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(edit) @00ab350   2006-06-21T17:14:49Z wilmer Fixed GError memory leak, correctly setting the migrate_storage default.
(edit) @2b14eef   2006-06-20T22:14:46Z wilmer Implemented handling of autoconnect attribute.
(edit) @9b46b64   2006-06-20T22:05:04Z wilmer Fixed error message for unknown protocols.
(edit) @ece2cd2   2006-06-20T21:48:28Z wilmer xml_save() now stores the password's md5sum too. Kind of ... important..
(edit) @2befb95   2006-06-20T21:37:16Z wilmer Added migration storage defaults.
(edit) @84e9cea   2006-06-20T21:36:53Z wilmer Added xml_remove() and xml_check_pass().
(edit) @d028a77   2006-06-19T11:52:34Z wilmer Better detection of incorrect MD5 password hashes.
(edit) @d28f3b35   2006-06-18T23:07:28Z wilmer Now saving the password's md5sum instead of the plaintext version.
(edit) @10efa91   2006-06-17T11:39:17Z wilmer Fixed bug in LDAP Makefile generation.
(edit) @5898ef8   2006-06-15T12:46:31Z wilmer xml_save(), decent error handling and merging fixed autosaving.
(edit) @3af70b0   2006-06-15T12:37:05Z wilmer !x&y == (!x)&y, not !(x&y).
(edit) @79e826a   2006-06-15T12:22:17Z wilmer Converted irc->status to binary flags. (This also fixes …
(edit) @c121f89   2006-06-14T20:30:25Z wilmer xml_load() works pretty well now.
(edit) @5a5c926   2006-06-12T06:58:20Z wilmer Fixed a (very rare, AFAIK) NULL-pointer dereference.
(edit) @85e9644   2006-06-07T13:36:19Z wilmer Merging Jelmer's storage tree (with LDAP support).
(edit) @a312b6b   2006-06-07T11:25:46Z wilmer Added storage_xml.c
(edit) @0025b51   2006-06-03T21:08:58Z Jelmer Vernooij Use unique OID's and include BitlBee's OID (25873)
(edit) @5973412   2006-06-03T20:52:40Z Jelmer Vernooij Try to detect -lldap
(edit) @9779c18   2006-06-03T20:20:43Z Jelmer Vernooij [merge] Wilmer
(edit) @fb62f81f   2006-06-03T19:51:16Z wilmer Implemented netsplits for "account off".
(edit) @df417ca   2006-06-02T19:01:34Z wilmer Merge from main.
(edit) @c38e965   2006-05-28T23:21:42Z wilmer Removed a message that only applied to the MSN module that got …
(edit) @4ff0966   2006-05-28T23:13:47Z wilmer Merging from main/jelmer.
(edit) @79b6213   2006-05-28T23:07:00Z wilmer Dropping GLib <2 support.
(edit) @42616d1   2006-05-28T18:24:43Z wilmer "ISON :nick1 nick2" works too now, which seems to be what the RFCs …
(edit) @cdca30b   2006-05-27T15:33:58Z wilmer Making sure that event handlers don't get called anymore after a call …
(edit) @db28304   2006-05-26T22:49:28Z wilmer Using http_dorequest_url() at one place in passport.c now.
(edit) @a2582c8   2006-05-26T22:44:48Z wilmer Added error_string variable to Passport client.
(edit) @fe23720   2006-05-26T18:35:16Z wilmer Always use GET-requests on redirects.
(edit) @7deb447   2006-05-26T18:32:50Z wilmer Added status_string variable to http_client.
(edit) @6048744   2006-05-26T13:06:20Z wilmer Added SB_FATAL to MSN errorcode 911 so BitlBee won't disconnect from …
(edit) @68b518d6   2006-05-26T09:03:38Z wilmer Merging from main development tree.
(edit) @7bfd574   2006-05-26T08:57:36Z wilmer Fixed a NULL pointer dereference that showed up on testing.b.o sometimes.
(edit) @574af7e   2006-05-25T23:20:54Z Jelmer Vernooij Require GLib 2
(edit) @5d9b792   2006-05-25T11:31:22Z wilmer Merging from Jelmer.
(edit) @0602496   2006-05-25T11:22:06Z wilmer Better handling of completely empty HTTP replies in http_client.c.
(edit) @0a69d7b   2006-05-25T09:53:53Z Jelmer Vernooij Use iconv from GLib if available
(edit) @1c8a7a2   2006-05-25T09:46:36Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix typo
(edit) @936ded6   2006-05-25T08:57:31Z wilmer Disabling chat charset stuff again for now and fixed the crash-bug. …
(edit) @fc630f9   2006-05-23T08:31:04Z wilmer Silenced all compiler warnings that appeared after previous commit.
(edit) @a9ca7dd   2006-05-23T08:18:24Z wilmer Added G_GNUC_PRINTF(...) to definitions of functions that take format …
(edit) @da3b536   2006-05-23T08:09:16Z wilmer Added bim_ functions for block/allow list management to keep …
(edit) @226fce1   2006-05-23T07:45:14Z wilmer Some changes for im_api. (bim_* functions)
(edit) @73cf7fd   2006-05-22T09:11:49Z wilmer Trying to fix charset issues with outgoing AIM chat messages.
(edit) @619a681   2006-05-21T22:51:54Z wilmer Fixed a bug that caused root_command_string() to sometimes not notice \0.
(edit) @f66c701   2006-05-21T19:55:52Z wilmer Modified oscar.c headers.
(edit) @c53911e   2006-05-20T11:48:08Z wilmer Fixed a string handling mistake and better stripping of servernames …
(edit) @41ca004   2006-05-19T07:55:53Z wilmer Merging from main development tree.
(edit) @881fd4e   2006-05-19T07:53:03Z wilmer Merging extended http_client
(edit) @ac83732   2006-05-19T07:48:30Z wilmer Merging --events=
(edit) @1b5ab36   2006-05-18T17:05:28Z wilmer User-Agent: header.
(edit) @41e5202   2006-05-18T16:50:06Z wilmer Damn typo…
(edit) @0eec386   2006-05-18T16:41:18Z wilmer Added a body_size attribute to http_client and fixed a possible NULL …
(edit) @266fe2f   2006-05-18T07:11:15Z wilmer Fixed return value bug in http_dorequest_url().
(edit) @0790644   2006-05-17T13:15:20Z wilmer Added http_dorequest_url().
(edit) @75cde5d   2006-05-16T21:27:59Z wilmer Fixed possible double free() in Jabber module.
(edit) @10a0abf   2006-05-16T21:23:21Z wilmer Idle values for Yahoo!
(edit) @c2ee85c   2006-05-16T21:21:34Z wilmer Merge from main tree.
(edit) @5a348c3   2006-05-16T07:09:11Z wilmer Yahoo module now passes the idle value to serv_got_update().
(edit) @dd89a55   2006-05-15T17:57:12Z wilmer Fixed various memory leaks/other possible problems after code review.
(edit) @af9980f   2006-05-15T09:57:04Z wilmer Removed g_event_remove_by_data().
(edit) @c98be00   2006-05-15T09:52:01Z wilmer No more need for remove_by_user_data, hope the auto-reconnect code …
(edit) @7a685f1   2006-05-15T09:26:54Z wilmer Added correct return values for callbacks in yahoo.c.
(edit) @b8b8c6c   2006-05-15T09:19:46Z wilmer Shutting up annoying compilers.
(edit) @85cf37f   2006-05-14T10:32:21Z wilmer Added --events= flag to configure.
(edit) @5330e3d   2006-05-14T09:05:41Z wilmer Oops, closesocket() didn't handle sockets with both a read- and a …
(edit) @919c27c   2006-05-14T08:41:05Z wilmer Fixed a little memory access bug.
(edit) @df70eafa   2006-05-13T23:43:21Z wilmer Disabled debugging, everything seems to be fine.
(edit) @3f199fc   2006-05-13T23:28:31Z wilmer Added a closesocket() that properly removes event handlers before …
(edit) @0356ae3   2006-05-13T22:30:51Z wilmer irc_vawrite() now first attempts to write() immediately (because …
(edit) @19ac9c5   2006-05-13T19:44:59Z wilmer Timeouts are now persistent.
(edit) @782d988   2006-05-13T19:01:14Z wilmer libevent code works better with epoll() now in some (pretty common) …
(edit) @309cb9e   2006-05-13T14:20:32Z wilmer OpenSSL support.
(edit) @2b7d2d1   2006-05-13T10:42:37Z wilmer Fixed GnuTLS support.
(edit) @fc2ee0f   2006-05-13T10:29:53Z wilmer It works, it works! \o/
(edit) @b642f381   2006-05-13T09:23:49Z wilmer Added some debugging.
(edit) @09f8cd1   2006-05-12T18:31:44Z wilmer Stable, almost finished.
(edit) @13cc96c   2006-05-12T18:03:02Z wilmer events_libevent.c
(edit) @ba9edaa   2006-05-10T17:34:46Z wilmer Moved everything to the BitlBee event handling API.
(edit) @764b0aba   2006-05-10T12:57:59Z wilmer Merge from Jelmer.
(edit) @5d6c178   2006-05-10T12:47:55Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix compilation with tcc
(edit) @67b6766   2006-05-09T07:20:36Z wilmer Some extra #defines in bitlbee.h to prevent the use of some GLib functions.
(edit) @ecf8fa8   2006-05-09T07:20:05Z wilmer Split off event handling related functions (depending on GLib) to …
(edit) @a0d04d6   2006-05-07T18:07:43Z wilmer Got rid of all GLib GIOChannel-related calls outside proxy.c
(edit) @64d1f45   2006-05-07T11:22:46Z wilmer Slightly different wording for add -tmp.
(edit) @ea3a26d   2006-05-05T16:31:57Z wilmer Added add -tmp to the docs.
(edit) @2b13c3c   2006-05-05T16:23:53Z wilmer Better xinetd file, thanks to friedman@… (#129).
(edit) @1be54a9   2006-05-05T16:12:50Z wilmer Closing #132.
(edit) @3edaed9   2006-04-25T17:57:23Z wilmer Misc. things (mainly code cleanup, better quoting for root commands)
(edit) @79c6f9f   2006-04-25T07:21:49Z wilmer Implemented better quoting for root command arguments. (Support for …
(edit) @6e62132   2006-04-17T08:25:16Z wilmer Fixed ssl_nss.c (although it still needs some non-blocking I/O changes).
(edit) @5aa9551e   2006-04-17T08:09:55Z wilmer Y2K! ;-)
(edit) @4d89886   2006-04-14T06:18:23Z wilmer Removed import_buddies message.
(edit) @c99af3a   2006-04-13T07:30:11Z wilmer Removed account_offline(), we have signoff() already.
(edit) @88b3a07   2006-04-13T07:15:42Z wilmer Cleaned up two more functions from nogaim.
(edit) @85616c3   2006-04-08T14:37:49Z wilmer Added $proto($handle) account matching to account_get().
(edit) @11bcee9   2006-04-08T14:10:29Z wilmer Misc. merges. (Main thing: "$blah is not in your list yet, would you …
(edit) @9e08d5d   2006-04-07T19:27:58Z wilmer Got rid of some old e-mail addresses.
(edit) @c2fbf86f   2006-04-07T09:34:37Z wilmer Unused stuff.
(edit) @7bf0f5f0   2006-04-07T09:22:48Z wilmer Filled in show_got_added().
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