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(edit) @ae3c4fa   2007-07-01T14:52:45Z wilmer Merge from Jelmer (mainly unit testing things).
(edit) @dcf0f3e   2007-02-18T22:46:50Z wilmer Fixed Makefiles (make distclean was completely broken).
(edit) @7738014   2007-01-21T22:08:56Z Jelmer Vernooij Add tests for set
(edit) @8c073a6   2007-01-21T21:38:50Z Jelmer Vernooij Add testsuite for crypting.
(edit) @ed5df81   2007-01-21T21:17:11Z Jelmer Vernooij Add unit testing for user code
(edit) @c227706   2006-12-24T19:35:13Z Jelmer Vernooij Refactor the help code to take a filename rather than using the global …
(edit) @7bcdde3   2006-12-06T13:57:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Some simple tests for irc_*()
(edit) @6a90967   2006-12-06T13:26:22Z Jelmer Vernooij Add tests for md5.
(edit) @2c7df62   2006-12-06T12:15:09Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix testsuite.
(edit) @66b9e86e   2006-07-07T13:33:31Z Jelmer Vernooij Add support for checking test suite coverage using gcov.
(edit) @1fc2958   2006-06-16T12:07:51Z Jelmer Vernooij Add checks for nick functions as well, fix bug where nick lengths …
(add) @c2fa827   2006-06-16T11:48:52Z Jelmer Vernooij Add unit testing infrastructure.
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