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(edit) @9438323   2010-05-04T23:38:18Z wilmer Use irc_channel_name_ok() and check if a channel with that name …
(edit) @9893da3   2010-05-03T23:55:33Z wilmer Add irc_channel_printf() for slightly saner root messages from a …
(edit) @1a3ba05   2010-05-03T11:55:06Z wilmer Fixed strncpy() usage, and show error when trying to msg non-existent …
(edit) @6a9d068   2010-05-03T00:39:39Z wilmer Restore away_devoice.
(edit) @e54112f   2010-05-02T23:44:33Z wilmer Put a channel userlist in irc_channel_user elements so we can save …
(edit) @bce78c8   2010-05-02T18:48:26Z wilmer Restored classical control channel behaviour (the ability to talk to …
(edit) @57c96f7   2010-04-05T01:00:02Z wilmer Restored the rename command.
(edit) @0b5cc72   2010-04-05T00:39:04Z wilmer Send nickname change notifications when necessary.
(edit) @fb117aee   2010-04-02T02:29:45Z wilmer Cleaned lots of compiler warnings so I can get some signal again.
(edit) @74f1cde   2010-03-27T18:05:38Z wilmer irc_usermsg() works a little bit again. Have to figure out how and …
(edit) @280c56a   2010-03-27T17:36:47Z wilmer Added privmsg handlers to users/channels. root commands are coming back.
(edit) @b919363   2010-03-27T14:31:03Z wilmer Mode stuff. Also disallow unsetting +R umode which was possible so far …
(edit) @83e92bf   2010-03-27T12:30:00Z wilmer Topic handling changes.
(edit) @63a520b   2010-03-27T03:11:02Z wilmer Collect that garbage.
(edit) @b9e020a   2010-03-27T03:04:35Z wilmer Added JOIN, NAMES and PART commands.
(add) @4be8239   2010-03-27T02:39:08Z wilmer Simple IRC channel interface, use it to represent the control channel.
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