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The XMPP file transfer "proxy" setting is confusing.

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Component: BitlBee Version: 3.0.1
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Description seems to be the only source of information about

Added an account setting 'proxy'.

Note that this is only used for sending. The default <local>; <auto> means let the receiver try a direct connection first and then the proxy discovered from the server (if any). If you know you're firewalled you can remove the <local>. If you want to provide your own proxy try something like

"<local>;JID,HOST,PORT". E.g.


account 0 set proxy "<local>;,,7777"

but I still get this

/dcc send public webm.txt
<root> jabber( - Trying to send webm.txt(22 bytes) to
<root> jabber( - Couldn't discover some of the server's services
<root> jabber( - File webm.txt: accepted the transfer!
<root> jabber( - WARNING: Received SOCKS5 bytestream reply with unknown streamhost
<root> jabber( - File transfer aborted: Couldn't establish transfer within 120 seconds
<root> jabber( - File webm.txt: DCC transfer aborted: Couldn't establish transfer within 120 seconds

and in the /QUERY with the public contact

* DCC SEND webm.txt with public timeouted - cancelling.

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comment:1 Changed at 2010-12-28T23:27:02Z by Matěj Cepl <mcepl@…>

It is possible, this could be something SELinux related. Although I am in a permissive mode, I have AVC denials on the filetransfer port.

comment:2 Changed at 2014-03-13T10:15:58Z by anonymous

Currently the setting seems to be

account 0 set ft_proxies ''

comment:3 Changed at 2015-02-01T20:48:38Z by dx

Really old ticket but who cares, the issue is still valid.

Apparently resolves to (rDNS but when asking through jabber for the actual IP address and port, it returns (rDNS

The problem here is that the user should really just have to specify "" (like the "ft_proxies" option mentioned in the previous comment, which is how it's done with libpurple) and have bitlbee discover the actual IP and port automatically.

Sending this as a single line through the xmlconsole is a way to get that address:

<iq to='' type='get'>
<query xmlns=''/>

comment:4 Changed at 2015-10-13T05:56:34Z by dx

Summary: filetransfer XMPP doesn't work ... missing documentationThe XMPP file transfer "proxy" setting is confusing.

Added docs for this thing in aa3b61e178fbdb7069e171cc70c631ee63f72c8d

Keeping the ticket open with a different title because of what i said in the previous comment (it shouldn't be that complex)

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