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(edit) @095a5f0   2010-06-05T14:47:54Z wilmer Redid debian/rules using debhelper, with good results. This creates …
(edit) @ae3dc99   2010-04-24T17:02:07Z wilmer Merging stuff from mainline (1.2.6).
(edit) @b5b40ff   2010-04-24T16:57:34Z wilmer Added BITLBEE_CONFIGURE_FLAGS variable so configure flags can be …
(edit) @f1b7711   2010-04-24T14:15:54Z wilmer Also override package version number for bitlbee-dev when …
(edit) @0a4f6f4   2008-08-28T22:27:34Z wilmer Uploaded 1.2.2-1. Now patching up bitlbee.conf at build time to keep … 1.2.2-1
(edit) @e565ce2   2008-06-15T22:30:08Z Jelmer Vernooij Stop ignoring distclean exit code.
(edit) @46d4230   2008-05-08T05:43:53Z wilmer Added bitlbee-dev package, finalized 1.2-4 package. 1.2-4
(edit) @483f8dd   2008-03-24T21:13:23Z wilmer Removed DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS because it turns out this isn't just some … 1.2-3
(edit) @379c08a   2008-03-21T00:27:24Z wilmer Updated/Fixed Debian package. 1.2-1
(edit) @cbaac62   2007-07-14T17:20:18Z wilmer Adding an epoch to "spoofed" version numbers to make sure apt doesn't …
(edit) @19a8088   2007-07-05T23:36:48Z wilmer Adding debian/ tree to the repository again. Updated it to include all …
(edit) @2d99c97   2005-11-09T01:03:52Z wilmer Let's not keep debian/ in bzr.
(add) @b7d3cc34   2005-11-06T18:23:18Z wilmer Initial repository (0.99 release tree) 0.99
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