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(edit) @9b1d2d6   2010-08-22T10:42:27Z wilmer Ignore empty status messages, and msnmsgrp2p invitations.
(edit) @4022b68   2010-08-21T22:42:01Z wilmer Merge mainline.
(edit) @0ebf919   2010-08-21T22:25:37Z wilmer Pass "user is mobile" info coming from OSCAR up to BitlBee and show …
(edit) @bad41f56   2010-08-19T23:42:11Z wilmer libpurple: Fix typing notifications (in and out). Closes #671.
(edit) @d93c0eb9   2010-08-14T12:20:59Z wilmer Read incoming MSN status/away messages.
(edit) @203a2d2   2010-08-07T21:06:24Z wilmer Allow protocol modules to keep per-contact protocol-specific data. Use …
(edit) @69b896b   2010-07-05T12:01:28Z wilmer When addressing people in a chatroom, try to translate the nickname to …
(edit) @d7db346   2010-06-08T22:44:16Z wilmer Some cleanup improvements.
(edit) @56699f0   2010-06-07T15:11:09Z wilmer Show idle + login time info in /WHOIS (if available).
(edit) @ad404ab   2010-06-03T00:20:53Z wilmer Restore add_* handle_unknown settings.
(edit) @3130e70   2010-05-09T21:39:31Z wilmer Do not free bu->group anymore, it's no longer a string!
(edit) @7aadd71   2010-05-09T18:05:55Z wilmer Keep track of contact groups in a slightly more efficient way.
(edit) @eb50495   2010-05-04T08:45:10Z wilmer Show offline/away status better in /WHO and /WHOIS.
(edit) @0d4a068   2010-05-03T22:58:15Z wilmer Removed some disabled code related to away_devoice (now implemented …
(edit) @573dab0   2010-04-13T10:20:04Z wilmer Incoming typing notifications.
(edit) @eabc9d2   2010-04-11T22:49:32Z wilmer Fixed cleanup issues when turning off an account. Also fixed syntax of …
(edit) @1d39159   2010-04-05T00:18:24Z wilmer Get full names properly. Handling of nick_source setting and …
(edit) @f012a9f   2010-04-02T03:25:41Z wilmer Can receive messages again.
(edit) @231b08b   2010-04-02T02:54:39Z wilmer Show buddy online/offline status in the first channel.
(edit) @fb117aee   2010-04-02T02:29:45Z wilmer Cleaned lots of compiler warnings so I can get some signal again.
(edit) @e63507a   2010-04-02T02:03:50Z wilmer Synced the values of some old OPT_* flags with BEE_USER_*.
(edit) @d860a8d   2010-04-01T03:38:50Z wilmer Restored "account" root command and restored enough stuff to be able …
(edit) @81e04e1   2010-04-01T02:32:25Z wilmer nogaim.c is close to doing something useful again without speaking any …
(add) @10a96f4   2010-03-29T12:25:01Z wilmer Start restoring IM-related bits, added bee_user.c with basic functions …
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