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(edit) @6dff9d4   2006-03-01T21:08:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Also listen for admin connections on a unix domain socket at …
(edit) @57c4fc0   2006-01-22T09:19:03Z wilmer Error checking for accept(). Have to find out why it went wrong (and …
(edit) @87de505   2006-01-22T00:15:03Z wilmer Quit message was invisible on /DIE.
(edit) @54879ab   2006-01-21T22:31:10Z wilmer Added RESTART command (only for ForkDaemon mode) for easier upgrades.
(edit) @f1d38f2   2006-01-21T22:23:58Z wilmer Fixed counting of arguments in i[rp]c_exec(), made them a bit too simple.
(edit) @f73b969   2006-01-20T15:15:49Z wilmer Renamed commands.c, got rid of return values in all command functions.
(edit) @5424c76   2006-01-19T17:52:19Z wilmer Rehash command now also works in inetd mode. Other "IPC" commands only …
(edit) @bd9b00f   2006-01-19T17:07:47Z wilmer Fixes for single-process daemon mode, changed value of …
(edit) @2face62   2006-01-19T16:34:41Z wilmer A bit too much for one commit, but well: Client processes didn't clean …
(edit) @4c266f2   2006-01-18T22:17:59Z wilmer Merged (and adapted) changes from main tree.
(edit) @1ea13be   2006-01-18T18:14:35Z wilmer Fixed a bad mistake in ipc_readline() error handling.
(edit) @48721c3   2006-01-17T21:15:42Z wilmer A KILL command. Unfortunately the user doesn't see the KILL message …
(edit) @daa9e02   2006-01-17T18:05:22Z wilmer LILO/WALLOPS commands now check if the receiving user logged in yet.
(edit) @f4a5940   2006-01-15T20:31:59Z wilmer Added REHASH command, IPC emulation in daemon (non-forked) mode.
(edit) @74c119d   2006-01-15T15:42:20Z wilmer Better DIE implementation, added SO_REUSEADDR to listening socket.
(edit) @13caf0a   2006-01-15T14:16:49Z wilmer Better implementation of /DIE
(edit) @e0ca412   2006-01-15T11:33:54Z wilmer s/WALLOP/WALLOPS/, added LILO command.
(add) @0431ea1   2006-01-15T01:49:49Z wilmer Imported irc_command branch and used this addition for parsing IPC …
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