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(edit) @f5aedd91   2008-01-10T16:10:10Z Miklos Vajna added default server "localhost"
(edit) @4bbd9db   2008-01-10T16:10:09Z Miklos Vajna rename SKYPE_PORT_DEFAULT to SKYPE_DEFAULT_PORT
(edit) @969f643   2007-12-16T21:06:51Z Miklos Vajna handle the case when the birthday is unknown
(edit) @33cac97   2007-12-16T21:04:10Z Miklos Vajna add "local time" info output thanks Cristobal Palmer (tarheelcoxn) for …
(edit) @6b43dd4   2007-12-16T02:55:56Z Miklos Vajna fixed gender output woho, last fixme removed \o/
(edit) @5b9847d   2007-12-16T02:55:56Z Miklos Vajna fixed age output
(edit) @f9c3e7b   2007-12-16T02:55:56Z Miklos Vajna fixed birthday output
(edit) @191470d   2007-12-16T02:55:56Z Miklos Vajna typo fix in country output
(edit) @3c5aded   2007-12-16T02:55:56Z Miklos Vajna format last seen output properly
(edit) @bdde805   2007-12-16T02:55:56Z Miklos Vajna disable buggy "local time" field
(edit) @885efac6   2007-12-16T02:55:56Z Miklos Vajna fixed country and language format
(edit) @93052e1   2007-12-16T02:55:56Z Miklos Vajna added much more info output, need to finetune format
(edit) @67454bd   2007-12-16T02:55:55Z Miklos Vajna initial support for the info command currently it prints only the full name
(edit) @5652d43   2007-11-23T23:46:20Z Miklos Vajna warning fix in skype_chat_with() fix "when you start a group chat, a …
(edit) @de2f05e   2007-11-20T09:47:43Z Miklos Vajna fixes for the recent upstream API changes
(edit) @a5f76a2   2007-11-20T09:46:35Z Miklos Vajna if you change the topic then wait for skype to confirm that it was …
(edit) @a7af5f0   2007-10-17T22:59:41Z Miklos Vajna fix incoming multiline messages - again i broke it when adding …
(edit) @f8674db   2007-10-17T00:46:38Z Miklos Vajna show topic if it was set before join
(edit) @09e2a69   2007-10-16T23:09:22Z Miklos Vajna implement skype_chat_topic()
(edit) @d601f9b   2007-10-16T23:09:09Z Miklos Vajna use the new imcb_chat_topic() function WARNING: this is not yet in the …
(edit) @86278cd   2007-10-07T14:36:03Z Miklos Vajna implement skype_chat_with() so that '/j #nick' is possible: we can …
(edit) @760319d   2007-10-07T01:55:46Z Miklos Vajna implemented skype_chat_invite()
(edit) @86f2683   2007-10-07T01:55:17Z Miklos Vajna skype_read_callback(): sanity check
(edit) @ec159f1   2007-10-07T01:06:22Z Miklos Vajna fix unwanted rejoin after /part
(edit) @c09d327   2007-10-07T00:27:28Z Miklos Vajna avoid nicks joining to a group chat multiple times
(edit) @b01dc6c   2007-10-06T23:38:49Z Miklos Vajna implemented skype_chat_leave()
(edit) @31870ae   2007-10-06T23:12:09Z Miklos Vajna handle parts in groupchats
(edit) @2a0f99c   2007-10-06T22:23:49Z Miklos Vajna handle the topic changes in group chats correctly
(edit) @349ee4a   2007-10-06T20:53:32Z Miklos Vajna fix agressive groupchat mechanism since 55f2d43, a groupchat was …
(edit) @79e20f9   2007-10-06T20:44:31Z Miklos Vajna implement skype_chat_msg() now sending groupchat messages works, too :)
(edit) @548bf76   2007-10-06T20:44:00Z Miklos Vajna remove debug printfs
(edit) @c81d0ef   2007-10-06T20:28:44Z Miklos Vajna receiving group chat messages now works it's a bit agressive. dialogs …
(edit) @3ef1910   2007-10-06T20:06:14Z Miklos Vajna don't mark messages as seen - they still spams the skype client - …
(edit) @5a61e43f   2007-10-06T20:03:49Z Miklos Vajna revert "handle topic changes" - this reverts commit …
(edit) @66c9558   2007-10-06T19:59:58Z Miklos Vajna new dummy skype_chat_msg() function
(edit) @72aa7f0   2007-10-06T19:20:12Z Miklos Vajna initial groupchat support read: we detect that we are invited we …
(edit) @2d07803   2007-10-06T16:05:44Z Miklos Vajna handle topic changes
(edit) @df9255d   2007-10-06T15:16:06Z Miklos Vajna notification when somebody wants to transfer a file
(edit) @368861e   2007-09-21T14:16:48Z Miklos Vajna skype_data struct: some more comments also renmae r_inpa to bfd
(edit) @5d1b0774   2007-09-03T22:30:15Z Miklos Vajna support for edited messages
(edit) @7613670   2007-09-03T22:22:55Z Miklos Vajna handle the case when the input is a multiline message
(edit) @4eaff41   2007-09-03T12:57:26Z Miklos Vajna skype_read_callback(): ignore empty messages skype itself does the same
(edit) @bbba374   2007-08-22T17:35:09Z Miklos Vajna send a notice when a call is missed
(edit) @ecfbc5d   2007-08-22T16:12:28Z Miklos Vajna skype_read_callback(): add notification about calls
(edit) @877b6f4   2007-08-21T17:46:40Z Miklos Vajna cleanup in struct skype_data
(edit) @7daec06   2007-08-21T17:02:11Z Miklos Vajna cosmetics - add copyright header - beautify comments - remove debug …
(edit) @d3cbd17   2007-08-21T14:10:25Z Miklos Vajna implement skype_buddy_ask()
(edit) @1fb89e3   2007-08-20T22:56:56Z Miklos Vajna move the poll() usage to skype_write()
(edit) @348a3a2   2007-08-20T22:38:06Z Miklos Vajna use SET USERSTATUS on login/logout
(edit) @98bca36   2007-08-20T22:37:17Z Miklos Vajna prevent a segfault in skype_read_callback()
(edit) @23411c6   2007-08-20T22:00:16Z Miklos Vajna implement skype_set_away()
(edit) @cbec0d6   2007-08-20T21:14:52Z Miklos Vajna g_strdup_printf("%s" -> g_strdup(
(edit) @6627d92   2007-08-20T20:58:45Z Miklos Vajna implement add/removing contacts
(edit) @314b375   2007-08-20T19:45:05Z Miklos Vajna ignore test user echo123
(edit) @d5a514a   2007-08-20T19:43:11Z Miklos Vajna register skype_set_away()
(edit) @62bb4e4   2007-08-20T18:50:25Z Miklos Vajna mark received messages as read so that skype won't say there are …
(edit) @a3d6427   2007-08-20T17:25:32Z Miklos Vajna bugfix: we can't join to &bitlbee twice
(edit) @ed2e37f   2007-08-20T16:35:48Z Miklos Vajna more error handling, no more SIGPIPE \o/ :)
(edit) @77c1abe   2007-08-20T04:05:51Z Miklos Vajna support receiving messages
(edit) @0bb1b7f   2007-08-20T01:50:57Z Miklos Vajna skype_buddy_msg(): add a missing check
(edit) @93ece66   2007-08-20T01:49:06Z Miklos Vajna implement skype_buddy_msg()
(edit) @adce2de   2007-08-19T17:35:34Z Miklos Vajna download away statuses
(edit) @be975f8   2007-08-19T15:50:22Z Miklos Vajna add offline users, too
(edit) @9fd4241   2007-08-19T15:43:14Z Miklos Vajna download buddies from the server also remove write queues. i took them …
(edit) @1323e36   2007-08-19T13:57:32Z Miklos Vajna basic read functions
(add) @f06e3ac   2007-08-19T13:37:45Z Miklos Vajna initial commit
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