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(edit) @bf02a67   2005-12-15T11:55:27Z wilmer Merged Jelmer's pluginable tree (mainly useful for the Win32 port).
(edit) @11e090b   2005-12-15T09:14:38Z wilmer Moved variable declarations to the right place to make older compilers …
(edit) @547f937   2005-12-14T11:15:04Z Jelmer Vernooij Remove statement that couldn't be executed anyway
(edit) @703f0f7   2005-12-14T01:17:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge my pluginable branch
(edit) @22bf64e   2005-12-13T23:27:58Z wilmer Improved typing notification support. (from f0rked)
(edit) @6aaa221   2005-12-13T23:21:21Z wilmer More work on the storage abstraction layer from Jelmer.
(edit) @d3307e2   2005-12-13T23:07:05Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge my storage fixes
(edit) @b73ac9c   2005-12-13T23:05:27Z Jelmer Vernooij Add support for 'primary' and 'migrate' account storages. Fix two bugs …
(edit) @a301379c   2005-12-13T22:43:59Z Jelmer Vernooij Simplify obfuscation functions - make them a bit more bitlbee-independent
(edit) @568aaf7   2005-12-13T21:39:18Z Jelmer Vernooij Use the standard data file format.
(edit) @ab4afba   2005-12-13T21:22:06Z wilmer Boo!
(edit) @1aa0bb5   2005-12-13T21:20:34Z wilmer AIM groupchat support, thanks to Hanji (Nelson Elhage)!
(edit) @34759e6   2005-12-10T15:28:41Z Jelmer Vernooij Use more GLib functions
(edit) @ab49fdc   2005-12-10T14:50:49Z Jelmer Vernooij Use helper functions rather then the backends directly. This will be …
(edit) @9df916f   2005-12-09T20:48:45Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge my storage abstraction changes
(edit) @87c24ba   2005-12-08T16:00:29Z Jelmer Vernooij Ignore decode/encode utilities
(edit) @7cad7b4   2005-12-08T16:00:08Z Jelmer Vernooij Clearer seperation between crypting and generic password code
(edit) @09adf08   2005-12-08T15:31:25Z Jelmer Vernooij Couple of small bugfixes
(edit) @8efa2f4   2005-12-08T14:57:13Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge some fixes from my integration branch
(edit) @c2295f7   2005-12-08T14:51:06Z Jelmer Vernooij Move some crypting-unrelated code
(edit) @7989fcf3   2005-12-08T14:37:39Z Jelmer Vernooij Add check_pass function
(edit) @a1f17d4   2005-12-08T14:14:28Z Jelmer Vernooij Simplify storage API a bit
(edit) @1ee6c18   2005-12-08T13:41:53Z Jelmer Vernooij Add abstraction layer for storage
(edit) @1eddf6b   2005-12-08T12:30:43Z Jelmer Vernooij Add some const
(edit) @c3ffa45   2005-12-06T21:55:09Z Jelmer Vernooij Add some const
(edit) @019c031   2005-12-04T21:55:15Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge from Wilmer
(edit) @b8ef1b1   2005-12-04T19:32:14Z nelhage Merging the Hanji groupchat patch
(edit) @d636233   2005-12-04T15:12:32Z wilmer Oops... :-( 1.0
(edit) @e7f46c5   2005-12-04T12:58:41Z root Implements solution to typing notifications in ticket #45
(edit) @ea911ca   2005-12-04T03:26:17Z wilmer bitlbee.h for 1.0! \o/
(edit) @a309db1   2005-12-04T03:18:07Z wilmer Terribly stupid bug in the DoS fix.
(edit) @40657a3   2005-12-04T02:49:07Z wilmer ChangeLog update, this should cover all important changes in 1.0. Also …
(edit) @8d6c4b1   2005-12-04T02:43:03Z wilmer Cleaned up configure script a bit.
(edit) @bad4a586   2005-12-04T02:38:18Z wilmer README additions
(edit) @a37e578   2005-12-04T02:37:55Z wilmer Fixes potential DoS attack.
(edit) @ed59700   2005-12-04T02:32:13Z wilmer This is not quite the initial release! :-)
(edit) @25d1be7   2005-12-04T00:48:57Z wilmer do_error_dialog shouldn't do NULL dereferences anymore, and TYPING …
(edit) @8f515c8   2005-12-03T23:49:17Z wilmer Removed FDL text from User Guide.
(edit) @46cce70   2005-12-03T14:09:08Z wilmer Removed reference to doc/TODO from FAQ
(edit) @f1df064   2005-12-02T23:41:57Z wilmer Oops... A very small typo caused very weird problems in the line …
(edit) @027d2eb   2005-12-02T11:43:47Z wilmer Modified CHANGES, and extended the allowed port range a bit.
(edit) @626b446   2005-12-02T11:30:03Z wilmer The Jabber module now only accepts a limited range of ports (5222 and …
(edit) @e5663e0   2005-12-01T20:05:09Z wilmer Disabling send flood protection, too many bugs (that were there from …
(edit) @7c2d798b   2005-12-01T11:52:25Z wilmer jabber.c:542: warning: `gjc' might be used uninitialized in this function
(edit) @6caa56a   2005-11-30T13:36:59Z wilmer Renamed no_one_calls in proxy.c to something that makes more sense to me.
(edit) @c3c2e14   2005-11-30T12:12:25Z wilmer Got rid of the config.h includes in IM-code. Now that HAVE_CONFIG_H is …
(edit) @a40a2c2   2005-11-29T09:03:00Z wilmer Forgot some CHANGES entries..
(edit) @ef53ba8   2005-11-29T01:38:19Z wilmer Updated the user-changelog (should we forget about that one and …
(edit) @500a1b6   2005-11-29T01:02:09Z Jelmer Vernooij Remove references to file transfers
(edit) @ac55e50   2005-11-29T00:52:14Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge small fix.
(edit) @c7cf9d6   2005-11-29T00:43:15Z wilmer This should fix a crash bug in Jabber module (NULL pointer dereference …
(edit) @65e2ce1   2005-11-28T23:27:09Z Jelmer Vernooij Disable plugin support by default, support compilation with non-C99 …
(edit) @f712188   2005-11-28T22:00:51Z Jelmer Vernooij Add HAVE_CONFIG_H define so other platforms can build without config.h
(edit) @b20b32f   2005-11-28T01:14:06Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge from Wilmer
(edit) @dfde8e0   2005-11-26T02:24:38Z wilmer Messages specific to a connection only mention the handle now if …
(edit) @30f248a   2005-11-26T02:02:38Z wilmer Lowered the line splitting limit a bit (and made it a bit prettier by …
(edit) @cb91b72   2005-11-26T01:42:20Z wilmer Doc fixes from Jelmer
(edit) @1aa7ec7d   2005-11-26T01:40:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Fix missing space after actions.
(edit) @513a323   2005-11-26T01:37:28Z Jelmer Vernooij Build docs by default in .bzr checkouts
(edit) @8045d37   2005-11-25T22:38:17Z wilmer Accidentally used A instead of B for bold tags in the topic.
(edit) @43e3368   2005-11-23T17:35:18Z wilmer Little code cleanup in Jabber module, added support for Jabber …
(edit) @34c0e90   2005-11-23T17:32:07Z wilmer distclean target in Makefile uses find-exec instead of xargs now, as …
(edit) @689a6e0   2005-11-21T11:53:48Z wilmer Changed all documentation references to the control channel from …
(edit) @57db63b   2005-11-21T08:54:16Z wilmer There were some evil non-printable characters in CONTROL_TOPIC :-)
(edit) @986d18f   2005-11-21T08:49:28Z wilmer BITLBEE_VERSION was still set to 0.99
(edit) @df618475   2005-11-20T21:02:18Z wilmer Incoming typing notices are now sent as a CTCP. Better consistency. …
(edit) @831c955   2005-11-20T21:01:17Z wilmer Self-NOTICEs now come back as a NOTICE, not a PRIVMSG.
(edit) @66c57924   2005-11-20T16:09:23Z Jelmer Vernooij Remove OFT and rendez-vous support (not used anyway and implemented …
(edit) @2cdd8ce   2005-11-19T15:17:03Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge Wilmer
(edit) @94281ef   2005-11-19T11:54:01Z wilmer Oops, even BitlBee didn't know yet that channel names can start with …
(edit) @4d50898   2005-11-19T11:41:22Z wilmer There is more to ignore!
(edit) @3e1de87   2005-11-19T11:12:18Z wilmer Applied AIM typing notification patch from Hanji.
(edit) @0b2e843   2005-11-19T00:51:08Z wilmer ChangeLog update
(edit) @42bdeec   2005-11-18T19:22:09Z wilmer Updated the installation notes (more xinetd information, etc)
(edit) @d908e3a   2005-11-18T19:12:15Z wilmer Put some more emphasis on the fact that daemon mode is pretty much …
(edit) @22d41a2   2005-11-18T19:10:20Z wilmer Quit messages should appear again, at least on crashes. (And when …
(edit) @517ecc4   2005-11-18T13:21:44Z wilmer Reviewed/tested the xinetd file and added some comments, received too …
(edit) @c572dd6   2005-11-18T12:41:58Z wilmer HTML stripping is optional again (but still safer than before 0.93), …
(edit) @2dff6f7   2005-11-18T12:06:09Z wilmer Added user guide and helpfile to .bzrignore because they're generated.
(edit) @e3a0e7e   2005-11-18T00:17:57Z wilmer Renamed #bitlbee to &bitlbee to avoid confusion with the channel on OFTC
(edit) @834ff44   2005-11-17T14:37:59Z wilmer Closing #14: Milisecond precision is now possible for the buddy_sendbuffer.
(edit) @685c4ef   2005-11-17T12:51:50Z wilmer Removed the note about version control from the FAQ
(edit) @ea85a0b   2005-11-16T14:22:22Z wilmer Some more formatting changes in the auth. request messages
(edit) @bb556db   2005-11-16T00:41:25Z wilmer Hmmm, why are these 0-byte files still there?
(edit) @ef6c6a7   2005-11-15T23:22:48Z wilmer And an updated CHANGES file. :-) And never mind about superscript in …
(edit) @5c09a59   2005-11-15T23:16:39Z wilmer Got rid of raw B's in source, Replaced most irc_usermsg() calls in …
(edit) @c998255   2005-11-15T14:57:38Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge from Jelmer
(edit) @9cb9868   2005-11-15T14:47:17Z Jelmer Vernooij Remove handle_cmp() replacing it by a protocol-specific function.
(edit) @9a103a2   2005-11-15T14:29:54Z Jelmer Vernooij Ignore tags files
(edit) @fbc7844   2005-11-15T14:29:47Z Jelmer Vernooij Remove some unused code in oscar
(edit) @b135438   2005-11-15T13:20:27Z Jelmer Vernooij Merge changes from Wilmer
(edit) @c1ede6e8   2005-11-14T13:29:14Z wilmer Added references to the BTS to the documentation.
(edit) @06045f6   2005-11-12T14:18:55Z wilmer Fixed inconsistency (in fact stupidity) in do_error_dialog().
(edit) @5357525   2005-11-12T14:14:14Z wilmer Fixed make references (s/make/$(MAKE)/), mainly necessary for archs …
(edit) @c92e6801   2005-11-12T01:05:32Z wilmer Updates copyright headers of files that were changed in 2005 too. …
(edit) @121c978   2005-11-12T00:49:32Z wilmer Added debian/ to .bzrignore
(edit) @2d99c97   2005-11-09T01:03:52Z wilmer Let's not keep debian/ in bzr.
(edit) @21d09ac   2005-11-09T01:02:05Z wilmer Forgot to modify CHANGES again, and removed some more debugging code …
(edit) @68b50b5f   2005-11-08T23:06:46Z wilmer QUIT now works before logging in too
(edit) @2095c57   2005-11-08T23:05:34Z wilmer Forgot to commit :-P
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