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(edit) @0b9daac   2015-02-20T23:16:08Z dx Reorganize include files to avoid conflicts with other libs - Change …
(edit) @5ebff60   2015-02-20T22:50:54Z dx Reindent everything to K&R style with tabs Used uncrustify, with the …
(edit) @b38d399   2014-11-24T05:16:09Z dx Use glib functions for base64 decoding/encoding This fixes several …
(edit) @50d26f3   2008-03-16T15:28:37Z wilmer Fixed base64_decode() to not barf on corrupted Base64 strings.
(edit) @3b6eadc   2007-07-07T17:19:28Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix some warnings in storage.c.
(add) @7ed3199   2006-06-25T14:07:01Z wilmer Moved Base64-related functions to a separate file and added decode …
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