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(edit) @3bf9f71   2013-02-16T13:27:45Z Miklos Vajna skyped: print again the config file path
(edit) @b6ab05b   2013-02-11T12:56:04Z Miklos Vajna skype: handle only socket errors in send()
(edit) @4da4e9b   2013-02-11T12:56:04Z Miklos Vajna skype: handle socket errors during tls session negotiation in a …
(edit) @5a4f22e   2013-02-11T12:56:04Z Miklos Vajna skype: don't do retries on send() on socket errors with gobject As …
(edit) @8e166ae   2013-02-11T12:56:04Z Miklos Vajna skype: cleanup of the send() code Use socket.sendall(), as send() is …
(edit) @7e5b4bd   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype: add --dont-start-skype option For cases when case skype …
(edit) @b56c76c   2013-02-11T12:56:03Z Miklos Vajna skype: use argparse instead of getopt for CLI in skyped
(edit) @9ec6b36   2013-01-13T11:41:21Z Miklos Vajna Update my email
(edit) @fffabad   2013-01-13T11:41:21Z Miklos Vajna skyped: add mock mode
(edit) @1a0b734   2012-07-20T20:32:53Z Miklos Vajna #979 skyped: tolerate errors from skype during startup
(edit) @9ce44dd   2012-04-22T21:48:09Z Miklos Vajna skyped: set FD_CLOEXEC on listening socket Skype4Py uses os.execlp() …
(edit) @6ba00ac   2011-12-11T23:25:40Z Miklos Vajna skyped: give reasonable error message when cert is missing
(edit) @2ff0f37   2011-06-29T23:25:02Z Miklos Vajna skyped: user configuration should have priority
(edit) @05d964c   2011-06-15T12:47:16Z hrubi13 Bind to IPv6 address when -H is in IPv6 format
(add) @43b1cd7   2011-04-12T00:10:57Z Miklos Vajna Merge bitlbee-skype into bitlbee
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