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(edit) @80acb6d   2011-11-14T10:43:03Z wilmer GnuTLS now also needs ssl_pending() implemented. Bug #860.
(edit) @31c28a4   2010-12-19T11:16:20Z wilmer Implement ssl_pending() for NSS. This fixes bug #368 which so far only …
(edit) @ef043d3   2010-11-20T15:13:40Z wilmer Fix up NSS SSL module.
(edit) @be999a5   2010-08-23T23:12:24Z wilmer First step in this merge. Mostly a bzr merge and then a cleanup of …
(edit) @e046390   2009-10-10T23:25:54Z wilmer Make purple use BitlBee's event handling API. Since the APIs never …
(edit) @6738a67   2008-07-16T23:22:52Z pesco merge in latest trunk
(edit) @8a2221a7   2008-03-23T14:29:19Z wilmer Fixed stalling issue with OpenSSL and Jabber (#368).
(edit) @ba5add7   2008-02-17T01:39:39Z sm explicitly initialize ssl in order to avoid gnutls and libotr fighting …
(add) @df1694b   2006-06-25T12:15:42Z wilmer Moving all generic files to lib/ instead of having some in / and some …
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