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(edit) @bb9a15f   2010-08-18T12:47:04Z Miklos Vajna add tip on how to avoid generating ssl certs can be useful for …
(edit) @2ef7d37   2010-08-10T00:05:30Z Miklos Vajna merge skyped default config patch from Debian
(edit) @ceed953   2010-08-10T00:03:52Z Miklos Vajna merge autogen cleanup patch from Debian
(edit) @be22e7b   2010-08-03T13:42:15Z Miklos Vajna t/livetest-bitlbee: redirect bitlbee's stderr to a logfile, not useful …
(edit) @7670b02   2010-08-03T12:39:52Z Miklos Vajna build for <1.3
(edit) @32ba371   2010-08-03T12:31:31Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.8.3
(edit) @4ab7225   2010-08-03T12:30:04Z Miklos Vajna checkpatch fix
(edit) @f5ae4a10   2010-08-03T11:57:48Z Miklos Vajna fix up testcases for ui-fix
(edit) @3d88f65   2010-08-03T11:57:08Z Miklos Vajna tests: don't generate new certs all the time if not needed this is a …
(edit) @3adc247   2010-08-03T11:13:55Z Miklos Vajna remove #if BITLBEE_VERSION_CODE >= BITLBEE_VER(1, 2, 6) that's always …
(edit) @78d22cd0   2010-08-03T11:12:59Z Miklos Vajna BitlBee 1.3.0 compatibility patch
(edit) @8fcb196   2010-08-02T21:54:24Z Miklos Vajna update skype api link
(edit) @a985369   2010-06-25T18:39:23Z Miklos Vajna Typo fix: --debug was --daemon From: Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@…>
(edit) @31a35ea   2010-05-29T13:38:55Z Miklos Vajna doc: 1.2.6 has this BITLBEE_VERSION_CODE macro so hopefully we can …
(edit) @dbbf34a   2010-05-29T13:36:12Z Miklos Vajna update bitlbee version
(edit) @3518933   2010-04-19T22:40:58Z Miklos Vajna cosmetics
(edit) @0d7bd89   2010-04-19T22:27:19Z Miklos Vajna doc update, stop recommending 0.5.1
(edit) @1aacc0c0   2010-04-19T22:25:33Z Miklos Vajna update for 1.2.6 also a bit of cleanup. you can still build for 1.2.5 …
(edit) @7cf146f   2010-04-18T02:44:08Z Miklos Vajna copyright
(edit) @b8c56a8   2010-04-14T00:20:14Z Miklos Vajna fix for 1.2.5
(edit) @7666c87   2010-04-14T00:16:04Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.8.2
(edit) @4c674bb   2010-04-13T23:58:36Z Miklos Vajna include mood text in whois output as well
(edit) @304aa33   2010-04-13T23:26:02Z Miklos Vajna add new setting to show mood texts
(edit) @72b60c7e   2010-04-13T22:55:42Z Miklos Vajna use imcb_chat_name_hint() if it's available
(edit) @7cc2c1e   2010-04-12T15:37:33Z Miklos Vajna skyped: use os.path.expanduser for file paths in config Requested-by: …
(edit) @e3781b9   2010-04-12T15:37:33Z Miklos Vajna use fake user/pass the only problem that can happen this case is that …
(edit) @3291700   2010-04-12T15:37:03Z Miklos Vajna tests: use the echo123 test account instead of an external one now …
(edit) @7825f58   2010-04-07T18:27:04Z Miklos Vajna Revert "checkpatch fixes" This reverts commit …
(edit) @ac423d0   2010-04-07T10:53:24Z Miklos Vajna clean: remove the manpage as well
(edit) @65acff8   2010-04-06T15:37:34Z Miklos Vajna install the manpage
(edit) @49a3c02   2010-04-05T22:55:07Z Miklos Vajna add test_join setting
(edit) @12198ac   2010-04-05T21:44:58Z Miklos Vajna Debian: s/experimental/unstable/g
(edit) @cc7a153   2010-04-05T21:25:07Z Miklos Vajna make building documentation optional
(edit) @f0493b1   2010-03-19T16:44:46Z Miklos Vajna checkpatch fixes
(edit) @a73d6b2   2010-03-17T18:12:30Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.8.1
(edit) @4b740c2   2010-03-17T18:04:54Z Miklos Vajna BitlBee 1.2.5 compatibility patch Heya, Just to make sure people …
(edit) @d0169e7   2010-03-08T22:48:51Z Miklos Vajna next testemonial
(edit) @9bc60f0   2010-03-08T00:00:07Z Miklos Vajna fix up two tests
(edit) @ea1d796   2010-03-07T23:37:06Z Miklos Vajna skyped: fix a typeerror
(edit) @5d9db76   2010-03-07T23:34:45Z Miklos Vajna checkpatch fixes
(edit) @1e3120f   2010-03-07T23:22:46Z Miklos Vajna cleanup, set_add accepts NULL for the evaluator callback
(edit) @60edadb   2010-03-07T19:59:35Z Miklos Vajna update skype version
(edit) @f4d37c6   2010-03-07T19:50:39Z Miklos Vajna make the edit_prefix configurable
(edit) @d9ce18c   2010-03-07T19:09:48Z Miklos Vajna Prefix the edited messages with "EDIT:"
(edit) @d1d5b34   2010-03-07T19:04:36Z Miklos Vajna Fix handling of edited messages.
(edit) @4f8396f   2009-12-23T22:53:40Z Miklos Vajna update skype version
(edit) @7c300bb   2009-12-12T01:08:22Z Miklos Vajna make skype_write() parameters mimic write()'s one
(edit) @1f4fc80   2009-12-12T01:04:43Z Miklos Vajna introduce skype_printf
(edit) @c213d6b   2009-12-12T00:19:02Z Miklos Vajna 1024 -> IRC_LINE_SIZE
(edit) @111fade   2009-12-12T00:18:39Z Miklos Vajna add freebsd
(edit) @c29b62b   2009-12-09T12:02:47Z Miklos Vajna document how to build plugins for 1.2.4
(edit) @d0e9cea   2009-12-09T11:58:29Z Miklos Vajna handle Gentoo's automake wrapper when searching for automake
(edit) @d9bca7f   2009-12-09T10:27:26Z Miklos Vajna skyped: cleanup
(edit) @3129b99   2009-10-04T14:25:09Z Miklos Vajna new skype4py release
(edit) @843fbc9   2009-09-27T11:29:09Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.8.0
(edit) @398eb78   2009-09-27T11:22:59Z Miklos Vajna add a manpage
(edit) @1a575f69   2009-08-31T17:06:46Z Miklos Vajna skyped: let the error message suggest placing the config file under …
(edit) @ab165c5   2009-08-31T15:57:00Z Miklos Vajna add -fPIC to CFLAGS see …
(edit) @c99bb05   2009-08-31T15:57:00Z Miklos Vajna update HACKING
(edit) @ffd078a   2009-08-18T11:33:57Z Miklos Vajna dprint() now timestamps debug messages it's good to know when exactly …
(edit) @61580d7   2009-08-18T10:58:17Z Miklos Vajna add a mailmap
(edit) @bfdcbfb   2009-08-03T11:13:59Z Miklos Vajna add reference to experimental, as requested on IRC
(edit) @9d6702c   2009-06-07T12:06:46Z Miklos Vajna cosmetics: twm -> blackbox
(edit) @7ce0373   2009-06-06T11:54:36Z Miklos Vajna bitlebee-skype is now part of Debian experimental
(edit) @a25bddf   2009-04-29T17:36:52Z Miklos Vajna add filetransfer bug
(edit) @c9348c4   2009-04-29T17:27:48Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.7.2
(edit) @1b48afb   2009-04-29T17:24:18Z Miklos Vajna add support for user-wide config files in the past the config file …
(edit) @b9f2894   2009-04-24T09:52:55Z Miklos Vajna testemonial
(edit) @88c2cc3   2009-04-19T19:25:37Z Miklos Vajna if we are at it, refer to python-skype as well
(edit) @7bf0b9ad   2009-04-19T19:22:56Z Miklos Vajna fix Debian makedeps From: Sebastian Ramacher <s.ramacher@…>
(edit) @37ae52a   2009-03-13T14:35:10Z Miklos Vajna grammar
(edit) @8ee6def   2009-03-13T14:33:22Z Miklos Vajna new testemonial
(edit) @bcdc24b   2009-02-18T00:30:13Z Miklos Vajna skyped: add logfile option using this option messages are not lost …
(edit) @3512d0b   2009-02-18T00:23:07Z Miklos Vajna t: add summary to the end
(edit) @acfa364   2009-02-18T00:01:09Z Miklos Vajna add test for the info command
(edit) @fbd6c69   2009-02-17T23:49:19Z Miklos Vajna t: autogen skyped.conf
(edit) @50d453d   2009-02-17T23:38:00Z Miklos Vajna add testcase for sending and receiving messages
(edit) @25a7eb8   2009-02-17T23:31:13Z Miklos Vajna Initial testcase. Code is based on ulim's automated live tests.
(edit) @072c0fe   2009-02-17T21:12:03Z Miklos Vajna skyped: handle the case when LANG and LC_ALL env vars are empty
(edit) @8cb17ff   2009-02-17T03:10:09Z Miklos Vajna new testemonial
(edit) @129a6c5   2009-02-13T22:39:38Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.7.1
(edit) @d7938f9   2009-02-13T22:36:27Z Miklos Vajna g_strdup_printf("%s", foo) -> g_strdup(foo)
(edit) @3e8a4ea   2009-01-19T13:10:04Z Miklos Vajna new testimonial
(edit) @bc9a9b0   2009-01-18T00:12:55Z Miklos Vajna Remove unnecessary includes
(edit) @5365f84   2009-01-07T02:40:19Z Miklos Vajna remove enum names, cleanup no, this is not about hurting wilmer, it's …
(edit) @bc744df   2009-01-07T02:36:25Z Miklos Vajna whitespace cleanup in skype_away_state_list
(edit) @16304ab   2009-01-07T02:31:20Z Miklos Vajna add a check target
(edit) @62f51ee9   2009-01-07T02:29:07Z Miklos Vajna last whitespace fixes - checkpatch is now happy ;) - hit me, i also …
(edit) @6b9d22a   2009-01-07T02:10:29Z Miklos Vajna remove unnecessary big if blocks, use return instead
(edit) @9580a6f   2009-01-07T02:02:20Z Miklos Vajna whitespace, fixes checkpatch errors
(edit) @ff436ba   2009-01-07T01:56:18Z Miklos Vajna introduce the parse_map struct
(edit) @607f5e3   2009-01-07T01:35:44Z Miklos Vajna introduce skype_parse_profile()/skype_parse_ping()/skype_parse_chats() …
(edit) @2709f4c   2009-01-07T01:31:38Z Miklos Vajna introduce skype_parse_password()
(edit) @c35bf7a   2009-01-07T01:29:22Z Miklos Vajna introduce skype_parse_chat()
(edit) @e200daf   2009-01-07T01:26:08Z Miklos Vajna introduce skype_parse_filetransfer()
(edit) @9f2f25f   2009-01-07T01:23:38Z Miklos Vajna introduce skype_parse_call()
(edit) @6e14204   2009-01-07T01:20:57Z Miklos Vajna introduce skype_parse_user() and skype_parse_chatmessage()
(edit) @8bbe52a   2009-01-07T01:11:44Z Miklos Vajna cleanup in skype_parse_users()
(edit) @078b0b9   2009-01-07T01:10:13Z Miklos Vajna introduce skype_parse_users()
(edit) @359f4d9   2009-01-07T01:02:53Z Miklos Vajna do not add new typedefs
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