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(edit) @673a54c   2009-03-12T19:33:28Z pesco pretty blind try at merging in the latest trunk
(edit) @823de9d   2009-03-12T19:10:06Z pesco commit updates by ashish shukla <wahjava@…>
(edit) @3183c21   2008-09-06T22:59:32Z wilmer Completely reviewed all uses of irc->password, irc_setpass() and …
(edit) @764c7d1   2008-02-03T21:30:03Z sm OTR support, first checkin
(edit) @7e3592e   2006-07-05T18:34:31Z wilmer Fixed text_load(), added detection of primary storage backends without …
(edit) @b3c467b   2006-06-28T09:59:33Z wilmer Cleaned up Makefiles + configure: Cleaning up bitlbee.pc, removed the …
(edit) @c121f89   2006-06-14T20:30:25Z wilmer xml_load() works pretty well now.
(edit) @d9d36fc   2005-12-21T12:13:10Z Jelmer Vernooij Add initial draft of BitlBee schema
(edit) @b73ac9c   2005-12-13T23:05:27Z Jelmer Vernooij Add support for 'primary' and 'migrate' account storages. Fix two bugs …
(edit) @ab49fdc   2005-12-10T14:50:49Z Jelmer Vernooij Use helper functions rather then the backends directly. This will be …
(add) @1ee6c18   2005-12-08T13:41:53Z Jelmer Vernooij Add abstraction layer for storage
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