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(edit) @f924563   2010-05-03T00:52:08Z wilmer Mainline merge.
(edit) @c2ecadc   2010-05-01T13:53:59Z wilmer Cleaned up OAuth stuff: consumer key/secret should *not* be in …
(edit) @508c340   2010-04-26T00:42:37Z wilmer Successfully posted a tweet! Twitter's tricky. It returns vars …
(edit) @55b1e69   2010-04-15T23:15:36Z wilmer Since the home/timeline response can (and often does) come in before …
(edit) @e88fbe27   2010-04-15T23:10:10Z wilmer Added a meta-contact twitter_$username and replaced the …
(edit) @21c87a7   2010-04-14T09:27:50Z wilmer Merging loads of stuff from mainline.
(edit) @37aa317   2010-04-13T22:09:40Z wilmer Small Valgrind noise fix. (Check if the conn is still alive before …
(edit) @3bd4a93   2010-04-13T17:36:16Z wilmer Suppress HTTP error messages unless we get five or more in a row.
(edit) @3e69802   2010-04-13T12:51:05Z wilmer Use full name information of Twitter buddies.
(edit) @cca0692   2010-04-09T00:40:38Z wilmer Added imcb_chat_nick_hint() and use it in the Twitter module to get …
(edit) @08579a1   2010-04-08T00:42:11Z wilmer Parse timestamps in tweets.
(edit) @1014cab   2010-04-07T00:46:38Z wilmer In groupchat mode, make contacts show up in the room instead of in …
(edit) @d569019   2010-04-07T00:27:51Z wilmer A little more cleanup.
(edit) @0519b0a   2010-04-06T23:54:00Z wilmer Killed unused twitter_urldecode() and silence some compiler warnings.
(edit) @2abceca   2010-04-06T17:25:51Z g.c.w.m.mulders Updates made as a result to the comments on the review.
(edit) @62d2cfb   2010-03-25T21:31:27Z g.c.w.m.mulders Added option to get tweeds either through groupchat or privmes.
(edit) @b4dd253   2009-12-02T18:08:40Z g.c.w.m.mulders home/timeline is now displayed in a groupchat instead of private window.
(add) @1b221e0   2009-12-01T21:08:02Z g.c.w.m.mulders Added twitter-module.
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