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(edit) @4452e69   2010-08-14T13:06:11Z wilmer Allow changing the display_name, now permanently!
(edit) @12767e3   2010-08-14T11:30:40Z wilmer Status/Away messages.
(edit) @73efe3a   2010-08-14T11:07:45Z wilmer Allow Passport authentication with accounts.
(edit) @4e4af1b   2010-08-14T08:48:46Z wilmer Remove some old Passport stuff, this is all in soap.[ch] now.
(edit) @91d6e91   2010-08-13T09:12:31Z wilmer Sending offline messages works now ... but Pidgin doesn't seem to …
(edit) @ca7de3a   2010-08-12T22:13:26Z wilmer Successful login (including contact list sync). \o/
(edit) @7f34ce2   2010-08-11T23:03:33Z wilmer Get contact list/address book info. Next step: We have to send it …
(edit) @523fb23   2010-08-11T08:08:39Z wilmer Implement MSNP15 SSO (Sadistic Sign-On).
(edit) @7db65b7   2010-08-09T19:04:55Z wilmer Not working yet, but some code for fetching the membership list. …
(edit) @5fecede   2010-08-08T17:29:43Z wilmer Enough changes to successfully login up to (but not including) …
(edit) @bc090f0   2010-03-20T22:42:59Z wilmer Error reporting and added a msgq_send function. Need to put some more …
(edit) @ffb6dea   2010-03-20T21:58:04Z wilmer Killing some memory leaks.
(add) @e5a8118   2010-03-20T17:27:23Z wilmer Added soap.c with a fairly reusable SOAP framework and simple code for …
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