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(edit) @10a96f4   2010-03-29T12:25:01Z wilmer Start restoring IM-related bits, added bee_user.c with basic functions …
(edit) @3ddb7477   2010-03-26T12:14:37Z wilmer One total mess that doesn't do much yet, but reorganised some stuff …
(edit) @fc5cf88   2008-02-16T15:45:12Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix lcov dependencies.
(edit) @348c11b   2007-01-22T09:42:55Z Jelmer Vernooij Add lcov target
(edit) @d8d63a2   2006-12-05T20:40:17Z Jelmer Vernooij [merge] wilmer
(edit) @66b9e86e   2006-07-07T13:33:31Z Jelmer Vernooij Add support for checking test suite coverage using gcov.
(edit) @df1694b   2006-06-25T12:15:42Z wilmer Moving all generic files to lib/ instead of having some in / and some …
(edit) @85cf37f   2006-05-14T10:32:21Z wilmer Added --events= flag to configure.
(edit) @fc2ee0f   2006-05-13T10:29:53Z wilmer It works, it works! \o/
(edit) @13cc96c   2006-05-12T18:03:02Z wilmer events_libevent.c
(edit) @ecf8fa8   2006-05-09T07:20:05Z wilmer Split off event handling related functions (depending on GLib) to …
(edit) @e62762b   2005-12-27T15:10:15Z wilmer Moved util.c to root, moved some things to there from bitlbee.c
(edit) @8a9afe4   2005-12-17T16:54:12Z wilmer http_client lib
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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