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(edit) @cc6fdf8   2012-12-22T00:14:26Z wilmer Merging JSON branch. It's very stable by now, and I want more testers.
(edit) @3bda2c2   2012-12-02T17:39:22Z wilmer Fixed minor memory leak.
(edit) @ba654ec   2012-10-28T23:36:55Z wilmer Use the new JSON code for OAuth2 processing. Starting to see the use …
(edit) @7615726   2012-01-04T00:01:51Z wilmer Fixing one compiler warning that shouldn't indicate any real problem …
(edit) @644b808   2011-12-26T10:50:34Z wilmer A few more minor cleanups before merging this into mainline.
(edit) @f9789d4   2011-12-20T16:42:17Z wilmer NULL-checking in rfc822_get_header() and OAuth response handling.
(edit) @bf57cd1   2011-12-19T00:17:38Z wilmer Facebook OAuth2 should now be fully usable.
(edit) @18c6d36   2011-12-18T19:25:44Z wilmer More generic OAuth support now. Should work well for all GTalk …
(edit) @7732193   2011-08-04T18:52:53Z wilmer Had to change the OAuth secret for GTalk.
(edit) @39a939c   2011-07-31T14:55:00Z wilmer oauth2 changes to address …
(edit) @4a5d885   2011-07-26T11:58:38Z wilmer Working OAuth2 support. Needs some more debugging (error handling is …
(add) @57b4525   2011-07-22T18:29:25Z wilmer Nothing useful yet, this just generates an auth URL. Things to do: …
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