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(edit) @6f10697   2015-01-16T19:50:23Z dx Fix incorrect Free Software Foundation address
(edit) @5df65bd   2010-11-21T16:14:03Z wilmer Don't save the global "away" settings, leave that to the IRC /AWAY …
(edit) @0ebf919   2010-08-21T22:25:37Z wilmer Pass "user is mobile" info coming from OSCAR up to BitlBee and show …
(edit) @0d9d53e   2010-06-07T00:58:07Z wilmer Fixed "set password" and "set auto_reconnect_delay".
(edit) @7aadd71   2010-05-09T18:05:55Z wilmer Keep track of contact groups in a slightly more efficient way.
(edit) @aea8b68   2010-05-06T00:28:56Z wilmer Starting to restore chatroom stuff. Only enough to create and be …
(edit) @d33679e   2010-04-14T12:17:12Z wilmer Call bee_free() from irc_free() or daemon mode gets pretty sad.
(edit) @81186cab   2010-04-13T11:38:41Z wilmer /away and set away/status stuff back.
(edit) @81e04e1   2010-04-01T02:32:25Z wilmer nogaim.c is close to doing something useful again without speaking any …
(add) @ebaebfe   2010-03-27T01:57:00Z wilmer PING and QUIT work now, and adding some files that weren't checked in …
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