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nick_format broken on NetBSD (g_convert_with_fallback() always fails) — at Initial Version

Reported by: harlos Owned by:
Priority: normal Milestone:
Component: BitlBee Version: 3.2.1
Keywords: nick_format NetBSD patch Cc:
IRC client+version: Client-independent Operating System: NetBSD
OS version/distro: NetBSD 6.99.36 (evbarm)


NetBSD's implementation of iconv does not appear to support TRANSLIT. This means g_convert_with_fallback() called with TRANSLIT will always fail.

With "acc fb set nick_format %full_name" this silently fails and the normal handles are used as if nick_format was never set.

With "acc fb set nick_format fb-%full_name" the failure is more significant as nick_gen() produces "fb-" for all contacts and then the nicks are padded with underscores. Example (redacted columns): 10:05 <@harlos> blist 10:05 <@root> Nick 10:05 <@root> _ 10:05 <@root> fb- 10:05 <@root> fb-_ 10:05 <@root> l_

I think there are two solutions:

1) Use gnu iconv on NetBSD 2) Don't use TRANSLIT for NetBSD (This is what attached path does)

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