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(edit) @f26db4a8   2010-10-01T20:38:16Z pesco explicitly handle cheating by smp opponent
(edit) @7c91392   2010-10-01T20:14:45Z pesco give smp/smpq command handler a better name
(edit) @03e5fb7   2010-10-01T19:25:48Z pesco clarify copyright
(edit) @6ce2240   2010-09-30T06:02:01Z wilmer Merging some fixes from pesco. Adds support for the SMP flavour used …
(edit) @858ea01   2010-09-30T05:50:43Z wilmer Allow building OTR support as a plugin. Fairly simple, let's hope I …
(edit) @4752063   2010-09-19T20:12:12Z pesco bump copyright year to 2010 in the right place
(edit) @0e078a7   2010-09-19T20:04:32Z pesco complain when trying smp without an otr channel
(edit) @10d89be   2010-09-19T19:16:43Z pesco cosmetics
(edit) @9cc653c   2010-09-19T19:12:49Z pesco let 'otr smpq' only work for smp init, not reply
(edit) @99a01b9   2010-09-19T18:23:05Z pesco add 'otr smpq' command for q&a-style smp authentication
(edit) @76e2f62   2010-09-19T17:29:10Z pesco handle SMP1Q packets (smp init with question)
(edit) @2dcaf9a   2010-09-01T22:35:06Z wilmer Load/save code. It'd be better if the OTR module would just save its …
(edit) @934db064   2010-09-01T22:09:27Z wilmer Do encryption and decryption. Somehow SMP and other things aren't …
(edit) @0c85c08   2010-08-31T23:18:21Z wilmer Pluginify this thing a little bit. Not so much in the dynamically …
(edit) @8358691   2010-08-31T20:05:36Z wilmer Added root_command_add() and use it to create the "otr" command.
(edit) @ad2d8bc   2010-08-25T23:03:11Z wilmer It compiles, including otr.c. Time to hook it up with the rest again.
(edit) @1dd3470   2010-06-03T21:47:53Z pesco add an option to disable otr on twitter (and other unsuitable protocols)
(edit) @fc34fb5   2009-03-13T11:31:47Z pesco dont specify a background when coloring encrypted messages
(edit) @6738a67   2008-07-16T23:22:52Z pesco merge in latest trunk
(edit) @9730d72   2008-07-16T21:45:12Z pesco minor bugfixes
(edit) @b14890d   2008-02-18T09:42:25Z sm fix "purple background" bug *sigh* :P
(edit) @5933da7   2008-02-18T09:36:23Z sm fix "purple message" bug ;)
(edit) @fcfd9c5   2008-02-17T13:24:48Z sm tabidy some indentation
(edit) @12cc58b   2008-02-17T10:52:28Z sm don't unnecessarily duplicate otr userstate in keygen slave
(edit) @9e64011   2008-02-17T02:28:05Z sm fix an uninitialized value
(edit) @d858d21   2008-02-17T02:12:42Z sm remove debugging output
(edit) @37bff51   2008-02-17T02:05:23Z sm add TODO note about erasing forgotten keys
(edit) @d0faf62   2008-02-17T01:58:41Z sm put 'otr forget key' back in, which now works
(edit) @82e8fe8   2008-02-17T01:50:23Z sm free query strings after query_add
(edit) @ba5add7   2008-02-17T01:39:39Z sm explicitly initialize ssl in order to avoid gnutls and libotr fighting …
(edit) @fd9fa52   2008-02-16T17:17:29Z sm indent fingerprints in 'otr info <buddy>'
(edit) @903a2fc   2008-02-16T16:24:38Z sm remove (broken) 'otr forget key' command again
(edit) @1221ef0   2008-02-16T15:28:08Z sm show keys being generated in 'otr info'
(edit) @3064ea4   2008-02-16T15:20:58Z sm rework keygen messages and add some notices
(edit) @dc9797f   2008-02-16T13:24:44Z sm keep track of which keys are queued for generation
(edit) @27db433   2008-02-15T17:36:18Z sm implement background keygen via child process
(edit) @522a00f   2008-02-15T09:27:26Z sm remove thread-based keygen replace it with a process-based stub
(edit) @6c91e6e   2008-02-15T00:45:21Z sm otr_load error handling + stonedcoder copyright notice
(edit) @f3597a1   2008-02-14T21:01:21Z sm revert keygen behaviour to old (lax) behavior
(edit) @ef93a2f   2008-02-14T18:48:34Z sm chmod 0600 otr save files
(edit) @e2b15bb   2008-02-12T00:01:35Z sm - add global policy setting - add copyright and author notices to …
(edit) @5f4eede   2008-02-11T23:16:23Z sm - add nonfunctional 'otr forget key' implementation - add …
(edit) @c595308   2008-02-11T21:20:35Z sm - use a recursive otr_mutex - implement 'otr forget fingerprint' and …
(edit) @8c2b1c3   2008-02-11T14:36:19Z sm honor simulate_netsplit for encrypted/trusted mode changes
(edit) @5bf5edf   2008-02-10T21:54:28Z sm log out all accounts when going into keygen
(edit) @5d62040   2008-02-10T21:12:13Z sm remove cleartext fallbacks during keygen
(edit) @94e7eb3   2008-02-10T17:56:59Z sm add 'otr keygen' command
(edit) @8521b02   2008-02-10T16:46:10Z sm - rename request/abort commands to connect/disconnect - support 'otr …
(edit) @52e6e17   2008-02-10T13:36:43Z sm Support halfops for 'notaway' status etc.
(edit) @5a71d9c   2008-02-09T17:58:13Z sm - add support for setting ops/voice according to OTR msgstate - add …
(edit) @a13855a   2008-02-06T16:42:23Z sm use peernicks and try to guess max message size
(edit) @3c80a9d   2008-02-03T22:28:13Z sm otr: check some error conditions
(add) @764c7d1   2008-02-03T21:30:03Z sm OTR support, first checkin
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