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(edit) @7f49a86   2008-06-10T03:09:49Z Jelmer Vernooij Move random_bytes() back to lib/
(edit) @1a57b893   2008-04-02T15:12:26Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge move of random_bytes().
(edit) @5be87b2   2008-04-02T15:03:02Z Jelmer Vernooij Move unix-specific random_bytes() implementation to unix.c.
(edit) @85d7b85   2008-04-02T14:22:57Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge trunk.
(edit) @eeb85a8   2008-02-11T12:35:01Z wilmer Got rid of some noise at startup: complaining when the default …
(edit) @0fbda193   2008-02-02T21:48:09Z wilmer Added help_free() and cleaned up some very stale help-related stuff I …
(edit) @52744f8   2008-01-17T22:06:55Z wilmer Fixing some Solaris compiler warnings (u_int->uint, adding some …
(edit) @aaf92a9   2007-12-02T23:18:25Z wilmer Imported setuid() patch from Simo Leone <simo@archlinux...> with some …
(edit) @60c1a4e   2007-08-30T22:30:27Z wilmer Changed the order in which things are loaded a little bit so …
(edit) @c227706   2006-12-24T19:35:13Z Jelmer Vernooij Refactor the help code to take a filename rather than using the global …
(edit) @6e1fed7   2006-06-25T17:07:25Z wilmer Using salted MD5 checksums for the user's BitlBee password and salted …
(edit) @ba9edaa   2006-05-10T17:34:46Z wilmer Moved everything to the BitlBee event handling API.
(edit) @a4dc9f7   2006-03-01T22:48:37Z Jelmer Vernooij [merge] Wilmer
(edit) @58bc4e6   2006-02-12T07:24:38Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix silly warning
(edit) @54879ab   2006-01-21T22:31:10Z wilmer Added RESTART command (only for ForkDaemon mode) for easier upgrades.
(edit) @8e419cb   2006-01-10T21:35:08Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge Wilmer
(edit) @d25f6fc   2005-12-26T14:02:47Z wilmer Added OperPassword and RunMode = ForkDaemon settings. Oper stuff is …
(edit) @bd69a21   2005-12-15T12:24:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge Wilmer
(edit) @703f0f7   2005-12-14T01:17:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge my pluginable branch
(edit) @b73ac9c   2005-12-13T23:05:27Z Jelmer Vernooij Add support for 'primary' and 'migrate' account storages. Fix two bugs …
(edit) @1ee6c18   2005-12-08T13:41:53Z Jelmer Vernooij Add abstraction layer for storage
(edit) @f56c491   2005-11-15T13:35:24Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge new changes from pluginable and Wilmer
(edit) @b135438   2005-11-15T13:20:27Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge changes from Wilmer
(edit) @21d09ac   2005-11-09T01:02:05Z wilmer Forgot to modify CHANGES again, and removed some more debugging code …
(edit) @99318ad   2005-11-07T16:32:40Z Jelmer Vernooij Import work on services-based Win32 port
(edit) @7b23afd   2005-11-07T16:16:18Z Jelmer Vernooij Migrate my pluginable branch to use Wilmers' branch as parent
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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