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(edit) @fc630f9   2006-05-23T08:31:04Z wilmer Silenced all compiler warnings that appeared after previous commit.
(edit) @a9ca7dd   2006-05-23T08:18:24Z wilmer Added G_GNUC_PRINTF(...) to definitions of functions that take format …
(edit) @da3b536   2006-05-23T08:09:16Z wilmer Added bim_ functions for block/allow list management to keep …
(edit) @226fce1   2006-05-23T07:45:14Z wilmer Some changes for im_api. (bim_* functions)
(edit) @73cf7fd   2006-05-22T09:11:49Z wilmer Trying to fix charset issues with outgoing AIM chat messages.
(edit) @619a681   2006-05-21T22:51:54Z wilmer Fixed a bug that caused root_command_string() to sometimes not notice \0.
(edit) @f66c701   2006-05-21T19:55:52Z wilmer Modified oscar.c headers.
(edit) @c53911e   2006-05-20T11:48:08Z wilmer Fixed a string handling mistake and better stripping of servernames …
(edit) @881fd4e   2006-05-19T07:53:03Z wilmer Merging extended http_client
(edit) @1b5ab36   2006-05-18T17:05:28Z wilmer User-Agent: header.
(edit) @41e5202   2006-05-18T16:50:06Z wilmer Damn typo…
(edit) @0eec386   2006-05-18T16:41:18Z wilmer Added a body_size attribute to http_client and fixed a possible NULL …
(edit) @266fe2f   2006-05-18T07:11:15Z wilmer Fixed return value bug in http_dorequest_url().
(edit) @0790644   2006-05-17T13:15:20Z wilmer Added http_dorequest_url().
(edit) @75cde5d   2006-05-16T21:27:59Z wilmer Fixed possible double free() in Jabber module.
(edit) @10a0abf   2006-05-16T21:23:21Z wilmer Idle values for Yahoo!
(edit) @5a348c3   2006-05-16T07:09:11Z wilmer Yahoo module now passes the idle value to serv_got_update().
(edit) @dd89a55   2006-05-15T17:57:12Z wilmer Fixed various memory leaks/other possible problems after code review.
(edit) @764b0aba   2006-05-10T12:57:59Z wilmer Merge from Jelmer.
(edit) @5d6c178   2006-05-10T12:47:55Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix compilation with tcc
(edit) @64d1f45   2006-05-07T11:22:46Z wilmer Slightly different wording for add -tmp.
(edit) @ea3a26d   2006-05-05T16:31:57Z wilmer Added add -tmp to the docs.
(edit) @2b13c3c   2006-05-05T16:23:53Z wilmer Better xinetd file, thanks to friedman@… (#129).
(edit) @1be54a9   2006-05-05T16:12:50Z wilmer Closing #132.
(edit) @3edaed9   2006-04-25T17:57:23Z wilmer Misc. things (mainly code cleanup, better quoting for root commands)
(edit) @79c6f9f   2006-04-25T07:21:49Z wilmer Implemented better quoting for root command arguments. (Support for …
(edit) @6e62132   2006-04-17T08:25:16Z wilmer Fixed ssl_nss.c (although it still needs some non-blocking I/O changes).
(edit) @5aa9551e   2006-04-17T08:09:55Z wilmer Y2K! ;-)
(edit) @4d89886   2006-04-14T06:18:23Z wilmer Removed import_buddies message.
(edit) @c99af3a   2006-04-13T07:30:11Z wilmer Removed account_offline(), we have signoff() already.
(edit) @88b3a07   2006-04-13T07:15:42Z wilmer Cleaned up two more functions from nogaim.
(edit) @85616c3   2006-04-08T14:37:49Z wilmer Added $proto($handle) account matching to account_get().
(edit) @11bcee9   2006-04-08T14:10:29Z wilmer Misc. merges. (Main thing: "$blah is not in your list yet, would you …
(edit) @9e08d5d   2006-04-07T19:27:58Z wilmer Got rid of some old e-mail addresses.
(edit) @c2fbf86f   2006-04-07T09:34:37Z wilmer Unused stuff.
(edit) @7bf0f5f0   2006-04-07T09:22:48Z wilmer Filled in show_got_added().
(edit) @36fa9bd   2006-04-07T09:22:21Z wilmer Renamed irc_free_userhash().
(edit) @f8de26f   2006-04-03T21:34:45Z wilmer Added "add -tmp" command, which you can use to temporary add a buddy …
(edit) @e6d6047   2006-04-03T20:21:35Z wilmer Added/Fixed calls to show_got_added() in all IM-modules, now to fill …
(edit) @57ef864   2006-04-02T08:29:34Z wilmer Format string problem in cmd_block/allow.
(edit) @6adcb6c6   2006-04-01T18:18:55Z wilmer Complete fix for #113: a->reconnect does *not* contain a GLib source …
(edit) @e6e1f18   2006-04-01T15:40:55Z wilmer List header for "account list" in mode +b.
(edit) @7d31002   2006-03-31T21:09:36Z wilmer Tested and fixed one issue, and got rid of one more superfluous iconv call.
(edit) @e27661d   2006-03-31T17:55:47Z wilmer Finished the iconv() fix. Instead of doing it every time something …
(edit) @d783e48   2006-03-31T08:53:53Z wilmer irc_vawrite() does charset conversion now. Next step: Do it for …
(edit) @755ae5b   2006-03-31T07:39:08Z wilmer Cut-and-paste considered harmful.
(edit) @192b80a   2006-03-31T07:12:27Z wilmer Removed some unused stuff from nogaim.h, preparing to fix some API …
(edit) @a014331   2006-03-30T17:14:38Z wilmer Made configure quiet when it can't find bzr, and added repository nick …
(edit) @9b8a38b   2006-03-22T18:22:41Z wilmer Buddy group data is now stored in the user_t structure.
(edit) @aa5ac01   2006-03-22T17:35:03Z wilmer Restored buddy counts in blist output for +b mode, it's a nice …
(edit) @9b8efab   2006-03-21T08:38:15Z wilmer Updated documentation for the new block/allow syntax. Yes, it's …
(edit) @7b07dc6   2006-03-21T08:36:10Z wilmer Fixed ugliness in serv_got_crap().
(edit) @87b6a3e   2006-03-21T08:35:46Z wilmer The block and allow commands can now display the block/allow lists.
(edit) @19a6c75   2006-03-21T08:19:01Z wilmer Added Hidden and Invisible to the away state aliases list.
(edit) @aefa533e   2006-03-21T08:12:22Z wilmer Added a special +b usermode for easier parseability of some things. …
(edit) @1ad104a   2006-03-21T08:11:10Z wilmer ns.c now passess the first group a buddy is in.
(edit) @bc736cfa   2006-03-21T08:00:12Z wilmer Basic handling of LSG responses.
(edit) @82898af   2006-03-18T09:10:57Z wilmer Added the IRC VERSION command.
(edit) @42d9571   2006-03-18T09:10:44Z wilmer Stupid warnings. :-P
(edit) @61dddd0   2006-03-18T08:33:33Z wilmer Fixed #111, Jabber away states get set correctly at connect-time now.
(edit) @8ba511d   2006-03-17T15:39:16Z wilmer Fixed a very stupid bug in the "Closing switchboard with unsent …
(edit) @84c1a0a   2006-03-15T19:19:16Z wilmer Small code cleanup, got rid of some functions in nogaim.c that we …
(edit) @58f3136   2006-03-15T18:17:26Z wilmer Let's ignore .gdb_history
(edit) @55cc2be3   2006-03-15T18:17:01Z wilmer Fixed cleanup of connections in (non-forking) daemon mode. (Better …
(edit) @022e77f   2006-03-06T12:15:46Z wilmer Fixed error handling on empty help topics. (See #109)
(edit) @26fdfc5   2006-03-05T22:34:06Z wilmer Fixed ssl_openssl... :-/
(edit) @27ac72d   2006-03-03T10:32:53Z wilmer Merge from Jelmer.
(edit) @cdb92c5   2006-03-02T12:43:36Z Jelmer Vernooij Move development stuff into a seperate install-dev
(edit) @1e5fcac   2006-03-02T11:43:33Z Jelmer Vernooij Ignore autogenerated file
(edit) @e506d6c   2006-03-02T11:38:33Z Jelmer Vernooij Install bitlbee's header files and a pkg-config file. This means that …
(edit) @9a1555d   2006-03-01T22:35:50Z Jelmer Vernooij [merge] wilmer
(edit) @5fe0207   2006-03-01T22:31:43Z Jelmer Vernooij Add simple bitlbee control script
(edit) @8a56e52   2006-03-01T22:30:10Z Jelmer Vernooij Improve error handling
(edit) @5e713f6   2006-03-01T22:17:57Z wilmer Added a little comment for this scary cast. (-:
(edit) @6dff9d4   2006-03-01T21:08:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Also listen for admin connections on a unix domain socket at …
(edit) @7cf85e7   2006-02-12T22:13:35Z wilmer Fixed --help
(edit) @58bc4e6   2006-02-12T07:24:38Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix silly warning
(edit) @ec3e411   2006-02-12T07:20:49Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge Wilmer
(edit) @1d2e3c2   2006-02-02T13:59:14Z wilmer Added RESTART command for easier upgrades without losing IPC …
(edit) @34b17d9   2006-02-02T13:21:44Z wilmer Added PID-file code.
(edit) @8365610   2006-01-30T16:07:07Z wilmer Added a little warning message when people use a wrong set-command syntax.
(edit) @1053836   2006-01-30T13:30:59Z wilmer When closing down MSN (sb) connections with unsent messages, the …
(edit) @9fae35c   2006-01-23T23:28:13Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge from Wilmer
(edit) @68c7c14   2006-01-23T14:20:36Z wilmer Removed a bogus printf from the OSCAR code, grrrr.
(edit) @a91ecee   2006-01-23T14:20:18Z wilmer /AWAY now only sets the IM-protocols away that belong to the current …
(edit) @a49dcd5   2006-01-22T20:33:56Z wilmer Fixed the bug that caused a fork() bomb last night.
(edit) @57c4fc0   2006-01-22T09:19:03Z wilmer Error checking for accept(). Have to find out why it went wrong (and …
(edit) @87de505   2006-01-22T00:15:03Z wilmer Quit message was invisible on /DIE.
(edit) @54879ab   2006-01-21T22:31:10Z wilmer Added RESTART command (only for ForkDaemon mode) for easier upgrades.
(edit) @f1d38f2   2006-01-21T22:23:58Z wilmer Fixed counting of arguments in i[rp]c_exec(), made them a bit too simple.
(edit) @f73b969   2006-01-20T15:15:49Z wilmer Renamed commands.c, got rid of return values in all command functions.
(edit) @55ec2d6   2006-01-20T12:22:30Z wilmer Merging IPC branch, it's too different from the main code to keep it …
(edit) @fc50d48   2006-01-20T12:21:24Z wilmer irc_abort() does logging (including a reason) now.
(edit) @b8c2ace   2006-01-19T22:24:25Z wilmer Die, bug, die! (And apparently bzr suddenly felt like merging some old …
(edit) @2fa825b   2006-01-19T22:23:03Z wilmer Removed some very unpleasant check from the OSCAR code. (Caused …
(edit) @5424c76   2006-01-19T17:52:19Z wilmer Rehash command now also works in inetd mode. Other "IPC" commands only …
(edit) @bd9b00f   2006-01-19T17:07:47Z wilmer Fixes for single-process daemon mode, changed value of …
(edit) @2face62   2006-01-19T16:34:41Z wilmer A bit too much for one commit, but well: Client processes didn't clean …
(edit) @e8f8b18   2006-01-19T13:45:15Z wilmer Fixed read() error handling in Jabber module.
(edit) @4c266f2   2006-01-18T22:17:59Z wilmer Merged (and adapted) changes from main tree.
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