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(edit) @c29b62b   2009-12-09T12:02:47Z Miklos Vajna document how to build plugins for 1.2.4
(edit) @3129b99   2009-10-04T14:25:09Z Miklos Vajna new skype4py release
(edit) @bfdcbfb   2009-08-03T11:13:59Z Miklos Vajna add reference to experimental, as requested on IRC
(edit) @9d6702c   2009-06-07T12:06:46Z Miklos Vajna cosmetics: twm -> blackbox
(edit) @7ce0373   2009-06-06T11:54:36Z Miklos Vajna bitlebee-skype is now part of Debian experimental
(edit) @a25bddf   2009-04-29T17:36:52Z Miklos Vajna add filetransfer bug
(edit) @1b48afb   2009-04-29T17:24:18Z Miklos Vajna add support for user-wide config files in the past the config file …
(edit) @b9f2894   2009-04-24T09:52:55Z Miklos Vajna testemonial
(edit) @88c2cc3   2009-04-19T19:25:37Z Miklos Vajna if we are at it, refer to python-skype as well
(edit) @7bf0b9ad   2009-04-19T19:22:56Z Miklos Vajna fix Debian makedeps From: Sebastian Ramacher <s.ramacher@…>
(edit) @37ae52a   2009-03-13T14:35:10Z Miklos Vajna grammar
(edit) @8ee6def   2009-03-13T14:33:22Z Miklos Vajna new testemonial
(edit) @8cb17ff   2009-02-17T03:10:09Z Miklos Vajna new testemonial
(edit) @3e8a4ea   2009-01-19T13:10:04Z Miklos Vajna new testimonial
(edit) @b820226   2009-01-07T00:31:18Z Miklos Vajna add new skype/skypeconsole_receive setting for receiving raw data on …
(edit) @5acf9ab   2008-12-21T20:00:30Z Miklos Vajna support autojoin for bookmarked chats
(edit) @08a355b   2008-12-21T19:37:59Z Miklos Vajna add 'skypeconsole' feature this replaces the old
(edit) @7199b74   2008-11-07T14:06:28Z Miklos Vajna finally a new skype4py 1.x is out which works for me as well
(edit) @12bfb27   2008-11-07T13:34:51Z Miklos Vajna Merge branch 'master' of …
(edit) @c49820d   2008-09-24T09:03:55Z Miklos Vajna add yasrd to todo
(edit) @cc5f8ac   2008-09-07T22:14:51Z Miklos Vajna add a sample public server which has skype support
(edit) @720ae58   2008-09-06T02:07:05Z Miklos Vajna initial osx instructions
(edit) @2a8d790   2008-09-06T01:57:22Z Miklos Vajna add python-gnutls install instructions
(edit) @56d88ba   2008-09-05T19:54:46Z Miklos Vajna docu update and remove todo item
(edit) @15e2200   2008-09-03T10:50:54Z Miklos Vajna add a little story about my uptime ;)
(edit) @1f59f2f   2008-08-15T16:08:53Z Miklos Vajna fix bitlbee compile instructions
(edit) @75d5e71   2008-07-29T19:08:45Z Miklos Vajna tested
(edit) @df482d4   2008-07-29T16:12:02Z Miklos Vajna next testemonial
(edit) @59bf24f   2008-07-29T16:08:10Z Miklos Vajna update note about skype4py-1.x
(edit) @9f829c4   2008-07-24T12:56:09Z Miklos Vajna fix up syntax for newer asciidoc
(edit) @6af3e14   2008-07-12T20:11:10Z Miklos Vajna skype.c: respont with a PONG to PING
(edit) @9033a0a   2008-07-10T08:29:22Z Miklos Vajna new todo
(edit) @1d14818   2008-06-28T00:16:11Z Miklos Vajna doc cleanup
(edit) @039116a   2008-06-28T00:09:25Z Miklos Vajna add support for bitlbee-1.2.1
(edit) @f7c6049   2008-06-28T00:07:56Z Miklos Vajna readme: and a grammar one
(edit) @d276c9a   2008-06-28T00:07:20Z Miklos Vajna readme: syntax fix
(edit) @b019c23   2008-06-28T00:06:44Z Miklos Vajna add note about skype4py-1.x breakage
(edit) @21a387fd   2008-06-18T17:47:26Z Miklos Vajna docu update
(edit) @6344674   2008-06-01T22:44:26Z Miklos Vajna update public chat todo
(edit) @7987be8   2008-05-24T00:55:18Z Miklos Vajna tested with newer skype version
(edit) @ece66da   2008-05-21T13:05:29Z Miklos Vajna document how do i usually start skyped in vnc
(edit) @d0a6a8c   2008-05-19T15:24:18Z Miklos Vajna update readme to be easier to follow for frugalware/debian users
(edit) @5293707   2008-05-13T09:33:31Z Miklos Vajna add more detailed info on how to install skype4py
(edit) @4966d841   2008-05-11T23:23:36Z Miklos Vajna README: document how to avoid compiling bitlbee from source under deb …
(edit) @e3d0b10   2008-05-06T08:09:39Z Miklos Vajna added a new testemonial
(edit) @b0d40f5   2008-04-30T23:57:49Z Miklos Vajna add python-gnutls support and make it default if available - this …
(edit) @7f1cf70   2008-04-16T09:09:59Z Miklos Vajna antispam
(edit) @93264f0   2008-04-10T16:57:16Z Miklos Vajna new testemonial
(edit) @587a921   2008-04-05T12:14:52Z Miklos Vajna new testemonial
(edit) @7996794   2008-04-04T14:40:26Z Miklos Vajna document skypeout_offline setting
(edit) @9ace502   2008-04-04T14:37:24Z Miklos Vajna document how to set a custom port
(edit) @4834307   2008-04-02T23:21:49Z Miklos Vajna update NEWS
(edit) @9aed2f1   2008-04-02T23:19:37Z Miklos Vajna document the new account set skype/balance command
(edit) @c78476c   2008-03-18T01:40:23Z Miklos Vajna remove note about dbus-python, it's old
(edit) @36fbaa0   2008-03-18T01:39:46Z Miklos Vajna bitlbee 1.2
(edit) @31fe322   2008-03-14T21:41:48Z Miklos Vajna tested
(edit) @2dbb768   2008-03-12T16:21:54Z Miklos Vajna update vnc doc
(edit) @df1a59d4   2008-03-07T12:38:58Z Miklos Vajna add support for osx
(edit) @e0074cb   2008-02-29T02:08:14Z Miklos Vajna manage incoming calls via questions
(edit) @48181f0   2008-02-29T00:49:43Z Miklos Vajna report call duration at the end
(edit) @2eb4b1f   2008-02-29T00:34:31Z Miklos Vajna add support for account set -del skype/call to finish an outgoing call
(edit) @123e45a   2008-02-28T23:54:28Z Miklos Vajna document account set skype/call
(edit) @3878849   2008-02-28T23:53:04Z Miklos Vajna remove item from TODO, fixed upstream
(edit) @789d055   2008-02-28T23:21:46Z Miklos Vajna suggest account set, server in account add is old
(edit) @6774d83   2008-02-26T12:27:29Z Miklos Vajna next testemonial
(edit) @ceee9c7   2008-02-26T00:10:52Z Miklos Vajna add a new section to the readme ;)
(edit) @e49da25   2008-02-23T03:02:35Z Miklos Vajna small spelling fixes
(edit) @4bf5dfe   2008-02-23T02:44:23Z Miklos Vajna tested with
(edit) @833eaee   2008-02-23T02:17:06Z Miklos Vajna doc update: manual start of skype no longer necessary
(edit) @6f01885   2008-02-17T18:47:24Z Miklos Vajna update gitweb url
(edit) @6b266f6   2008-01-21T14:05:20Z Miklos Vajna README: typo
(edit) @3511d80   2008-01-21T13:49:17Z Miklos Vajna update todo
(edit) @e72d869   2008-01-15T03:17:26Z Miklos Vajna link HACKING
(edit) @15282dc   2008-01-15T03:14:26Z Miklos Vajna move the git stuff to HACKING
(edit) @3b495c0   2008-01-15T03:10:35Z Miklos Vajna add @version@ magic and prefer tarballs people hate autotools (well, i …
(edit) @57f0440   2008-01-15T03:03:08Z Miklos Vajna spelling fix
(edit) @10a42d9   2008-01-12T21:05:39Z Miklos Vajna put localhost back to readme as it may now more likely that one wants …
(edit) @fdde7d8   2008-01-12T20:22:42Z Miklos Vajna one idea for the todo
(edit) @ccb50f5   2008-01-12T20:21:36Z Miklos Vajna update docs
(edit) @52d377d   2008-01-12T20:12:50Z Miklos Vajna update documentation about how to generate ssl certs
(edit) @e65ceaa   2008-01-12T01:45:59Z Miklos Vajna update doc: pass should now patch in bitlbee and skyped.conf
(edit) @a06a0a5   2008-01-10T16:38:51Z Miklos Vajna todo update
(edit) @f5aedd91   2008-01-10T16:10:10Z Miklos Vajna added default server "localhost"
(edit) @c60b864   2007-12-18T20:04:55Z Miklos Vajna doc update - probably newer python/bitlbee versions work, too - update …
(edit) @6d0b26b   2007-12-16T22:54:36Z Miklos Vajna update doc: git url changed
(edit) @7f93882   2007-12-16T22:38:27Z Miklos Vajna new todo (i think first i need to do it in bitlbee)
(edit) @9834597   2007-12-16T21:10:02Z Miklos Vajna readme: update thanks section
(edit) @fb36492   2007-12-16T03:01:40Z Miklos Vajna update doc: info is implemented time for a release soon..
(edit) @31b4793   2007-12-15T22:24:39Z Miklos Vajna i just noticed we don't support the info command
(edit) @437ddf5   2007-12-14T01:37:27Z Miklos Vajna added "people on #bitlbee" to the thanks section in fact they again …
(edit) @eb39102   2007-12-14T01:26:43Z Miklos Vajna fixed skype4py requirement
(edit) @3d9fd79   2007-12-14T01:13:21Z Miklos Vajna skype2beta tested \o/
(edit) @05cf927   2007-12-14T00:59:42Z Miklos Vajna fixup for Skype4Py >=
(edit) @6e97a7a   2007-12-10T21:42:29Z Miklos Vajna note about "you can run git whereever you want" as requested by timing …
(edit) @2042b56   2007-12-09T21:46:45Z Miklos Vajna typo
(edit) @20994cb   2007-12-09T21:45:35Z Miklos Vajna add a note about no patching is required as today a guy asked on …
(edit) @4eaadf6   2007-12-04T00:23:49Z Miklos Vajna README: added a quote, from the closing mail of the skype ticket
(edit) @23ba69e   2007-11-29T11:46:25Z Miklos Vajna typo in git url
(edit) @c09f90f   2007-11-24T19:32:36Z Miklos Vajna move the skype api doc link to the resources section
(edit) @1138b25   2007-11-24T19:32:23Z Miklos Vajna do not refer to the empty known bugs section
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