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(edit) @c29b62b   2009-12-09T12:02:47Z Miklos Vajna document how to build plugins for 1.2.4
(edit) @d0e9cea   2009-12-09T11:58:29Z Miklos Vajna handle Gentoo's automake wrapper when searching for automake
(edit) @843fbc9   2009-09-27T11:29:09Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.8.0
(edit) @398eb78   2009-09-27T11:22:59Z Miklos Vajna add a manpage
(edit) @c9348c4   2009-04-29T17:27:48Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.7.2
(edit) @129a6c5   2009-02-13T22:39:38Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.7.1
(edit) @16304ab   2009-01-07T02:31:20Z Miklos Vajna add a check target
(edit) @5258dcc9   2009-01-07T00:35:14Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.7.0
(edit) @c1bf7c5   2008-11-12T17:47:46Z Miklos Vajna handle the case in make autogen when automake is not under /usr/share
(edit) @68c162b   2008-09-08T07:31:48Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.6.3
(edit) @12e1162   2008-09-06T01:35:25Z Miklos Vajna use perl instead of sed to avoid portability issues on osx
(edit) @0ec644d   2008-09-05T20:04:45Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.6.2
(edit) @93f4dac   2008-09-05T20:03:45Z Miklos Vajna install: no longer depend on the plugin if its disabled
(edit) @038fa18   2008-09-05T19:54:46Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.6.1
(edit) @b414e30   2008-09-05T19:54:46Z Miklos Vajna fix skyped-only install
(edit) @752a591   2008-09-05T19:54:45Z Miklos Vajna make bitlbee dependency optional as well this way it's possible to …
(edit) @69939608   2008-09-05T19:54:45Z Miklos Vajna check for the skype4py python module and disable skyped if not available
(edit) @21978bc   2008-09-03T10:44:24Z Miklos Vajna don't depen on a version with secbugs
(edit) @1f59f2f   2008-08-15T16:08:53Z Miklos Vajna fix bitlbee compile instructions
(edit) @3839517   2008-06-28T00:11:50Z Miklos Vajna change key id
(edit) @9765aa6   2008-06-28T00:10:42Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.6.0
(edit) @89c68c7   2008-06-18T17:37:28Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.5.1
(edit) @8cd185c   2008-05-24T01:02:27Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.5.0
(edit) @71dd27d   2008-05-11T23:30:03Z Miklos Vajna doc generation cleanup
(edit) @d184f30   2008-04-20T21:38:16Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.4.2
(edit) @c1f3d49   2008-03-31T00:37:40Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.4.1
(edit) @afeb517   2008-03-31T00:20:33Z Miklos Vajna renamed make prepare to make autogen - since it does basically what …
(edit) @e06f408   2008-03-31T00:20:33Z Miklos Vajna add new autoclean target - after clean, you don't have to re-run …
(edit) @df13c25   2008-03-14T21:44:02Z Miklos Vajna avoid ${prefix} in skyped.conf
(edit) @df1a59d4   2008-03-07T12:38:58Z Miklos Vajna add support for osx
(edit) @f578275   2008-02-29T02:12:07Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.4.0
(edit) @c47e566   2008-02-23T02:44:56Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.3.2
(edit) @5e21e06   2008-02-19T14:40:35Z Miklos Vajna typo fix in automake version detection thanks Sebastian (schwarz.s at …
(edit) @3fd8b71   2008-01-28T23:29:00Z Miklos Vajna it seems some distro does not have an automake symlink in /usr/share
(edit) @ff99090   2008-01-21T14:03:50Z Miklos Vajna header.html depends on makefile
(edit) @ed88e8e   2008-01-21T13:52:51Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.3.1
(edit) @68796a1   2008-01-15T03:19:43Z Miklos Vajna git-archive -> git archive
(edit) @3b495c0   2008-01-15T03:10:35Z Miklos Vajna add @version@ magic and prefer tarballs people hate autotools (well, i …
(edit) @b2fa16b   2008-01-12T20:17:00Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.3.0
(edit) @55664fc   2008-01-12T20:09:54Z Miklos Vajna add skyped.cnf for easier ssl cert generation
(edit) @c7304b2   2008-01-12T20:07:10Z Miklos Vajna auth via ssl - move the config file to sysconfdir/skyped/skyped.conf …
(edit) @a3262d1e   2008-01-12T01:41:44Z Miklos Vajna install the default skyped config
(edit) @d1eb24c   2008-01-10T16:35:25Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.2.6
(edit) @c01edb7   2007-12-16T22:41:54Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.2.5
(edit) @bfbb1aa   2007-12-14T01:14:05Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.2.4
(edit) @fc26bcb   2007-11-23T23:49:13Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.2.3
(edit) @b06e647   2007-11-20T09:55:35Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.2.2
(edit) @c4112c4   2007-10-30T14:26:07Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.2.1
(edit) @5b677eb   2007-10-07T20:56:17Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.2.0
(edit) @8de38e9   2007-09-15T22:26:41Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.1.4
(edit) @f080961   2007-09-04T19:30:52Z Miklos Vajna install skyped to bindir, not to sbindir
(edit) @40d2dc4   2007-09-04T17:05:56Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.1.3
(edit) @7de5a60   2007-09-01T22:24:17Z Miklos Vajna use permalinks
(edit) @478c051   2007-08-30T22:56:17Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.1.2
(edit) @025da7a   2007-08-21T23:24:19Z Miklos Vajna updates for 0.1.1
(edit) @1c3f19f   2007-08-21T19:12:00Z Miklos Vajna erm, now really
(edit) @127966f   2007-08-21T19:09:47Z Miklos Vajna fix dist target
(edit) @04064b6b   2007-08-21T19:04:13Z Miklos Vajna do not more the generated tarball/signature
(edit) @7e600c9   2007-08-21T19:02:55Z Miklos Vajna update changelog target to include tags
(edit) @05c1bed   2007-08-21T19:01:49Z Miklos Vajna added new dist and release targets
(edit) @2fcad6e   2007-08-21T18:55:32Z Miklos Vajna make install installs skyped
(edit) @bbf1050   2007-08-21T18:50:09Z Miklos Vajna added an install target
(edit) @bff265c   2007-08-21T18:46:27Z Miklos Vajna new prepare and distclean targets
(edit) @dfec37e   2007-08-21T18:20:59Z Miklos Vajna add a simple skyped client for testing purposes
(edit) @e23a46e   2007-08-20T19:47:13Z Miklos Vajna add a changelog
(edit) @d1c9e35   2007-08-20T16:49:35Z Miklos Vajna build the doc only if it's updated
(edit) @0c60f96   2007-08-20T16:45:05Z Miklos Vajna converted README to asciidoc
(edit) @9fd4241   2007-08-19T15:43:14Z Miklos Vajna download buddies from the server also remove write queues. i took them …
(add) @f06e3ac   2007-08-19T13:37:45Z Miklos Vajna initial commit
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