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(edit) @ff18fc1   2011-08-27T10:30:48Z wilmer Fix #820, make Skype mod compile on NetBSD. (I haven't personally …
(edit) @b518cdc   2011-07-03T14:15:25Z Miklos Vajna Drop no longer necessary autofoo from skype plugin dir
(edit) @5155570   2011-07-03T14:15:13Z Miklos Vajna Install skyped documentation if skype is enabled
(edit) @b5a5938   2011-07-03T14:14:54Z Miklos Vajna Install skyped if skype is enabled
(edit) @004f494   2011-06-29T23:30:33Z Miklos Vajna skype: .gitignore -> .bzrignore
(edit) @2ff0f37   2011-06-29T23:25:02Z Miklos Vajna skyped: user configuration should have priority
(edit) @05d964c   2011-06-15T12:47:16Z hrubi13 Bind to IPv6 address when -H is in IPv6 format
(edit) @bd11422   2011-06-15T12:18:49Z hrubi13 Free skype groupchats on logout
(edit) @c573f1b   2011-06-15T12:18:16Z hrubi13 Don't create new channel when skype groupchat turns from DIALOG to …
(edit) @17dd2ed   2011-06-15T12:13:58Z hrubi13 Fix crash on inviting people to skype groupchats
(add) @43b1cd7   2011-04-12T00:10:57Z Miklos Vajna Merge bitlbee-skype into bitlbee
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