Jabber people as
143  offline.
144- Fixed problems with commas in MSN passwords.
145- Added some consts for read-only data, which should make the BitlBee per-
146  process memory footprint a bit smaller.
147- Other bits of code cleanup.
149Finished 14 Jan 2006
151Version 1.0:
152- Removed some crashy debugging code.
153- QUIT command now works before logging in. (Mainly an RFC-compliancy fix.)
154- Hopefully slightly clearer handling of buddy add requests.
155- set buddy_sendbuffer_delay now also supports milisecond precision.
156- Renamed #bitlbee to &bitlbee to avoid confusion with the channel on OFTC.
157- Reviewed the xinetd file and installation instructions.
158- HTML stripping is configurable again.
159- Quit messages (at least on crashes) should appear again.
160- Cleaned up some unnecessary code in the Jabber module, and implemented
161  handlers for headline messages (which allows you to use RSS-to-Jabber
162  gateways).
163- Lowered the line splitting limit a bit to fix data loss issues.
164- The $proto($handle) format used for messages specific to one IM-connection
165  now only include the ($handle) part when there's more than one $proto-
166  connection.
167- Fix for a crash-bug on broken Jabber/SSL connections.
168- Incoming typing notifications now also come in as CTCP TYPING messages, for
169  better consistency. Don't forget to update your scripts!
170- AIM typing notifications are supported now.
171- Jabber module only accepts ports 5220-5229 now, to prevent people from
172  abusing it as a port scanner. We aren't aware of any Jabber server that
173  runs on other ports than those. If you are, please warn us.
174- Send flood protection can't be enabled anymore. It was disabled by default
175  for a good reason for some time already, but some package maintainers
176  turned it back on while it's way too unreliable and trigger-happy to be
177  used.
178- Removed TODO file, the current to-do list is always in the on-line bug
179  tracking system.
180- Fixed a potential DoS bug in input handling.
182Finished 4 Dec 2005
184Version 0.99:
185- Fixed memory initialization bug in OSCAR module that caused crashes on
186  closing the connection.
187- Most likely fixed the bug that caused BitlBee to use 100% CPU time in
188  some situations.
189- Outgoing MSN typing notifications are now understood correctly by the
190  orignal MS Mac/Windows clients (again).
191- Added "account add $protocol" to the documentation, got rid of a lot
192  of over-markup (i.e. overuse of bold-tags), reviewed some other parts.
193- Small changes to help.xsl to fix small flaws in the help.txt formatting.
194- Messaging yourself now doesn't make irssi or mIRC crash anymore.
196Finished 3 Nov 2005
198Version 0.93:
199- &quot; is now correctly converted to " instead of '.
200- Code cleanup in OSCAR module.
201- Some changes for better RFC-compliancy.
202- It's now possible to specify an alternate Jabber server.
203- bitlbee_save() now also checks the return value of fclose(), which might
204  solve more problems with lost account data.
205- Fixed a file descriptor leak in bitlbee.c.
206- Signedness fixes (mainly to keep GCC4 happy).
207- Away messages are now sent correctly to most ICQ clients.
208- BitlBee knows now which connection sends HTML, so it will strip HTML
209  automatically, "set html strip" is no longer necessary. Also, outgoing HTML
210  is escaped correctly.
211- info-command works for AIM-connections too now.
212- /notices to users will be sent as auto-away replies.
213- Messages about a connection now also mention a handle, for people who have
214  multiple accounts in use of the same protocol.
215- Examples are back in help.txt.
217Finished 31 Oct 2005
219Version 0.92:
220- Fixed some formatting issues with the help.txt XSL-sheet.
221- Moved the polling of the IRC connections to glib instead of a separate
222  select().
223- Added ctags generation to the Makefiles.
224- Sending a CTCP TYPING message to a user in your buddy list now sends a
225  typing notification to that person, if the protocol supports it. You
226  probably want to write/use a script for your IRC client to do this.
227- A dash is no longer considered a lowercase underscore in nicknames.
228- CTCP's to buddies no longer alter their private/non-private state.
229- Clean shutdown (with saving settings) on SIGTERM.
230- Fixed a crash on connecting to unreachable Jabber/SSL servers.
231- On ICQ, offline messages are now requested after receiving the buddy
232  list. This should get rid of the "Message from unknown OSCAR handle"
233  messages on login.
234- The linked list of buddies/nicks is now always sorted, which makes the
235  blist output a bit more useful.
236- Fixed a crash on renaming NickServ. (There's no reason to do this, but
237  still crashing isn't really how BitlBee should tell you that. ;-)
238- Now the message about the "new" ICQ server-side buddy lists is only
239  displayed when the server-side list is still empty.
240- The Yahoo! markup language stripper is now less likely to strip things
241  that shouldn't be stripped.
242- Working around a shortcoming in the Yahoo! cleanup code that didn't
243  cause any serious problems in previous versions, but got pretty nasty
244  (100% CPU time usage) now with everything in the glib main loop.
245- Fixed a bug in http_encode that might have caused buffer overflows
246  (although not likely to be exploitable) when trying to encode strings
247  with non-ASCII characters.
248- Fixed AIM screenname handling on ICQ connections.
249- When blocking someone, the MSN module now closes the conversation you're
250  having with him/her (if any) so he/she can't continue talking to you
251  (for as long as the conversation lasts).
252- Away messages are only sent when messaging someone outside the control
253  channel. (And now also when the user is offline instead of just away.)
254- Moved charset conversion in serv_buddy_rename() to the right place so
255  bogus changes are always detected now.
256- iso8859-1 is now the default charset because -15 caused some problems
257  and because -1 is enough for most people anyway.
258- Fixed crashes on attempting to add a buddy (or do other things) on
259  connections that are still initializing.
260- Added support for server-side notifies using the WATCH command.
261- IRC_MAX_ARGS is dead, at least for IRC commands.
262- Fixed a bug that made BitlBee crash on failing fresh MSN switchboard
263  connections.
264- Fixed an invisibility bug in the MSN code that handled transfers to
265  other servers in the middle of a session.
266- Newline stripping added to prevent newline-in-friendlyname attacks.
267  (Which allowed remote people to make BitlBee send raw custom IRC lines.)
269Finished 23 Feb 2005
271Version 0.91:
272- Full support for ICQ server-side contact lists!
273  NOTE: BitlBee now ignores your client-side contact list. If you want to
274        import your ICQ contact list, use the import_buddies command.
275- Added the import_buddies command for upgrading purposes.
276- Added support for OpenSSL.
277- Fixed one major problem with the daemon mode by getting rid of the global
278  IRC structure.
279- Documentation fixes. help.txt is now generated from XML. Also updated the
280  installation manual.
281- Made the quickstart up-to-date. (By Elizabeth Krumbach)
282- Some bitlbeed additions. (By Marcus Dennis)
283- info-command support for Jabber, MSN, Yahoo! and a more verbose info-reply
284  for ICQ. (By Frank Thieme)
285- Support for Jabber over SSL.
286- nick_get() appends a _ on duplicates instead of chopping off the last
287  character.
288- Got rid of an unused piece of code that caused crashes.
289  (oscar.c:gaim_parse_clientauto)
290- When splitting long messages into 450-char chunks, BitlBee now tries not
291  to cut off in the middle of a line.
292- Added a warning when the user specifies an unknown OSCAR server.
293- Removed GLib 2.x dependency, BitlBee will work with GLib 1.x again.
294- Improved strip_html(), now less likely to strip non-HTML things.
295- An invalid account-command will now display an error message.
296- Fixed a bug that caused crashes when /CTCP'ing a groupchat channel.
297- Hopefully better Unicode/non-ASCII support for ICQ.
298- Fixed MSN connection crash on non-ASCII characters in screenname.
299- Added some missing charset conversion calls. (serv_got_crap,
300  serv_buddy_rename)
301- "account off" without extra arguments now logs off all connections.
302- Fixed a crash-bug on disconnecting Yahoo! connections before they're fully
303  connected.
304- Fixed a bug in helpfile handling which sometimes caused crashes in daemon
305  mode.
306- block and allow commands work with just a nick as an argument again.
307- Working around a crash on some probably invalid Yahoo! packets.
308- Fixed a possible double free() on shutdown in irc_free().
309- Talking to ICQ people on AIM and vice versa and talking to people with
310 accounts now possible.
311- Low ASCII chars are now stripped from away-messages so the Jabber module
312  won't barf on BitchX and lame-script away messages anymore.
314Finished 25 Sep 2004
316Version 0.90a:
317- Fixed the Yahoo! authentication code.
319Finished 28 Jun 2004
321Version 0.90:
322- A complete rewrite of the MSN module. This gives BitlBee the following
323  new features/improvements:
324  * You can now start groupchats with MSN people without having to send them
325    a bogus message first.
326  * People who are in your MSN block/allow list, but not in your contact
327    list, shouldn't show up in your BitlBee buddy lists anymore.
328  * Passport authentication shouldn't lock up the whole program for a couple
329    of seconds anymore. Additionally, it should also work behind proxies now.
330  * Better recognition of incoming file transfers; they're now recognized
331    when coming from non-English MS Messenger clients too.
332  * Fixed a problem with MSN passwords with non-alphanumeric characters.
333  * Mail notification support (also for Yahoo!)...
334  * Parsing of maintenance messages (ie "Server is going down in x minutes").
335  * Hopefully more stability.
336- Changes in the OSCAR module:
337  * Better reading of ICQ-away-states.
338  * Lots of cleanups.
339- Yahoo! module:
340  * Fixed authentication on 64-bit machines. (Patch from Matt Rogers)
341  * Better stripping of markup tags.
342- Lots of cleanup in all IM-modules.
343- Added support for using libnss instead of libgnutls.
344- Reverse hostname lookups work on IPv6 sockets too now. (And don't crash
345  the program anymore.)
346- Fixed a little problem with identifying right after registering a nick.
347- Restored complete proxy support and added a proxy setting to the conffile.
348- BitlBee can now tell you when people in your buddy list change their
349  "friendly name".
350- Instead of an account number, you can also specify the protocol name or
351  (part of) the username as an account identification with commands like
352  "account on", "add", etc.
353- BitlBee remembers what connection a question (i.e. authorization request)
354  belongs to and cleans it up when the connection goes down; this fixes
355  (one of) the last known crash bugs.
356- Plus some other changes in question management. (The query_order setting
357  is one of them. The default behaviour changed a bit, for more information
358  please read "help set query_order".)
359- Also fixed a memory management bug in the question code which caused some
360  crashes.
361- Optimized some nick handling functions and added a hash of all the users
362  to speed up user_find() a bit (especially good for people with large
363  buddy and notify lists).
364- Lots of changes for the Win32 port (see
365- Added the drop-command.
366- Fixed small problem with versions of sed which don't support the +
367  "operator" (the BSD version, for example, even though the operator is
368  documented properly in the re_format manpage...).
369- Added the default_target setting.
370- Added a CenterICQ2BitlBee conversion script.
371- Put back the evaluator for "set charset" (which got lost somewhere between
372  0.84 and 0.85), so an incorrect charset will be rejected again.
373- ISON now (A) gives one single reply and (B) also replies when none of the
374  persons asked for are on-line.
375- Using GConv instead of iconv now.
376- Incoming messages larger than 450 characters are now split into parts
377  before sending them to the user.
378- Fixed a bug in irc_exec() which could crash the program when some commands
379  were called with too little arguments.
380- Fixed a dumb NULL pointer dereference in the JOIN command.
381- Added rate limiting to bitlbeed. (Against server hammering)
382- Added handling of CTCP PINGs (yet another self-ping used by some IRC
383  clients...)
384- Added
385- Removed the vCard handling code from Jabber because it's (A) not used and
386  (B) had a possible format string vulnerability.
387- Got rid of strcpy() in account.c. (Thanks to NETRIC for reporting these two
388  problems.)
389- ISO8859-15 is now the default charset.
391Finished 21 May 2004
393Version 0.85a:
394- Fixed an authentication problem with logging into some MSN accounts.
395- Removed a non-critical warning message from the ICQ servers when logging
396  in with an empty contact list.
397- Fixed reading the [defaults] section of bitlbee.conf.
398- The last newline in outgoing messages when using the buddy_sendbuffer is
399  now removed correctly.
400- Yahoo! colour/font tag stripping now actually works.
401- Fixed compilation on *BSD and some Linux architectures.
403Finished 24 Mar 2004
405Version 0.85:
406- Users can specify alternate configuration files/directories at runtime
407  now.
408- Rename now doesn't choke on name changes with only case changes anymore.
409- Imported the daemon patch into the main source tree. The daemon mode is
410  still experimental, this just eases maintenance. This daemon patch brings
411  a lot of features, including (as the name says) a real daemon mode and
412  also buffering of the data sent to the user, and flood protection.
413- Strips font and colour codes from Yahoo! messages.
414- Support for groupchats on Yahoo!
415- Fixed removing Yahoo! buddies from a different group than "Buddies".
416- Jabber presence packets with error messages are interpreted correctly now.
417  (They used to be parsed as a signin.)
418- bitlbee_save() checks return values from fprintf() and writes to tempfiles
419  first to make sure no old files get lost when there's a write error.
420- ICQ buddies are added all at once instead of once at a time. This should
421  solve problems with huge buddy lists.
422- Made the client pinging timings configurable. (Without requiring
423  recompilation)
424- MSN and Yahoo flag the connection as "wants_to_die" when they're logged
425  off because of a concurrent login. This means reconnection will be disabled
426  on concurrent logins.
427- BitlBee can now buffer the messages sent to someone before they're actually
428  sent, and wait for a specified number of seconds for more lines to be added
429  to the buffer before the message will really be sent.
430- Renamed the reconnect_delay setting to auto_reconnect_delay.
431- Unknown settings aren't saved anymore.
433Finished 13 Mar 2004
435Version 0.84:
436- Removed the libsoup dependency.
437- Fixed AuthMode=Registered: It will now restore your accounts when
438  identifying.
439- Fixed Yahoo! support.
440- Fixed a little memory leak in user.c.
441- Fixed a security bug in unused code in proxy.c, only people who use
442  the HTTP proxy support and an untrusted proxy might need this. We
443  haven't done an emergency release for this fix because proxy support
444  is disabled by default.
445- Fixed some memory leaks in IM-code.
447Finished 13 Feb 2004
449Version 0.83:
450- Fixed a crash bug on connecting to unsupported accounts.
451- Fixed a problem with connecting to MSN accounts with empty buddy
452  lists.
453- Fixed another inifite-loop bug in nick_get() and added a piece
454  of code which detects the infinite loop and asks the user to send
455  a bug report.
456- Fixed iconv-Solaris linking issues.
457- Fixed all the problems with spaces in AIM screennames now, we hope.
458- Fixed a buffer overflow in the nick handling code. Buffers are
459  overflowed with static data (nulls), so we don't think it's exploitable.
460- Added server-client pinging, useful for remote servers.
461- Added the hostname setting.
462- Some bitlbeed changes.
463- Added a little part to the on-line quickstart about the settings and
464  other help topics, this hopefully answers a lot of FAQ's.
465- Fixed the signal handler to re-raise the signal after the handler quits.
466  This makes sure the default handler is called after our handler sends
467  the user a bye-message, so core dumps are created and the parent will
468  get more useful information back from wait().
469- Added support for ICQ URL messages.
470- Fixed strip_html() behaviour on unknown &entities;.
471- Fixed a possible problem with Yahoo!
472- Fixed a problem with logging into more than one MSN account at once.
474Finished 31 Dec 2003
476Version 0.82:
477- Fixed a little bug in nick.c which could cause a complete hang for
478  some tricky buddylists. (Thanks to Geert Hauwaerts for helping with
479  fixing this bug)
480- Fixed MSN support. (Lots of thanks to Wouter Paesen!)
481- Removed the old login/logout commands.
482- Added the qlist command.
483- Fixed a buffer overflow in the nick checking code. (Thanks to Jon
484  Åslund for pointing us at this problem)
485- Adds the add_private and add_channel options for set handle_unknown.
486- Some documentation updates.
487- Added two small utilities to encode/decode BitlCrypted files.
489Finished 31 Oct 2003
491Version 0.81a:
492- This version just fixes some small things we should've fixed before
493  releasing 0.81:
494- Fixed a small bug in the auto-reconnect cleanup code.
495- Fixed the Makefile: Now it doesn't just overwrite your etc files when
496  installing.
497- Fixed the Makefile: $prefix/etc/bitlbee/ is the default etcdir now.
498- Disabling MSN by default, now that it doesn't work. It'll be back on
499  as soon as we get the module working again.
501Finished 16 Oct 2003
503Version 0.81:
504- Added a configuration file.
505- Added support for the PASS command to restrict access to the daemon to
506  only the people who know this password.
507- Only allowing registered people to use the daemon is possible too.
508- In case you, at some time, need to check the currently running BitlBee
509  version, just CTCP-VERSION someone in the channel.
510- Added the auto_connect setting for people who don't want the program
511  to connect to IM-networks automatically.
512- Extended the blist command.
513- Applied the auto-reconnect patch from G-Lite.
514- Applied the iconv patch from Yuri Pimenov.
515- Imported the MSN-friendlyname patch from Wouter Paesen.
516- Away-message aliasing code now just parses the beginning of the string,
517  not the whole string. This allows you to have a more descriptive away
518  message like "Busy - Fixing bugs in BitlBee" and all the IM connections
519  will have a busy-like away-state.
520- Added some information about away states to the help system.
521- MSN file transfers aren't silently ignored anymore.
522- Integrated the Yahoo protocol fix from Cerulean Studios (Trillian).
523  (Thanks to Tony Perrie!)
524- Made all protocol plugins optional. (Patch from Andrej Kacian/Ticho)
526Finished 15 Oct 2003
528Version 0.80:
529- Fixed a very stupid bug in the MSN away-state reading.
530- nick_cmp() now actually works, RFC-compliant.
531- Fixed and cleaned up the away-state handling, there were some very
532  weird things in the original Gaim code base which broke this completely
533  all the time.
534- The daemon prevents you from using root/NickServ as your nick now,
535  previous versions crashed on that.
536- At last ... GROUP CHAT SUPPORT! :-D
537- People who are *not* away get mode +v in #bitlbee now, so you can see
538  in /names who's away and who's not.
539- Crashing BitlBee by using the NICKSERV command without any arguments
540  is impossible now.
541- Added some notes about Darwin/OSX portability.
542- Separated connections from accounts. This means restoring a lost
543  connection can be done using a simple "account on <number>" command.
544  See "help account" for more information.
545  *** For now this won't cause problems when upgrading because the login
546  command still exists (as an alias for "account add"). This alias will
547  not stay forever, though.
548- irc_process() now makes sure it reads the whole available buffer before
549  executing the commands. Previous versions were very bad at handling
550  long floods from non-floodprotected clients. The code is still not
551  perfect, but good enough for local links.
552- Allow/Deny questions from msn.c now also mention your own screenname.
553  This is useful for people who run two (or even more) MSN accounts in
554  one BitlBee.
555- Fixed a little bug in the helpfile-changed-check code.
556- A little trick in "make install" makes sure the help function in running
557  sessions doesn't break while upgrading.
558- Added a nifty (and editable) MOTD.
559- Added IRIX to the compatibility list.
560- Added support for Cygwin.
561- Better HTML-stripping, it also handles &entities; correctly now.
562- Fixed some problems to make it compile on Solaris.
563- Added support for messages from Miranda/Mac ICQ. (Code port from Gaim 0.59)
564- Fixed the crash problem when removing yahoo buddies.
565- Added the handle_unknown setting.
566- Did some editing on a few docs.
567- Added a FAQ.
568- Added the daemon-patch by Maurits Dijkstra which adds stand-alone daemon
569  support to BitlBee.
570- Jabber now doesn't barf on high ASCII characters in away messages anymore.
571  (Thanks to Christian Häggström <>)
573Finished 24 Jun 2003
575Version 0.74a:
576- The music-festivals-are-bad-for-your-mind release.
577- This one actually contains the fix for the bug 0.74 claimed to have.
579Finished 11 Jun 2003
581Version 0.74:
582- Fixed a security leak, where using a / in the nickname causes the saved
583  settings and account information to be stored in undesirable places.
585Finished 10 Jun 2003
587Version 0.73:
588- Fixed the unable-to-remove-icq-users (actually users from any *local*
589  contact list) bug.
590- Fixed away bug in aim protocol.
591- Fixed the 'statistics' under the blist command output.
592- Removed the commands from the XML documentation because they're 'on-line'
593  already.
594- Added some signal handling; ignoring SIGPIPE should als get rid of some
595  crashes (for some weird reason this has to be done). Also, crashes because
596  of things like segfaults are a bit more verbose now. ;-)
597- Changed the select() timeout in main(), this might improve some latencies.
598  (At leasts it speeds up signing on (especially for ICQ) a lot!)
599- Made the own-QUIT messages more compliant, probably.
600- Fixed some memory-bugs, thanks to valgrind.
601- irc_write() now checks the write() return value, and tries to send the rest
602  of the string, if it could not write it completely the first time.
603- Hostname lookups also work on NetBSD now.
604  (Thanks to David.Edmondson*sun*com (hi spambot))
605- At last, a new protocol. Welcome to ... YAHOO!
606- Documentation and code cleanup. Somehow the helpfile documented register
607  and identify twice, now that's what I call over-documenting.. :-/
608- Added the rename command to the helpfile, somehow I forgot that one.
609- Been a bit pedantic about compiler warnings. They're all dead now.
610- Fixed a small Makefile problem which gave an error when a clean tree was
611  "made distclean"
612- Fixed a (possible) memory leak in nogaim.c:proto_away()
613- Fixed the way proto_away() calls proto_away_alias_find(), now it gives
614  the *whole* list of away states
615- proto_away() doesn't give a NULL message anymore because AIM didn't like
616  that
617- Got rid of the last goto in my code (without ruining the code)
618- Created a more samba-like compiling process (without the complete command
619  lines, just a simple echo)
620- "help set ops" works now too, without quoting the "set ops"
621- Trying to log in with a protocol without a prpl (ICQ and TOC, for example)
622  made previous versions crash
624Finished 13 Apr 2003
626Version 0.72:
627- Updated the documentation.
628- Improved the MSN friendlyname code. (Although it doesn't seem to be perfect
629  yet..)
630- info-command added to get more information about ICQ users.
631- blist-command added to get a complete buddy list.
632- Fixed a bug which broke the AIM code when adding a screenname with a space
633  in it.
634- Added the NS alias for the NICKSERV command (Tony Vroon).
635- Fixed the USERHOST command implementation (Tony Vroon).
636- /me from IM-networks is now converted to a CTCP ACTION correctly.
637- Added an utils/ directory with some misc toys and handy things.
638- Added a /notice to the on_typing event. Don't use it though, the /notice
639  flood will just be a big annoyance. ;-)
640- Some people like root and themself to be ops, some don't. Now it's
641  configurable. (set ops)
642- Now the umode stuff actually works. Next step: Use those modes... (How?)
644Finished 19 Dec 2002
646Version 0.71:
647- Fixed the help command output layout (alignment)
648- Added a sample xinetd file
649- Cleaned up, 0.70 released with a build-stamp and DEADJOE file (oops)..
650- Messages can be sent like '<user>, <message>' in the control channel now,
651  instead of just '<user>: <message>'
652- Added a debug setting boolean: Set it to true for some debugging crap
653  which used to be on by default..
654- Changed the /whois reply: In the server section you now see the
655  connection this user belongs to.
656- Added some root/permission checks.
657- configure script works correctly when the terminating / is forgotten for
658  a directory.
659- Fixed format string bug in protocols/oscar/meta.c (Hmm, what's the use of
660  that file?)
661- Added '#include "crypting.h"' to commands.c to get rid of stupid warnings
662- Fixed crash-bug (SIGSEGV when adding an @-less contact to MSN/Jabber)
663- Added to_char setting
664- Fixed bug in set.c: It ignored the new value returned by the evaluator
665  :-(
666- Removed protocol tag from 'hostname' in user hostmask because this info
667  is in /whois' server section now
668- Added the GPL. Somehow 0.7 released without a COPYING file.. :-/
669- Enhanced the root_command() parser, you can 'quote' "arguments" now so
670  arguments can be strings with spaces
671- Debugging versions have True as the default value for set debug
672- NICKSERV is now an alternative for PRIVMSG root. This does not affect
673  functionality of current NICKSERV commands, but does allow people to just
674  do identify <pass> in channel.
675- NICKSERV REGISTER now doesn't try to log you in (to check if the user
676  exists) but checks for the existence of the user-configuration files.
677- NICKSERV SET password now works (as does set password in channel). This
678  makes changing your password possible.
679- NICKSERV password now stored in irc_t.
680- ./configure now only bugs you about possible problems with strip if it's
681  actually going to strip (wooohoooo! _sexy_ :)
682- Fixed a load of warnings in oscar.c, irc.c, nick.c and set.c
683- Split up root_command() into a version which eats raw strings and one
684  which eats split strings
685- New help system: Help available for most (all?) commands, all read from
686  an external help-file.
687- Changed the maximum message length in irc_usermsg() from IRC_MAX_LINE to
688  1024 (for loooong help messages..).
689- Only allow user to set supported umodes.
690- Fixed a memory leak in crypting.c (Thanks to Erik Hensema.)
691- Added a send_handler callback to user_t. Needed for the following entry:
692- Added the NickServ user as a root-clone.
693- Disabled tcpd by default because it's just a PITA for a lot of systems
694  and because you can use /usr/sbin/tcpd as well.
695- The root user can be renamed now.
697Finished 16 Sep 2002
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