23:30 Ticket #486 (sending ctrl+<char> with bitlbee disconnects) closed by wilmer
duplicate: #140
21:59 Ticket #489 (Jabber crashes when using IRC control codes) closed by wilmer
duplicate: #140. You're number 2372387 to report this bug. Although it'd indeed …
18:45 Ticket #489 (Jabber crashes when using IRC control codes) created by anonymous
I tried to write a message with colors to a buddy in Jabber, but after …
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16:35 Ticket #488 (Confusing error message when identifying more than once.) created by wilmer
[…] Someone just did this and showed me the confusing error …


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11:55 Ticket #486 (sending ctrl+<char> with bitlbee disconnects) created by sejo@…
sending an special char makes the client disconnect to the server with …


18:16 Ticket #485 (Gtalk Status Overflow) created by anonymous
The statuses of gtalk contacts includes away messages, breaking the …


23:42 Ticket #484 (bitlbee) closed by wilmer
invalid: Apparentemente sei italiano, e penso questo è stato un vero e proprio …
19:05 Ticket #484 (bitlbee) created by dony97@…
vorrei comunicare con msn tramite bitlbee


15:17 Ticket #483 (Bitlbee crashed with) created by Jens Sülwald <jsuelwald@…>
If i connect to bitlbee and login with my Password as long as i've …
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