03:24 Ticket #1085 (Configuration patches for pkgconfig file) created by jgeboski
Currently, BitlBee neglects to setup the pkgconfig file correctly. The …


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06:52 Ticket #1084 (Attempting to add an identi.ca account gives OAuth error: 404 Not Found) closed by wilmer
pebkac: You apparently missed out completely on identi.ca's migration to …
06:20 Ticket #1084 (Attempting to add an identi.ca account gives OAuth error: 404 Not Found) created by awilliam@…
My identi.ca account stopped working, so I tried deleting and adding …


09:01 Ticket #1062 (MSN passport authentication failure (null)) reopened by Fredrik Lundhag <f@…>


13:36 Changeset [51f937e] by unknown <pesco@…>
log OTR heartbeats if set verbose
13:06 Changeset [e4752a6] by unknown <pesco@…>
cleanup and docs
12:49 Changeset [e65039a] by unknown <pesco@…>
persist instags (also works around "malformed message" bug)


21:59 Changeset [fbcb481] by unknown <pesco@…>
do 'otr connect' with the proper query message (generated by libotr)
20:55 Changeset [c347a12] by unknown <pesco@…>
timer cleanup and "other instance" error message
18:31 Changeset [f93e01c] by unknown <pesco@…>
some more instag updates
18:08 Changeset [37ed402] by unknown <pesco@…>
use INSTAG_RECENT for outgoing messages
15:30 Changeset [fa9478e] by unknown <pesco@…>
better workaround for libotr's NULL opdata bug
11:52 Changeset [22ec21d] by unknown <pesco@…>
regularly call otrl_message_poll
11:15 Changeset [6d9f0ba] by unknown <pesco@…>
implement otr_error_message callback
10:48 Changeset [b939cff] by unknown <pesco@…>
work around libotr bugs


20:39 Changeset [090c9b7] by unknown <pesco@…>
implement handle_msg_event
19:32 Changeset [352a6b0] by unknown <pesco@…>
update smp event handling
18:17 Changeset [5d2bc9d] by unknown <pesco@…>
move html coding and coloring into convert callback
15:47 Changeset [81265e0] by Sven M. Hallberg <pesco@…>
make otr compile with libotr 4.0.0, minimal functionality


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