22:36 Changeset [b9e2539]1.2.2 by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Finalized BitlBee 1.2.2. Should release this now because of the …
22:36 Changeset [9ebee7a] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Also leave out .bzrignore from the tarballs.
22:33 Changeset [b119d5d] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Reverting a change I accidentally imported from the Debian tree.
12:00 Milestone 1.2.2 completed


20:48 Changeset [f536a99] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Fixed NULL pointer dereference on trying to read non-existent settings.


20:52 Changeset [f3579fd] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Clearer feedback after set/account set commands.
18:15 Ticket #444 (NULL pointer dereference) closed by wilmer
fixed: Now fully fixed. changeset:devel,417 changeset:devel,420
18:01 Changeset [7125cb3] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Added SET_INVALID, which set evaluators should now return instead of …
16:51 Changeset [934dddf3] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Merging Debian package tree.
16:49 Changeset [d301872]1.2.1-3 by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
1.2.1-3: * chown /var/lib/bitlbee/*.xml to bitlbee:bitlbee to clean …
16:46 Ticket #429 ([patch] Bitlbee 1.2.1 breaks glib 2.4 compatibility, uses ...) closed by wilmer
fixed: This really should be fixed now. changeset:devel,418.
16:45 Changeset [88d2208] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Now really fixing #429 by including unistd.h (which defines F_OK).


12:43 Ticket #447 (quit on Ctrl+B) closed by wilmer
duplicate: #140
11:51 Ticket #447 (quit on Ctrl+B) created by mail@…
When I send a message containing a bold character via jabber then the …
07:55 Ticket #446 (i can't open bitlbee!!!) closed by wilmer
invalid: BitlBee is automaticallly started when you install the package.
07:48 BadContent edited by wilmer
00:10 Ticket #446 (i can't open bitlbee!!!) created by anonymous
i'm using ubuntu 8.04 (hardy) after installing bitlbee from the …


05:54 Ticket #445 (Bitlbee will show alert of Offline Message, but not show the actual message) created by fsk141@…
18:04 <Jackie> [Offline IM sent 1h and 32m ago] This is an example …


14:29 BadContent edited by wilmer
07:46 BadContent edited by wilmer


22:21 Changeset [3b32017] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Better handling of NULLs passed to set_eval_account(). Still confusing …
16:44 Ticket #444 (NULL pointer dereference) created by wilmer
[…] isn't done very well. (Critical, now that daemon mode is …


21:18 BadContent edited by wilmer
21:15 BadContent created by wilmer


16:08 Changeset [1f59f2f] by Miklos Vajna <vmiklos@…>
fix bitlbee compile instructions
07:58 Ticket #441 (http://code.bitlbee.org/hgweb/ fails) closed by wilmer
fixed: Whoa! I don't understand how this magically came back to life again. …


11:04 Changeset [aac4017] by ulim <a.sporto+bee@…>
More hints for getaddrinfo(). Hopefully solves a problem on FreeBSD.
09:24 Changeset [5d550c5] by ulim <a.sporto+bee@…>
Added lib/ftutil.[ch]. yes, that was supposed to happen in the last …


23:50 Changeset [5d3b4e8]1.2.1-2 by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Fixed run-by-root problem (Debian bug 494656).
23:25 Changeset [59c84c2]1.2.1-1.1 by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
1.2.1-1.1 (NMU by Don Armstrong).
23:24 Changeset [45b9d3e]1.2.1-1 by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
BitlBee 1.2.1-1.
23:07 Changeset [a02f34f] by ulim <a.sporto+bee@…>
Added conf entries and lib/ftutil.[ch]. ft_listen = …
14:31 Changeset [66be784] by ulim <a.sporto+bee@…>
copied ulibc/BSD ifdefs over to invitation.c. I'll have to move these …


23:51 Changeset [92f4ec5] by ulim <a.sporto+bee@…>
fixes bug on 32bit archs in DCC code. Shouldn't atoi be the same on …
22:17 Changeset [a2b99ec] by ulim <a.sporto+bee@…>
Added MSN file transfer of type MSNFTP. Transfer is direct and the …
10:42 Changeset [87f525e] by ulim <a.sporto+bee@…>
Merged in upstream r416 which includes my msn_write_msg patch. w00t! ;)
09:15 Changeset [a830512] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Added msn_sb_write_msg() (patch from ulim).


23:06 Ticket #393 (Exponential backoff in auto_reconnect code) closed by wilmer
fixed: changeset:devel,415 It's pretty flexible. Hopefully with a sane default.
23:00 Changeset [4230221] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Added ceiling to auto-reconnect delay, changed the default to 5*3<900 …


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13:19 Changeset [446c6ff] by Miklos Vajna <vmiklos@…>
typo fix for creating the osx plugin


23:07 Changeset [280e655] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Simple exponential backoff code. Have to add a maximum delay setting, …


14:45 Changeset [8661caa] by ulim <a.sporto+bee@…>
merged in upstream r410. Only conflict was the correction of jabber …
14:21 Changeset [4ac647d] by ulim <a.sporto+bee@…>
moved some stuff around in preperation for MSN merge. * both ends …


11:21 Changeset [d84e2a9] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Microsoft, I hate you.


22:29 Ticket #440 (No smooth upgrade path from the old to the new RESTART mechanism) closed by wilmer
fixed: Fixed in changeset:devel,412.
22:27 Changeset [e0798cc] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Fixed #440: If there's a -R command line flag, store the passed …
22:13 Ticket #439 (SOAP-based authentication broken) closed by wilmer
fixed: changeset:devel,411 Rolled back to the old mechanism. The only …
20:44 Changeset [0f4c2734] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
Reverting to the old MSN/Passport authentication mechanism, the new …


21:35 Ticket #442 (Support Skype Chat) closed by wilmer
duplicate: I think it would be really useful if the Internet supported some …
21:11 Ticket #443 (Modification for away_devoice) created by TheGeekLord
Would it be possible to tweak away_devoice so you can have the option …
21:05 Ticket #442 (Support Skype Chat) created by TheGeekLord
Hi, I think it would be really useful if bitlbee supported the …
19:08 Changeset [75d5e71] by Miklos Vajna <vmiklos@…>
16:12 Changeset [df482d4] by Miklos Vajna <vmiklos@…>
next testemonial
16:08 Changeset [59bf24f] by Miklos Vajna <vmiklos@…>
update note about skype4py-1.x
08:44 Ticket #441 (http://code.bitlbee.org/hgweb/ fails) created by anonymous
bzr view through http://code.bitlbee.org/hgweb/ fails: …
00:03 Ticket #440 (No smooth upgrade path from the old to the new RESTART mechanism) created by wilmer
I just realized that changeset:devel,406 isn't backward compatible, so …


23:44 Changeset [718e05f] by Wilmer van der Gaast <wilmer@…>
ext_yahoo_error() shouldn't close the connection if the error is …


23:48 Ticket #439 (SOAP-based authentication broken) created by dissent@…
A few days ago one of my two MSN accounts was unable to login on …
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