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(edit) @d28fe1c4   2016-05-26T02:48:08Z jgeboski Implemented plugin information for external plugins As of now, …
(edit) @64bed24   2015-10-13T05:05:22Z dx skype: create groupchat as soon as a message is received Before this …
(edit) @fdc6d84   2015-10-13T04:24:12Z dx skype tests: adjust channel length limit to fix tests... The diff …
(edit) @fa41a75   2015-10-13T04:23:59Z dx skype: fix tests to expect NOTICE * instead of NOTICE AUTH Forgot to …
(edit) @6ea8782   2015-10-13T04:23:49Z dx skype: use g_vsnprintf() instead of vsnprintf() More prefixes = …
(edit) @b87e5dc   2015-10-13T04:23:46Z dx skype: use ssl_sockerr_again() instead of sockerr_again() Found the …
(edit) @e88fe7da   2015-08-07T21:53:25Z vlajos typofix -
(edit) @c42d991   2015-05-29T22:17:50Z dx skyped: add _SRCDIR_ to makefile, test build in travis
(edit) @08a9323   2015-05-28T17:45:49Z dx skyped: fix make install-doc target
(edit) @09bd226   2015-05-18T02:23:56Z dx Include prebuilt skyped manpage, remove asciidoc dependency
(edit) @a85a8ab   2015-02-23T04:50:32Z dx Add --doc= configure option to disable helpfile generation It will …
(edit) @5ebff60   2015-02-20T22:50:54Z dx Reindent everything to K&R style with tabs Used uncrustify, with the …
(edit) @6b13103   2015-01-16T19:50:23Z dx Replace isdigit/isalpha/.../tolower/toupper with glib variants This …
(edit) @6f10697   2015-01-16T19:50:23Z dx Fix incorrect Free Software Foundation address
(edit) @c2a863d   2013-04-23T08:06:10Z Miklos Vajna skype: fix build
(edit) @0a7a7e9   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna skype: clean up installing section of README These were the …
(edit) @57b534b   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna skype: ignore empty username (#1045)
(edit) @505fdaa   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna test skype_group_by_name()
(edit) @3d1b06f   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna test skype_chat_topic()
(edit) @e2ac666   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna test skype_chat_msg()
(edit) @500419b   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna skype: avoid fake MBERS buddy in groupchats
(edit) @b201c68   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna test skype_set_away()
(edit) @a016221   2013-04-21T19:39:39Z Miklos Vajna skyped: missing newline in log
(edit) @e31e5b8   2013-04-20T13:05:55Z wilmer Merging "storage" branch which I wrote long ago. It separates …
(edit) @215e171   2013-03-16T20:31:32Z Miklos Vajna skype: improve support for reading bookmarked chats (#1037)
(edit) @6f360a0   2013-03-16T20:25:35Z Miklos Vajna skype: in groupchats, handle ACTIVEMEMBERS as MEMBERS (#1037)
(edit) @2363cca   2013-03-07T15:45:31Z Miklos Vajna skyped: fix non-gobject mode (#1035)
(edit) @f4eb3fc   2013-03-06T20:50:15Z Miklos Vajna test skype_chat_leave()
(edit) @83c246e   2013-03-06T20:21:13Z Miklos Vajna skype: enough questions about if skype 4.x works or not
(edit) @52ceb4b   2013-03-06T19:56:19Z Miklos Vajna skyped: prefix debug messages with source location
(edit) @8407e25   2013-03-06T19:41:18Z Miklos Vajna skyped: fix typo when not finding config file
(edit) @36f6ab3   2013-02-28T07:15:49Z Miklos Vajna skype: add support for fetching full names of buddies
(edit) @c440320   2013-02-25T20:38:05Z Miklos Vajna also sanitize log file output
(edit) @9754c2f   2013-02-18T08:42:30Z Miklos Vajna Clean up set_my_name API implementations
(edit) @94d9511   2013-02-17T19:51:11Z Miklos Vajna skype tests: run all tests with a single skyped config This makes …
(edit) @130f7b8   2013-02-17T19:51:11Z Miklos Vajna test skype_set_mood_text()
(edit) @3a92020   2013-02-17T13:06:51Z Miklos Vajna test skype_buddy_action_list()
(edit) @c7336ba   2013-02-16T14:03:56Z Miklos Vajna skype_buddy_action_list: fix missing hangup in help output
(edit) @78e103e   2013-02-16T13:33:46Z Miklos Vajna test skype_add_buddy()
(edit) @3bf9f71   2013-02-16T13:27:45Z Miklos Vajna skyped: print again the config file path
(edit) @33ed455   2013-02-16T13:23:11Z Miklos Vajna skype: rename these tests, these are about we are added, not about we add
(edit) @61d2eabb   2013-02-14T15:20:00Z Miklos Vajna skype: check for truncated commands on receiving
(edit) @b6ab05b   2013-02-11T12:56:04Z Miklos Vajna skype: handle only socket errors in send()
(edit) @4da4e9b   2013-02-11T12:56:04Z Miklos Vajna skype: handle socket errors during tls session negotiation in a …
(edit) @5a4f22e   2013-02-11T12:56:04Z Miklos Vajna skype: don't do retries on send() on socket errors with gobject As …
(edit) @8e166ae   2013-02-11T12:56:04Z Miklos Vajna skype: cleanup of the send() code Use socket.sendall(), as send() is …
(edit) @5a0ffa2   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype: add newline to all the lines emitted
(edit) @3e23850   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype: add ATTACH_GDB env flag, extend hacking instructions with info …
(edit) @7e5b4bd   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype: add --dont-start-skype option For cases when case skype …
(edit) @b56c76c   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype: use argparse instead of getopt for CLI in skyped
(edit) @ee3bccd   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype: make chdirs work more reliably between tests
(edit) @1146e21   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype.test: do proper cleanup of skyped process despite possible …
(edit) @65a5d15   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype: mention --plugindir quirk in HACKING As skype support always …
(edit) @875ba16   2013-02-09T11:31:43Z Miklos Vajna skype: move config instructions from README to the manpage
(edit) @ef64837   2013-02-09T11:31:43Z Miklos Vajna test skype_parse_group()
(edit) @db34b06   2013-01-20T10:04:10Z Miklos Vajna test skype_parse_filetransfer()
(edit) @b2dc873   2013-01-19T19:25:19Z Miklos Vajna skype: provide more info about file transfers Till now only a single …
(edit) @69ae6f2   2013-01-16T20:26:59Z Miklos Vajna test skype_call_strerror()
(edit) @f6cab7c   2013-01-16T20:26:59Z Miklos Vajna test skype_call_ask_no()
(edit) @daac755   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna test skype_call_ask_yes()
(edit) @a6a2d81   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype_chat_invite: test this
(edit) @2487112   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype_parse_chat: read MEMBERS, not ACTIVEMEMBERS This makes /invite …
(edit) @d4b5e5b   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype: new 'groupchat invited' testcase
(edit) @db0d979   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype: new 'add no' testcase
(edit) @6efb777   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype: new 'add yes' testcase
(edit) @650d2b4   2013-01-13T11:51:02Z Miklos Vajna skype: convert msg test to a mock-based one
(edit) @9ec6b36   2013-01-13T11:41:21Z Miklos Vajna Update my email
(edit) @fffabad   2013-01-13T11:41:21Z Miklos Vajna skyped: add mock mode
(edit) @757e1e0   2013-01-01T16:19:09Z Miklos Vajna skype: remove unused build system targets, references to git
(edit) @e1d6b38   2013-01-01T16:04:34Z Miklos Vajna skype: make checkpatch happy again (cosmetics)
(edit) @7764fb1   2013-01-01T15:44:31Z Miklos Vajna skype: support setting mood text Requested by martinc on IRC.
(edit) @3c7af69   2012-12-29T10:44:24Z Miklos Vajna skype: make it not hang with >= Sadly reading users of larger …
(edit) @1a0b734   2012-07-20T20:32:53Z Miklos Vajna #979 skyped: tolerate errors from skype during startup
(edit) @bb5ce568   2012-06-07T22:41:17Z wilmer s/ACC_SET_NOSAVE/SET_NOSAVE/.
(edit) @9ce44dd   2012-04-22T21:48:09Z Miklos Vajna skyped: set FD_CLOEXEC on listening socket Skype4Py uses os.execlp() …
(edit) @58b65b33   2012-04-12T21:27:54Z Miklos Vajna skype: use ssl_disconnect instead of closesocket Also call …
(edit) @7fa5c19   2012-02-11T12:55:45Z wilmer Rename SRCDIR directory to _SRCDIR_. I guess #907 was caused by SRCDIR …
(edit) @85341dd   2012-01-27T23:25:13Z Miklos Vajna skype: properly display multiple about lines Previously we printed …
(edit) @7c2daf5f   2012-01-27T23:16:15Z Miklos Vajna skype: don't crash in skype_parse_user() if the user has multiple …
(edit) @a72dc2b   2011-12-19T17:57:20Z wilmer Add verify argument to ssl_connect() so HTTPS-based stuff is also …
(edit) @486ddb5   2011-12-19T14:50:58Z wilmer Initial merge of tls_verify patch from AopicieR.
(edit) @6ba00ac   2011-12-11T23:25:40Z Miklos Vajna skyped: give reasonable error message when cert is missing
(edit) @e46db53   2011-12-11T12:12:24Z wilmer Another packaging fix: Don't put skyped manpage in bitlbee-common.
(edit) @57da960   2011-12-10T22:43:10Z wilmer Skype module packaging.
(edit) @d45b181   2011-11-23T16:27:59Z Miklos Vajna Add missing 'skype/skyped.conf.dist'
(edit) @ff18fc1   2011-08-27T10:30:48Z wilmer Fix #820, make Skype mod compile on NetBSD. (I haven't personally …
(edit) @b518cdc   2011-07-03T14:15:25Z Miklos Vajna Drop no longer necessary autofoo from skype plugin dir
(edit) @5155570   2011-07-03T14:15:13Z Miklos Vajna Install skyped documentation if skype is enabled
(edit) @b5a5938   2011-07-03T14:14:54Z Miklos Vajna Install skyped if skype is enabled
(edit) @004f494   2011-06-29T23:30:33Z Miklos Vajna skype: .gitignore -> .bzrignore
(edit) @2ff0f37   2011-06-29T23:25:02Z Miklos Vajna skyped: user configuration should have priority
(edit) @05d964c   2011-06-15T12:47:16Z hrubi13 Bind to IPv6 address when -H is in IPv6 format
(edit) @bd11422   2011-06-15T12:18:49Z hrubi13 Free skype groupchats on logout
(edit) @c573f1b   2011-06-15T12:18:16Z hrubi13 Don't create new channel when skype groupchat turns from DIALOG to …
(edit) @17dd2ed   2011-06-15T12:13:58Z hrubi13 Fix crash on inviting people to skype groupchats
(add) @43b1cd7   2011-04-12T00:10:57Z Miklos Vajna Merge bitlbee-skype into bitlbee
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