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(edit) @130f7b8   2013-02-17T19:51:11Z Miklos Vajna test skype_set_mood_text()
(edit) @3a92020   2013-02-17T13:06:51Z Miklos Vajna test skype_buddy_action_list()
(edit) @78e103e   2013-02-16T13:33:46Z Miklos Vajna test skype_add_buddy()
(edit) @33ed455   2013-02-16T13:23:11Z Miklos Vajna skype: rename these tests, these are about we are added, not about we add
(edit) @ef64837   2013-02-09T11:31:43Z Miklos Vajna test skype_parse_group()
(edit) @db34b06   2013-01-20T10:04:10Z Miklos Vajna test skype_parse_filetransfer()
(edit) @69ae6f2   2013-01-16T20:26:59Z Miklos Vajna test skype_call_strerror()
(edit) @f6cab7c   2013-01-16T20:26:59Z Miklos Vajna test skype_call_ask_no()
(edit) @daac755   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna test skype_call_ask_yes()
(edit) @a6a2d81   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype_chat_invite: test this
(edit) @2487112   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype_parse_chat: read MEMBERS, not ACTIVEMEMBERS This makes /invite …
(edit) @d4b5e5b   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype: new 'groupchat invited' testcase
(edit) @db0d979   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype: new 'add no' testcase
(edit) @6efb777   2013-01-16T20:26:58Z Miklos Vajna skype: new 'add yes' testcase
(edit) @650d2b4   2013-01-13T11:51:02Z Miklos Vajna skype: convert msg test to a mock-based one
(add) @43b1cd7   2011-04-12T00:10:57Z Miklos Vajna Merge bitlbee-skype into bitlbee
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